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A surfing lesson

I’ve never been a surfer. Sometimes people tell me I look like a surfer, but until recently never once had I been on a board out in the water. It fascinates me though.

It was about a year ago that I was standing at the water’s edge with a good friend. She was a surfer who had competed professionally and had hosted a surfing show on TV. We were watching surfers and I was asking questions about waves, boards, techniques, etc.

That day I got much more than a lesson on surfing. I got a lesson on life. My friend was telling me how to “catch a wave.”

She explained that before a wave comes, you must be moving in the same direction as the wave and at the same speed, otherwise, the wave will simply pass you by and you will not “catch it.”

If you are lying on the board, on your stomach, and paddling fast enough toward the shore, you will be synchronized with the wave when it reaches you. You will then be able to ride it, stand up on your board, and surf!

Simple stuff, huh? Makes perfect sense. It’s one of those things you think about afterward and say, “I probably could have figured that out on my own.”

It’s so simple that I had missed it. When it was explained to me, I instantly understood and it was as if the universe was speaking to me.

How many thousands of applications does this have metaphorically in our lives? What about that job we want? Are we up to speed? What about that partner we want? Are we “traveling fast enough” to synchronize with them when they come by? Or will they just keep going toward the shore as we paddle slowly?

So many people want the perfect job, the perfect mate, the perfect life.

I’ll tell you a little secret… the opportunity for these things comes by EVERY day. In fact, it comes by several times a day. But have we prepared ourselves for it?

How fast are YOU paddling? Are you headed for the shore? Are you swimming in circles? Are you moving at the same speed and in the same direction as your envisioned “soulmate“? … or are you expecting them to come along and make you complete and bring you “up to speed” financially, emotionally, etc?

A person who is already surfing is not going to be interested in a slow paddler, or a person paddling the wrong way, or not paddling at all. Work on your SELF and the rest will happen automatically. Stop looking for the surfer to come along and pull you up on their board… you’ll cause both of you to fall off. Get yourself up to speed, catch that wave, and then you can surf with the others.

I’m suggesting to you that you decide today to move at the pace and in the direction of whatever it is you want in life. Stagnation or minimal movement is problematic.

Prepare yourself to catch that wave and ride it! I’ll see you at the beach!

Dr. Steve

2 thoughts on “A surfing lesson

  1. Hello Steve

    I can only agree with you. if a person really wants something … he will achieve it. the crux of it: Does man know his unconscious fundamental beliefs? Can he (the human being) convert these, presumably inhibiting, negative basic beliefs into encouraging ones? too often we seek people for the perfect … and fail again and again, because we do not realize what we have already achieved … what and who are we. We are constantly making comparisons that are opposed to our own lifestyle … our work as professionals should be designed to encourage individuals to make their strengths visible and to focus them on others…


  2. Hi Dr. Steve (my angel 😇)

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Get regular information on hypnosis and general self-improvement, starting with your FREE Unlimited Wealth HYPNOSIS MP3 today.