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3 Ways Hypnosis Can Improve Your Focus and Concentration

Three Ways Hypnosis Can Improve Your Focus and Concentration | Dr. Steve G. Jones

Do you constantly struggle to maintain your concentration when working on important tasks or projects? Are you someone with a short attention span, prone to being easily distracted? Many people assume that focus is a trait you’re either born with or not, but the truth is that your ability to concentrate on a task ultimately boils down to your level of enjoyment while doing it.

For example, when you’re reading a book that you like, or watching a movie that you’ve been eagerly awaiting for months, concentration almost comes naturally—you’re not even aware that  you’re engrossed in what you’re doing. In contrast, even if you don’t have ADHD, when you’re assigned to read an essay for a class paper, concentration feels more like a chore.

The difference is in how you view both tasks. But the good news is that there are ways to apply the same kind of focus you get while reading a riveting book to other areas of your life.

Hypnosis is one such approach. One study published in the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis found that “students who scored highest on the CIS (Creative Imagination Scale, a measure of hypnotic responsiveness) had the lowest initial GPA, improved most during the course, and significantly increased their GPA in the quarter after.”

So how exactly does hypnosis improve your concentration?

1. Hypnotherapy Begins at the Root of Focus, the Subconscious

Your hypnotherapist’s goal is to enter your subconscious mind to change your belief systems and deeply held attitudes about focus. This allows you to tap into the state of mind you have whenever you’re concentrating on any activity that you enjoy, applying this same mindset to other tasks, whether it’s speed reading for an exam the next day, or leading a team of employees with sound decision making.

2. Hypnosis Allows You to Relax Your Mind and Slow Your Thought Process

The ability to concentrate comes from knowing how to slow your mind’s thought chain and focus on one process or one memory at a time. Your hypnotherapist can help you control your mind’s racing thoughts, making you less likely to be distracted as you acquire an improved ability to concentrate. If your short attention span has you constantly taking breaks from work to check your phone or Facebook, regular hypnotherapy just might help you.

3. Your Hypnotherapist Can Break Down the Concentration Process

Many times, we think that all it takes to concentrate on a task or project is to simply roll up our sleeves, settle down, and start working. But there’s more to effective concentration than that. You also need to prepare your mind for the task, which will steer you away from procrastinating and daydreaming. With repeated hypnosis sessions, you can train your mind to shift gears at will and enter a higher state of focus.

With time and repeated therapy sessions, the effects of hypnosis will continue to build, allowing you to enter a deeper and natural state of concentration at will. Hypnosis is gentle and harmless, and in many ways, is very similar to meditation.

Dr. Steve

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