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Do you know anyone who, year after year, seems to be in the same situation? For example, perhaps in July of 2004 they had just met their “soul mate” and they were happier than ever before. Now, in July 2005, they have once again met their “soul mate,” yet it is a completely different person…or is it? If we are not careful, we tend to do what I call “cycling.”

We get into cycles in which we go around and around seeing and doing the same things over and over. Just like a hamster running in a wheel. Year after year there are different characters in our lives, but all of the same basic elements are still present. We think we are moving forward, yet we are clearly moving in a circle. Sometimes the cycle is a “holding pattern” in which we never even start moving. Do you know anyone who:

Keeps getting new unsatisfying jobs?
Keeps discovering new “get rich quick” schemes that never quite work out?
Consistently has no money, although they have a steady income?
Is just about to start a business, but needs to do “a little more research”?
Keeps getting cheated on and/or dumped in relationships?

Some of these people can be as regular as clockwork. You could literally plot on a graph how their life will go. For example, perhaps they meet a person, fall deeply in love, get dumped, and go into depression. Then, rather than trying to seek help and break this cycle, they simply jump right back on the treadmill to do it all again!

Do you have any negative cycles? Hey, look, we are all human. Of course we all have one surface occasionally. But, because we are human, we also have the ability to break a cycle when we choose to.

Cycles, whether positive or negative, are hypnosis. That’s right, you have a tape playing in your head which causes you to seek out the same set of circumstances and perform the same activities which will produce the same results. Since you are acting on a tape already, why not change it to a positive tape? Why not program yourself to make empowering changes in your life rather than repeating negative patterns?

A millionaire is just as habit-driven as a person who is constantly broke. But, the millionaire has habits (actions resulting from mental tapes) which empower her, whereas the broke person has habits which consistently drain her resources. People in a successful marriage have communication habits which strengthen their bond, whereas people who find their “soul mate” year after year have habits which destroy the possibility of a long-term relationship. By the way, I think the concept of soul mates is wonderful, but when people meet their “soul mate” year after year or even month after month, that is NOT a soul mate, it’s evidence of a negative cycle.

Are you ready to break a negative cycle right NOW? I have dedicated my life to developing hypnosis products and services, which are designed to remind you of the passion and determination you naturally have to move forward with your goals quickly and easily. I want you to move in a straight line directly toward your goal.

I’ll see you at the top!

Steve G. Jones
Clinical Hypnotherapist


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Get regular information on hypnosis and general self-improvement, starting with your FREE Unlimited Wealth HYPNOSIS MP3 today.