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Following the prescribed requirements, you will be able to teach the NLP Practitioner, Master and Trainer courses. Once you are a trainer, you are allowed to teach at any of the three levels immediately.

Training Materials: Our manuals may be used in their entirety, or modified for your own use. If the manual is modified, we would like a copy of that version for our files.

Certificates: Every student in your training must have AUNLP® certification. This is not an option for students. Certification costs $50 per student for the Practitioner level, $50 per student for the Master level, and $75 per student for trainer level certification. A membership in the AUNLP® is included in this price. Membership gives them a listing on the AUNLP® website. We recommend that the additional $50 be added to the price of the course, so that they see the additional benefit of the training.

You can charge students any price you deem acceptable. We recommend $675 for the Practitioner course, $775 for the Master Practitioner course, and $875 for the Trainer’s Training course. However, many NLP instructors charge $2,000 or more per level. The choice is yours. Steve G. Jones will sign the certificates and then return them to you, the trainer, by mail. You can then co-sign the certificates and send them to your students.

Each student’s name, address, telephone and email address is required information for our records.
Payments: Payments must be received before certificates are sent. Trainers can make payments at the bottom of this page. You can add the certification to your shopping cart, thereby purchasing the certification. Then view the cart and change the quantity to the correct number of students. After this, continue with the shopping cart process and pay for the certifications with your credit card.

Trainer Listing: As an active AUNLP® trainer, your trainings will be listed on our website. You will have a listing on our Trainers page, with links to your own page. The Trainers page will show upcoming trainings you have organized, as well as any information and links you would like to have on your page. Send us items you would like to have posted on your Trainers page, as well as a photo (in .jpg format). If your membership is current but you are NOT an active trainer, you will still be listed on our website’s Membership Directory as having trainer experience. However, you will not be listed on the Trainers page.

Trainer Status: One of the fields we have defined is “Active Trainer”. Many organizations have required refresher courses for their trainers approximately every two years to maintain a Trainer status. An AUNLP® must have two AUNLP® trainings per year in order to be an “Active Trainer.” These trainings must be AUNLP® certified, and students must be certified through our organization. After one year of “Inactive Trainer Status” your Trainer status is retracted, and you will need to be re-certified as a Trainer. Again, if you have current membership, your trainer background will still be listed in the website’s Membership Directory, but you will not be listed as an AUNLP® Trainer or Master Trainer on the Trainers page.

Publishing Requirements: As a highly trained and well-educated professional NLP trainer, you are required to submit to us (office least two articles per year. These articles will be published on our website with your name and website included. There is not minimum or maximum length requirement per article. You may submit as many articles as you wish, beyond the two per year minimum. We will publish each of them, with your name and website link included.

Master Trainer Status: In order to reach Master Trainer status, a trainer must have taught eight (8) Practitioner courses, four (4) Master courses and two (2) Trainer courses, totaling at least one hundred (100) students. This usually occurs over two years. The trainer must also have published articles (a minimum of two per year) for our website. This status is not required in order to teach at any particular level. It is an honor bestowed on the highest-ranking trainers of the American Union of NLP.

Quality Control: Random questionnaires will be sent out to your students, asking how comfortable and confident they felt in you as their trainer. Sample question: “Would you feel comfortable going back to your trainer with a problem or question?” This information will be given back to the trainer anonymously, in a helpful way.


For AUNLP® Certified Trainers only (You must be an NLP Trainer certified by the AUNLP® to purchase the below certificates for your students)

Practitioner Certificates:


Master Practitioner Certificates:


Trainer Certificates: