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A Wonderful Success Story

I want to share a success story about hypnosis for weight loss. There are so many, but this one stands out in my mind and touches my heart. I was working a few years ago with a young lady named Jen. She was 19 at the time and was scheduled to undergo gastric bypass surgery. This surgery is very drastic and involved stapling the stomach so that the person can no longer eat large meals. She also already had liposuction but regained all of her weight. Her father had died and all her mother wanted was for Jen to be happy.

As they both sat in my office in tears, Jen told me that this was her last attempt to lose weight before killing herself. After her mom left the room, we began the hypnosis session. While in a trance, Jen remembered being abused by her father. It was traumatic for her to recall this, but helpful at the same time. Jen also revealed that she had “built up a protective layer” with the excess weight. She explained while under hypnosis that the weight repelled men and kept her “safe”.

After Jen was out of hypnosis, I invited her mom back into the office. The three of us discussed this unfortunate event. Her mom said that she had suspected that it happened, but never had proof until now. Jen returned the next week and we began working on re-building her self-esteem using hypnosis. This is very easy to do with hypnosis since the messages go directly to the subconscious mind. If you want to do this yourself, just make an mp3 with positive suggestions that you play in bed each night as you go to sleep.

In the four weeks that followed, I was able to reframe the way she felt about eating right, exercising, and taking care of herself in general.

After only six sessions, I told Jen that I had done all the work we needed to do.

Last week, Jen sent me an e-mail with a picture. You see, I had programmed her to continue to eat right, exercise, and take care of herself. Well, the picture she sent looked like a model! Jen had gone from 325 lbs. to 115 lbs! The e-mail was even more inspirational.

Here’s what she wrote:

Dear Dr. Steve,
It has been a year since our last session. The pounds have been consistently dropping. I eat differently and don’t even try to. I exercise three times a week and love it. Most importantly, my view of life is completely different now. I went from being overweight and suicidal to being thin, sexy, beautiful and totally confident. My mom is happier than ever and so is my husband. That’s right! I am married. He’s 6’4″, an architect, and wants kids. I feel like I’m living the life of my dreams. Hypnosis is amazing. You taught me that I could do ANYTHING that I BELIEVE I can do. You are right. Feel free to share this letter with others. I want the world to know about the power of hypnosis and the power of the human mind!
With much love and respect,

In my line of work I get to see this happen often. Jen is one of the many people who decided to make a powerful change in her life.

Hypnosis helped, but the change was really due to her commitment to herself.

I hope that the sharing of Jen’s journey will inspire you to create whatever powerful change you desire in your life.

There are no obstacles, except the ones YOU create in your mind. Remove those obstacles, and you will easily live the life of YOUR dreams.

I hope you have an outstanding day!

Dr. Steve

20 thoughts on “A Wonderful Success Story

  1. tramas are a huge block so greatful this tool can change the picture to doable:) appreciate success stories;) aloha

  2. Hi Dr Steve-you truly are a miracle worker. Can’t wait to meet you and see what your solution is for my “project”


  3. Dr.Steve, After this story of Jen and the trama she suffered for years I am sure of the power of the human mind and hypnosis. Thank you your mp3 and programs and your help.

    Nancy Oblea

  4. Thanks so much – now I’m gonna go and do my regular, tho’ today – belated daily exercises. May our God-of-Love continue to bless you, MOST WARMLY…
    Warmest and deepest gratitude & love,
    Beth. XX

  5. Such an awful experience for poor Jen. She was fortunate to find someone so experienced and capable of helping her turn her life around. Now that must make you feel very good Dr Steve and well deserved too. You’re certainly a very gifted hypnotherapist.

    Thanks for sharing.


  6. That was wonderful…….You really did save her life ! What a great talent. You changed her life

    Nancy E

  7. This is so true by bringing the mind and body into equal relationships then placing the woman back into regression to the time when she was abused
    With placing her into her future timeline.
    Having her see herself seen as she wanted to become along that timeline
    being married and having children was the only way to proceed
    But initialy you gave her what she needed most was forgivness, self esteem, and confidence within her self .
    Which was taken from her when she was abused .
    great stuff.

  8. Dear Steve,
    That is a fantastic piece of work . Very inspiring
    Many thanks

  9. What a beautiful testimonial!

  10. Steve you provided a safe environment with a caring male figure.
    That is what also helped make the transformation possible. Unconditional regard for her as a woman. And then the tools to rebuild herself.
    Thank you.

  11. Thank you for sharing great ending !!! Powerful thanks again

  12. I truely believe that this story is possible, just not for me! I am 50yrs old and am searching desperately to find something that works for me! I don’t even know where to begin! Therapy helps but there is still something missing.I will keep following you and pray something sticks! If you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it!!!

  13. Dear steve….this is me…I am like that girl…I’m so over weight that I’m like a ticking time bomb..I’ve lost 4 stone but yoyo for 6yes since I lost my brother which I think I told you..he died through drink…I’ve always been picked on as a small child and lived a sheltered life…met my hub as I was just 16 had my son a few months after my 18th…and now 53 yes very over weight with heart failure due from chemo for breast cancer and diabetic…yes I have bought your loose weight but yet have not played it…I need to start as I’ve read so many about this..and I want to look slim and feel great…I want to feel human and not like a freek that people are a shamed of me..I’d give the earth to be normal…I love life and am so glad god face me a second chance in life to enjoy his world and the people who are in it…I thank god for bringing you into so many of our lives and give us a meaning to go forwards to grab the star or rainbow of our dreams..bless you dr steve…due from uk.

  14. Hi Dr Steve,
    Jen experienced is psychosomatic in an expert in this field you’re a great help to many Dr Steve..wish I pursued Psychology then..but no regrets best regards Dr Steve

  15. This story has struck a cord with me With the help of your recordings i’m overconing my traumas now. Thank you x

  16. You are wonderful Dr. Steve, you does things from your heart that made you successful. A simple man with a big heart.
    God blessed you as always.

  17. Es fascinante. Como con su ayuda no hubo necesidad de cirugía.
    Felicitaciones a Jen y a Ud Dr. Steve, bendiciones para Ud. Gracias por brindar ayuda a tantas personas

  18. dear dr steve I need your help in losing weight and loss of missing my first love

  19. its really greatful to read this message of jen,from the time i saw you i follow all your works,keep it up Dr. Steve you have been doing great by helping other people in so many ways…i love to see more from your works…chao

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