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Birds of a Feather

Did you know that your income is an average of your five closest friends’ incomes? Research consistently shows this to be true. Why? Have you had meetings with your friends to decide how much money you should each make? Well, in a sense, the answer is “Yes.”

People are strongly influenced by their peers. They also tend to attract to themselves people who think like they do about their possibilities. For example, millionaires associate with other millionaires. There are several reasons for this. One reason is that they simply understand each other. Another reason is that they can afford to do the same things. But, the most important reason is that they BENEFIT from sharing their positive energy with each other. There is a force in their lives which they want to increase…the positive-thinking force.

On the other hand, people of low economic status tend to associate with others of low economic status. This is mostly for the same reasons that the rich associate with the rich. But, the problem in this case is that they are increasing their chances of remaining poor.

Why would that be the case? Well, just as in the rich example, people of low economic status have a certain way of talking about their possibilities. It seems normal to them to say things such as “I can’t” and to have an inner dialogue that says things such as “I don’t deserve certain privileges.”

In both cases, hypnosis is the driving force. The rich hypnotize themselves to remain rich. They do this by surrounding themselves with others who are equally powerful. They are constantly hearing “I can.” The poor do the opposite. They are programmed (hypnotized) to remain in a disadvantaged situation. They and their friends talk about and focus on all the troubles in life and how unfortunate they are.

Let me make a few points clear. First of all, I am not making any value judgments about rich or poor people. Also, my statements are generalizations. Generally speaking, what I am saying holds true. And, yes, there are poor people who have changed their thinking and are on their way up economically.

This leads me to a very important point and the heart of this entry. If you want to live a certain way, you must gravitate toward people who are ALREADY THERE. You want to get yourself into the “group hypnosis” of the achievers. Step out of your unsatisfying financial situation, if you are in one, and begin to associate with those who are “making it,” those who are wealthier than you. Just by consistently being in their presence, you will become programmed for positive change. This is due to the fact that, like it or not, we are strongly influenced by our environment. So make yours outstanding!

I hope you have an outstanding day!

Dr. Steve

27 thoughts on “Birds of a Feather

  1. Thank you.

  2. The power of association is literally quantifiable.

  3. So true and I am to the point where I can not associate with negative people who use the words can’t and all they do is make excuses. Really drives me nuts. When you do discuss ideas and possibilities they look at you like you are nuts. Now I move on-wards and upwards. πŸ™‚

  4. This is awesome information, and the way I think of attracting others with similar interest is to imagine those who may be near me or within the same vicinity of me that desire the same level of achievement that I do, or that are like minded. This connects what I desire ultimately to my current reality. This is important for those of us who have a difficult time imagining we can be in the presence of others who are successful, or that it is even possible.

  5. Thank you sir. You speak truth!

  6. Hi Dr.Steve,
    You are right .Thank you for this message .I don’t know what you put there ,inside this message but it was fantastic energy .I have had an interesting lucid dream while this message was send .Always I have psychic experience ,in the presence of your energetic field .This time almost a trio or more :subliminal ,hypnosis ,lucid dream and quite remote viewing ..I almost have seen this Birds of Feather ..ha ,ha .You are magnificent .I like this word .Thank you ,you rise me again .I am glad that I have a special master ,guide in this life .

  7. Yes Thank you for Your e-mail ! You look fabulous ! And Dr. Joe Vitale too ! Two dashing men !! Very elegant !! Your smile and face !!! And All what You say in Your videos and books Interwiev is great ! Incredible ! Hour helping for the people deserve recognition and respect ! IAll what you doing is wonderful And great ! I wish you much success in your work and thank You again !! Stay happy -;) ! I’ll follow you further !

  8. Is it not surprising that despite best effort of many people we still didn’t realise the information Steve has put up. I mean even some of the wealthy people want more wealth & its never enough. SOOOO True. Thanks.

