archerBirthday: November 22nd – December 21st
Ruling planet:Jupiter
Symbol:The Archer

Description: You believe that anything is possible. Ruled by the planet Jupiter, Sagittarians are very optimistic. You possess a natural exuberance, sense of adventure and love of life.

Like your astrological symbol – the Archer – Sagittarians aim towards whatever it is you find alluring – a love partner, career, vacation – and making it your own. In love, you want to be independent and free to do what you want. Once you find a partner who understands your need to retain your own sense of self and identity, Sagittarians can be the most big-hearted, generous and fun-loving companions of all.

Sagittarians are happiest when on the move – exploring new cultures and ideas. Sagittarians tend to be attracted to occupations related to travel, the media, outdoor work and philosophical pursuits.


Overall, this is a good match. Sagittarius likes to have a good time and is a fire sign just like Aries. Sagittarius, for the most part, likes to take life lightly like Aries does. Similarly, Sagittarius likes to let go and have a good time. The biggest difference between these two is there approach to philosophical beliefs. Sagittarius is interested in the meaning of life, life after death, different civilizations on other planets, and metaphysical powers.

Aries is interested in these things like a toddler is interested in toys. Aries is curious about everything, but their attention span is short. Imagine a toddler walking around a room picking up things and examining them only to move quickly onto the next item. They are the baby of the Zodiac and are extremely un-evolved. Their interests can only go so far and they will never become philosophically developed like Sagittarius. Aries can offer a pseudo-intellectual point of view about metaphysical concepts. However, Sagittarius possesses a deep, highly developed intellectual understanding of the same topics, so conversations between these two will eventually break down. This is ok with Sagittarius because they understand that everyone is not as philosophically deep as they are. One good note is that these two are both fire signs and have unlimited amounts of energy, which can lead to a good match. Sagittarius is able to put up with Aries constant complaining since they have similar wants and needs and Aries appreciates Sagittarius’ well developed philosophical aptitude.

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Sagittarius is a fire sign and Taurus is an earth sign. This is probably not a good match, but there are a few exceptions. Sagittarius is interested in developing the mind and having fun. Taurus is also interested in having a good time. In many cases they are able to have more fun than Sagittarius, because Taurus is an under developed sign. They are a very young sign and don’t’ have many of the philosophical concerns that Sagittarius does. When Sagittarius is having fun, they are still thinking about the bigger picture. When Taurus is drinking beer, or playing volley ball on the beach, they are focused entirely in the moment. Sagittarius will be turned off by Taurus’ simplicity and Taurus will be turned off by the over analysis of Sagittarius. Both, however, are extremely good at making money. Taurus is all about working hard and Sagittarius knows how to see a project through. Sagittarius is very interested in creating projects and seeing the big picture. Taurus is very interested in working out the details, so these two can work well together. In this respect, Sagittarius can create the projects and Taurus can make sure the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed.

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Both Gemini and Sagittarius are very creative and both can have a variety of ways of looking at the world at different times. This could be a pretty good match. Sagittarius doesn’t have the multiple personalities of Gemini, but they will at times be philosophical and at other times be playful, which Gemini can appreciate. Sagittarius appreciates the variety that Gemini offers, because when you date or marry a Gemini, you actually get 2 for 1. Sagittarius does like variety, so Gemini’s multiple personalities will cut down on the odds of Sagittarius wandering off and cheating, and can potentially create a wonderful union. Gemini is an air sign and Sagittarius is a fire sign. Gemini fans Sagittarius’ flame which can lead to a highly creative, very fun, but yet fairly productive and forward moving combination.

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This combination of the emotional Cancer and the mechanical Sagittarius is not a great one. Sagittarius, the most advanced fire sign, is interested in getting things done and is very logical and mechanical in their approach. Cancer is more interested in taking a more comfortable route to success, where as Sagittarius wants success right now. Sagittarius has limited patience while Cancer has a lot of patience. Cancer is able to offer some understanding to Sagittarius, but ultimately the offensive words of Sagittarius will prove to be too much for the emotions of Cancer. Cancer will be constantly injured and crying in this relationship, and will eventually leave. Sagittarius will not cater to the emotional needs of Cancer, not will they let Cancer control their independence. Cancer will be stopped at their controlling mind game and will resent Sagittarius for it.

