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Calm Before Surgery

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Perhaps you or someone you know is scheduled for an upcoming surgery. Oftentimes, people get nervous during the weeks and days before a surgery. Being nervous is normal, but there are ways in which you can relieve your anxiety in preparation for surgery.

A lot of studies using self-hypnosis techniques have been performed on patients before going into surgery. Self-hypnosis is a way to put your mind and body at ease in any stressful situation, including preparing for surgery. A lot of worry and anxiety can be associated with surgery, but it does not have to be that way.

Studies have shown that people who use self-hypnosis in preparation for surgery actually cope with the process better. They report less anxiety before and after the surgery. In some cases, the patients need less anesthesia and pain medication during and after the procedure. Many patients using self-hypnosis techniques after their surgery rate their perceived level of pain to be less compared to those who did not use self-hypnosis.

easy to-follow.

John Assaraf

What I really love about this book is that Frank and Steve break down the different areas of life into easy to-follow sections that you can just choose, learn, and apply.


John Assaraf
New York Times bestselling author and star of "The Secret""

Be Calm Before Surgery Hypnosis CD
Platinum CD or MP3
Buy GOLD Edition - the original Be Calm Before Surgery Self Help Hypnosis CD and downloadable MP3 Professionally Recorded by Steve G. Jones
Buy GOLD Edition - the original Be Calm Before Surgery Self Help Hypnosis CD and downloadable MP3 Professionally Recorded by Steve G. Jones
Buy PLATINUM Edition - the re-recorded state-of-the-art Be Calm Before Surgery Self Help Hypnosis CD and downloadable MP3 Professionally Recorded by Steve G. Jones

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2. 100% 60 day money back guarantee is applicable to this product

Here is a sample of the script used in this recording:

And as you continue relaxing deeper, deeper, and more deeply relaxed, I would like you to realize just how calm you are. You are a very calm person, calm inside, calm inside, calm inside. And because you are calm at all times, you are calm when you think about your upcoming surgery. You are very relaxed. You realize that you will be in the hands of highly skilled professionals: surgeons, people who assist in the operating room, anesthesiologists, the entire staff which will be helping during your surgery, all of them are highly trained. These are some of the most skilled people in the entire world, living up to the highest standards of educational achievement. And they are licensed, they are certified by the government to do what they do to the best of their ability, every time. These are people who scored very highly in school. These are people who applied themselves and you can rest assured that they will apply themselves when they are operating on you. You will be in the hands of skilled professionals. So as you breathe in deeply now, breathe in confidence and serenity and as you exhale, let go of any doubt, just let it go. Breathe that out. Breathe in deeply again, breathe in strength and relaxation and as you exhale let go of anxiety and fear, let it go. Continue breathing easily and effortlessly and naturally. You will repeat this process right before you go into surgery. Breathing in confidence and strength and all good things and exhaling fear and doubt, letting it go. You will repeat this cycle as many times as you need to until you are relaxed and calm because you will be calm before your surgery, calm and relaxed. From this point forward be calm when you think about your upcoming surgery. Realize that it is for your own good, it is to help you and to benefit you. There is a wonderful benefit which you will receive from the surgery. Everything is going to be fine. Look ahead now. Look ahead to after the surgery when you are recovering nicely. See a smile on your face. Everything is fine, everything was fine, everything was fine. So relax and realize that you are going to have a wonderful experience in the hands of some of the highest trained people on this planet. Relax, imagine that day on which you will have the surgery. See yourself calm and relaxed, calm and relaxed, so at ease, so peaceful. You are learning how to relax in every situation and you are especially relaxed when you think about your upcoming surgery. Think about the benefits you will receive no matter what the procedure is. There is some benefit you will receive, or perhaps numerous benefits. Focus on those benefits and allow that focus to relax you even more deeply now and when you are going in to the surgery, that’s right. Even before you receive any form of medication, that very morning when you wake up, you will be relaxed and calm and peaceful, ready to go through with the procedure which will improve your life. Relax and realize that everything is going to be just fine.

Other information on Be Calm Before Surgery Hypnosis CD/MP3:

Undergoing surgery is a very common occurence. In the United States, it is estimated that 15 million people undergo surgery each year. Surgeries are performed to improve or enhance someone's way of life. People have operations to fix a medical problem or sometimes to diagnose a problem.

In 2002, a study appeared in the journal Anesthesia & Analgesia. The study determined that hypnotherapy was highly effective with treating post-surgical symptoms. Those who received hypnotherapy before their surgery had a better post-surgical outcome than 89% of those who did not receive hypnotherapy.

Preparing for surgery can be a stressful and an anxious time in your life. Often times, people are scheduled for surgery weeks or even months down the road. What we see on TV all the time is usually emergency surgery where people do not have time to mentally and physically prepare for surgery.

However, you should see this time that you have to mentally and physically prepare for your surgery as a blessing. The more you mentally prepare for the surgery, the better. This is why self-hypnosis is such a powerful tool to use when perparing for the surgery. Be Calm Before Surgery hypnosis recording allows you to visualize yourself healing quickly and efficiently after the surgery. You will be given powerful and positive suggestions to keep a positive outlook at all times.

We suggest listening to this program for 21 nights in a row before your surgery, but if there is less time between now and your surgery, every hypnosis session will help you prepare for your surgery. This powerful program allows you to visualize your body healing after the surgery, which actually accelerates your ability to heal. You will feel confident in yourself while preparing for surgery with the help from hypnotherapy!

Don't be afraid of operations or medical procedures - Power Your Mind to be Calm Before Surgery

Be Calm Before Surgery Hypnosis CD
Compare the features of the GOLD and PLATINUM recordings at a quick glance >>
Buy GOLD Edition - the original Be Calm Before Surgery Self Help Hypnosis CD and downloadable MP3 Professionally Recorded by Steve G. Jones
ONLY $29.95
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Compare the features of the GOLD and PLATINUM recordings at a quick glance >>
Buy GOLD Edition - the original Be Calm Before Surgery Self Help Hypnosis CD and downloadable MP3 Professionally Recorded by Steve G. Jones
Buy PLATINUM Edition - the re-recorded state-of-the-art Be Calm Before Surgery Self Help Hypnosis CD and downloadable MP3 Professionally Recorded by Steve G. Jones
ONLY $29.95
ONLY $79.95

the BEST programs out there.

Karen G

I have purchased 3 products from Steve. I purchased 12 strand DNA activation, Abundance and Psychic Ability…these are the BEST programs out there and I am very picky. I have returned more programs (from other people who claim to help) then I care to count. If you are tired of searching for real programs that help then buy from Steve. You really should be charging alot more…

— Karen G

I am thankful

Lisa Bythewood

I am thankful for the awareness of the work of Dr. Steve G. Jones and for the power to intentionally and deliberately implement his work into my practice and daily life.

Lisa Bythewood - Valrico, Florida USA
Master Life Coach, Master NLP Practioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist


Jeraldine Saunders

No wonder Steve is the leader in hypnotherapy. How lucky are those who have had the benefit of his genius!

— Jeraldine Saunders, Creator of "The Love Boat" Series

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