  9. Right on. Some 30 years ago a wealthy client suggested to me that I take a millionaire to breakfast at least once a month. It took me over ten years to get comfortable with doing this.
    Also, I am reminded of friends of ours who recently moved into a graduated living retirement community. It cost them 1.5 million dollars for their 1600 square foot casita. When they are not longer able to care for themselves they will move into an apartment in the main building for assisted care, housekeeping, all meals, etc.
    Currently they pay $3,400.00 per month for Homeowners maintenance and two great meals a day.
    Four mutual friends have shook their head in disbelief with comments like: “This is too rich for my blood”;”I wouldn’t want to be surrounded by all those old people”; “You can bet there is no reproduction art around here”; How much to you think they will actually make use of all those amenities?”
    Significantly, in only three months Dick greets many of the other residents and all of the staff by first name; has started a stocks investment discussion group, has enjoyed a “finders fee” for investors in the start of company one of the resident’s son has founded, and organized a trip to the new 49ers Levi Stadium 2 1/2 hours away.
    Birds of a feather!!!!!

  10. I think I heard you say something like —” Think it”, “Dream it”, “Live it”…….to really get the feel of being a Millionaire. I’m working on this…So I try to be positive, but some times it’s hard……Do you think this will HELP? I think I better stick with you. Seriously, You make things fall in to place and you make every thing so easy to understand and exciting to get started. You are amazing.
    Thank You

  11. Dont deny this is the case but how? How do I find some millionaires to hang out with? They wouldn’t let me in the door of the places they hang out. Millionaires want to hang out with other millionaires so they stay millionaires.

  12. Thank you πŸ™‚ Thank you πŸ™‚ Thank you πŸ™‚
    I think you give important informations to people.
    “…your income is an average of your five closest friends’ incomes.” YES!!! It’s true πŸ™‚

  13. Okay so this makes perfectly good sense. I would love to hang out with you! πŸ™‚ I may not be a millionaire in dollars but in depth i am a billionaire.Thank you for all that you do Steve, you are a truly brilliant man.

    Leah πŸ™‚

  14. Dear dr steve i am your very big fan you are my favorite dr in that all about hipnossis and to care about same emocional life and feelings i what to be your frend in facebook can you acsept my request for be your frend there and maybe in skaype if you don.t mond????

  15. Exactly, Dr. Steve! You’ve hit it!

  16. Yes , have started my new journey to a more positive , healthier , motivated me, more days of positive vibes, and positive people to mix with…they say on wards and up wards Dr Steve…I’m reaching for those stars to…..may my beaming smile prove to all how I’m feeling these days…thank you..Dr Steve..our tonic bottle….sue from UK…x

  17. Always reading, listening or watching you.
    Gratefull for all!

  18. Ok I am hanging with you , Millions are a happy vision.

  19. Thanks for sharing Dr Steve…

  20. Wonderful! Thank you for being such a brilliant reminder!

  21. Hi Dr Steve,
    You are absolutely right and can attest to it as per experienced..we have a small group with my former classmates in High School and we occasionally meet for a get together especially if one comes home from as much as we wanted our less fortunate classmates to join us we took the enitiative by reaching out to them but what we got is a lukewarm responsed from them..”Birds of a feather” is true in the real essence of the words Dr friends and I hang out and enjoy each others company!!

  22. Thank you Dr. Jones.
    What you say is true. We are one with all we hang with and whatever we manifest in our lives is no longer an accident from our environment or the universe. We just create it together. Thank you.

  23. Yes, what you stated in this mail that is true,it is my self experience. I and my thinking was poor before I met wealthy friends. Now it is gradually increasing. That’s the reason I read all your mails.

  24. Absolutely true. As I have seen it with my late that he has a multi languistic skill speaks more than 3languages Arabic English Spanish French Portuguese & Chinese. They come and approached him as free for their business seeking advices and so on and as he’s was one of a kind…..a gifted one, too.. Thank you once again Dr. Steve, for sharing with us and really very interesting story. May. God Blessed you always.

  25. Wow! This is wonderful information and makes a lot of sense. Thanks Dr. Steve

  26. Hallo
    Wie wil er nu geen miljonair zijn. Het zou helemaal fantastisch zijn. Ik ben een trouwe lezer en schrijf nu in het Nederlands. Als ik je blogs lees dan vind ik die altijd heel interresant en hoop dat je dit blijft doen.
    Groeten van

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