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This is a potentially very powerful combination of fire signs. I myself am a Sagittarius and work well with Leos. Leos, although the center of the solar system, are very respectful business partners. They are also very respectful in relationships. Sagittarius is the most advanced of the three fire signs and Leo is the teenager of the fire trinity. They are also the teenagers of the zodiac. Both Leo and Sagittarius like to have a good time, so that alone could create a good match. Though there could be some power struggles because of Sagittarius’ tendency to be strong willed and Leo’s need to be in charge.

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This is not necessarily a good or bad match. Both tend to be the stream lined, logical thinkers of the zodiac. They are equally able to put emotions on the back burner to get the job done. This can lead to a passionless existence. Virgo is sometimes referred to as the virgin because of the lack sexual interests. Sagittarius is not interested in hearing about Virgos lack of sexual interest so these two may be better off making other choices. However, in the rare case that you have a Virgo who is sexually oriented, this can be a powerful combination. Both have the ability to cut through the nonsense of life, which slows other signs down, and just get things done. The distance these two can go together is very great.

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This is a pretty good combination. We have fire coming from Sagittarius and air from Libra. Libra will fan a Sagittarius fire. They both have the capacity to let go of traditional ideas and have a good time. They will not be held back by traditional ideas, which would limit other signs. They will always explore new ways of viewing things and are fee thinkers and speakers. There is the tendency right away for these two to have wonderfully freeing conversations. This relationship also has long term potential in the sense that Libra is going to offer variety by switching from working really hard to playing really hard. Sagittarius likes variety, and this relationship will have very few dull moments.

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This is not a great match. Scorpio, a water sign, gets easily offended and Sagittarius, a fire sign, speaks their mind. Scorpio also holds a grudge. They let go of no wrong doing and always seek revenge. Sagittarius has foot in mouth syndrome. They often put their foot in their mouth by saying things that hurt people, but say them anyway because they have no filters. They will say whatever they feel to Scorpio and Scorpio will not only take offense, but take note to get revenge in the future. Sagittarius constantly treads on thin ice and Scorpio will only cause them anger. This is a match to be avoided.

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Speaking from personal experience as a Sagittarius, I strongly advise against this. It can be a good match, but ultimately it does not have the long term potential one may desire. Sagittarius will speak their mind, yet doesn’t like to hear the blunt talk from others. So when we combine two people who say what they mean all the time, they may offend each other causing the relationship to work against itself. They are both interested in having fun, learning and expanding. If the two can find a project they can work on together, this can be the glue that binds them in the long term.

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Capricorn and Sagittarius don’t really make a great match. Capricorn has the tendency to be boring and Sagittarius doesn’t do well with boredom, as is true for all fire signs. For this reason alone, the match is a bad one.

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This is potentially a good match. The challenge here is that we’ve got the two most independent signs of the zodiac attempting to form a relationship. It’s probably not going to work but rather it’s an example that will work on the occasional basis, but not as an ongoing relationship. Aquarius is the lone wolf and Sagittarius is the explorer. Aquarius likes to explore, so these two can be good travel companions but not long term mates. As a Sagittarius, I have Aquarius friends who I meet occasionally in different parts of the world. We travel together briefly and then we are done, then we get back together again in another part of the world. This is the only way in which a Sagittarius and Aquarius relationship could work. In terms of a long-term, ongoing relationship, this has almost zero possibility.

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The Pisces and Sagittarius relationship doesn’t make any sense. Pisces is very emotional, while Sagittarius can be very non-emotional. Sagittarius is a fire sign and Pisces is a water sign. Sagittarius will make Pisces’ water boil and Pisces will douse the flame of Sagittarius. It’s just not a good match overall.

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