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Wealth Secrets from a Self-Made Millionaire with Emily Utter

Duration: 34:26 Dr. Steve G. Jones joins Emily in this segment discussing wealth secrets. Dr. Steve brings his story to the viewers and shares the path that led him to financial freedom. He leveraged his knowledge in order to produce his current income. Dr. Steve shares how good old fashioned common sense and a long […]

Guidance from Dr. Steve with Greg Dwyer

Duration: 29:46 Dr. Steve G. Jones joins Greg Dwyer who shares how they first met. Steve tells us the whole story in a nutshell. Dr. Steve shares how he started reaching people globally using mp3s. He also tells us how many folks influenced him along the way and how technology has worked in his favor. […]

The Power of the Mind with Jewels

Duration: 35:11 Dr. Steve G. Jones joins Jewels for a discussion about The Law of Attraction. Dr. Steve has helped people all over the world including on segments of Bravo TV’s Millionaire Matchmaker and Below Deck. He shares how he got involved in hypnotherapy and how he got into the Law of Attraction. His exposure […]

Maximize Your Influence with Kurt W. Mortensen

Duration: 21:29 Dr. Steve G. Jones joins Kurt Mortensen. They discuss the differences between NLP and Hypnosis. Dr. Steve shares how NLP and Hypnosis have both become very large bodies of knowledge and the benefits of both methods. They can be used separately or very powerfully together. Steve and Kurt discuss why we often times […]

Creating Balance in Your Life with Nicole Mason

Duration: 30:30 Dr. Steve G. Jones and Nicole discuss hypnotherapy and how it works. Our subconscious programming is influenced by our society and in many ways we may not realize. Hypnosis works in order to reprogram the subconscious mind to change our perceptions. There are many topics that hypnosis covers, such as overcoming fears, motivation, […]

Mindset Secrets with Debbie D’Aquino

Duration: 31:39 Dr. Steve G. Jones joins Debbie D’Aquino during this segment. They discuss what mindset means and how our “can do” or “can’t do” attitude can affect our success. Dr. Steve shares his common human experience and how he too has recurrence dealing with a successful attitude. He also tell us how he focuses […]

Reboot Your Brain Summit with Leah Lund

Duration: 34:21 Dr. Steve G. Jones discusses hypnosis and the openness to change. During Alpha, a relaxed state of mind, we can program in positive influence into our subconscious mind. It can be as simple as having the right messages in order to achieve what we want. Dr. Steve shares what hypnosis can feel like […]

Raise Your Vibration About Alzheimer’s with Lori LeCarl

Duration: 29:31 Dr. Steve G. Jones joins Lori LeCarl as they discuss using hypnosis to help deal with Alzheimers Disease affecting a loved one. The simplest explanation of hypnosis, as described by Dr. Steve, is “a relaxed state of mind where one can experience change”. They discuss many misconceptions and misunderstandings surrounding hypnosis. They discuss […]

The Impact of Conscious Success with Nabil El Hady

Duration: 23:00 Dr. Steve G. Jones discusses mental health during this interview. If perception is not meeting ones expectation how does that effect their mental health? He discusses the high rate of divorce in the middle east with his interviewer and an example of a mid life crisis. Dr. Steve mentions that when certain expectations […]

The Love Detox Telesummit with Alicia Eccles

Duration: 29:22 Dr. Steve G. Jones shares how he found hypnosis. They discuss during this tele-summit how we can use hypnosis to create better relationships in our lives. Dr. Steve talks about changing our cycles in order to get clear on what we really want and how hypnotherapy can help us get this clarity. Creating […]

Fierce, Fit and Fun with Jennifer Lake

Duration: 25:21 Dr. Steve G. Jones explains hypnosis and hypnotherapy and the differences between the two. Hypnotherapy involves positive suggestions while hypnosis is the process of moving someone into a relaxed state. How we can replace our negative thoughts with positive ones through repetition. Dr. Steve shares some of his own limiting behaviors and thoughts […]

Online Dating Discussion with Jason Augustus Newcomb

Duration: 45:23 Dr. Steve G. Jones and Jason Augustus Newcomb conclude their Route 66 discussion. Jason, an author, who wrote a book about sexuality, and Dr. Steve, who has authored numerous books, discuss online dating. They talk about Tinder and other dating apps. Match, eHarmony and other professional sites are discussed and Dr. Steve shares […]

Website Design Part Two with Jason Augustus Newcomb

Duration: 43:39 Dr. Steve G. Jones and Jason Augustus Newcomb continue their discussion about Web Design on their Route 66 road trip. Dr. Steve answers Jason’s questions regarding marketing through his website. Jason is an expert in metaphysical self help or conscious living and has written several books on the subject. Jason’s main question has […]

Website Design Part One with Jason Augustus Newcomb

Duration: 12:30 Dr. Steve G. Jones and Jason Newcomb who are both in the self help field discuss the importance of a website. Jason has written The New Hermetics and The Book of Magic Power which are both designed to help you live your life to the fullest. They discuss the different platforms for web […]

Free Online Advertising with Jason Augustus Newcomb

Duration: 42:21 Dr. Steve G. Jones and Jason Newcomb (the bad boy of self help) continue their Route 66 discussion. Dr. Steve reveals how any publicity can increase your marketing potential. From interviews, podcasts, magazine articles and YouTube they discuss many platforms for marketing. Dr. Steve shares with us his process of getting exposure through […]

Marketing with Websites and Email Collection with Jason Augustus

Duration: 27:34 Dr. Steve G. Jones and Jason continue their route 66 road trip interview. Jason sells metaphysical and meditation products on his own personal website. They discuss how you can sell using your website and support yourself while helping other people. Jason talks about how he gives away a free Kabbalah meditation when people […]

Hermetics Explained by Jason Augustus Newcomb

Duration: 21:33 Dr. Steve G. Jones and Jason continue their route 66 interview. They discuss Jasons new book The New Hermetics. What is Hermetics? Jason and Dr. Steve explain what the idea of Hermetics is. Based on Hermes who was equated with magic, Hermetics can be divided into several aspects. Our mind and the universe […]

Introduction to Jason Augustus Newcomb

Duration: 25:35 Dr. Steve G. Jones and good friendĀ JasonĀ Augustus Newcomb drive down route 66 during this interview. At the beginning of their careers they became fast friends. Jason was studying hypnosis at the time and now focuses on Hermetics. Hermetic refers to the greek god Hermes which covers everything from alchemy to the new thought […]

Review Your Best Year Yet with Christina Louise Gale

Duration: 29:56 Dr. Steve G. Jones joins the show and discusses how we can experience more joy in our lives right now. The conscious mind acts on the subconscious mind and how we can use this to our advantage. He discusses the difference between a professional hypnotherapist and suggestions through TV. Dr. Steve shares how […]

Overcome Rejection

Duration: 14:11 Dr. Steve G. Jones a regular contributor on Money for Lunch discusses rejection and failure with Bert Martinez. He talks about overcoming feelings of rejection by starting with building confidence. How we can become better at hearing the word “no” and how it can be to our ultimate benefit. The more obstacles we […]

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