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Forrest Gump

My favorite movie is Forrest Gump. Here’s a guy who didn’t know he wasn’t supposed to achieve greatly. He just did it. He ran across the country, played ping pong at a world championship level, saved his friends from certain death in a jungle of Vietnam, and disassembled his rifle in record time just to name a few of his achievements. He was not ‘smart’ enough to know that normal humans ‘can’t’ achieve these things.

We are all programmed in our youth to know our general direction in life and our limits. Nobody says to us “You will be a lawyer and make $100,000 per year.” Or “You will be a carpenter and make 50,000 per year.” Through a series of experiences and information we receive from parents and others, we form a subconscious image of what we should ‘be,’ how much money we are worthy of earning, how attractive we are (and therefore how attractive our mate should be), etc. If at any time we are ‘threatened’ with achieving beyond our subconscious boundaries in any of these areas, sabotage kicks in to bring us back in line. This happens so that we don’t get hurt and so that we don’t feel the pain of being uncomfortable, of being in the unknown, of violating our programming.

Sabotage is designed to protect us and to keep us safe. It’s also designed to punish us when we violate the programming of our parents, etc. It sends us to our rooms because we were ‘bad,’ it takes away our playmates because we were ‘bad,’ it doesn’t give us our allowance because we were ‘bad.’ We are living as children and thinking we are in control of everything, yet we are still being punished. So we have the aspect of sabotage that punishes us and the aspect that protects us by keeping us in the ‘safe’ zone.

Think about it, if you earned more money you might be expected to maintain that level of achievement and this could make your life uneasy. So you quit your high paying job “because it’s too corporate” or lose money in Las Vegas on a regular basis “because it’s fun to gamble, but the house always wins.” If you lost all that weight, you may attract attention from the opposite sex, which in the past has lead to problems. So you binge “just a few times a week because that’s not overdoing it.” If you stopped smoking, you would have to deal with those feelings of anxiety that led you to smoke. So you smoke “because this is a really stressful time. Next month will be a better time to stop.” You come up with some logical reason for your sabotage and then you go ahead and sabotage yourself.

What is really going on is that you are going back to where you feel you belong, where you are comfortable, where you feel you deserve to be. When working with aspiring actors, I tell them that I could set up a $10,000,000 movie deal for them. But there would be certain requirements they would have to meet, and a violation of any of those simple requirements would disqualify them from the movie deal. They would have to show up at Paramount studios at 10 AM on Wednesday, bring a pen to sign a contract and be prepared to fly to Australia for two weeks to shoot the movie. I then guarantee them that if they have a sabotage program running in their mind, they will find a way to undermine this golden opportunity. Either they will show up after 10 AM, think it was Tuesday instead of Wednesday that they we supposed to meet, forget their pen, or be so afraid of flying that they could not fly to Australia.

It’s like the old saying, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” If you are running a sabotage program in your mind, you will get to that water, but not allow yourself to drink. You will subconsciously destroy your chances of having success in that situation so that you can remain where you fell safe or feel you deserve to be.

Hypnosis offer s an easy solution to all of this. It reprograms your mind to eliminate those barriers. Those who think they cannot be hypnotized or that they are ‘smarter’ than that need only to look around. Everything in their lives is due to hypnosis — everything: their mate, their lack of a mate, their car, the amount and type of assets in their portfolio, their debt, their job, their friends, everything. They are programmed to gravitate toward certain situations and people and to accept them in their lives. If we want to change any part of our lives, we must first prepare our minds to accept the change, otherwise we will go right back to where we are pre- programmed to go, where we feel safe, where we feel we belong.

Why do some people work really hard for a college degree and stop right before they get it? Things come up, they get married, they get busy at work, they run out of money. Nonsense. If you really want something and feel you are worthy of it, you will find a way to get it. What really happens is that their programming kicks in and they stop because they are about to exceed a pre-set limit. Why do some people get engaged several times but never married? Often it is because they are pre- programmed to sabotage marriage to avoid pain. Perhaps they saw their mother suffer through an abusive marriage and their mind programmed them to avoid that pain. So they choose a potential mate that subconsciously they know will not work out, or they simply back out of the situation, or they begin engaging in a series of actions devised by their subconscious mind to undo the relationship.

Sabotage is not you working against yourself, it is you trying to keep yourself safe. The problem is that when we get a bit older and want certain things consciously, we are subconsciously programmed not to have those things.

That’s where hypnosis can help. The subconscious mind can be reprogrammed. Rather than just deciding to allow more money, a better mate, better health, etc. into your life, it is infinitely more powerful to reprogram yourself on a subconscious level, to delete the outdated programming and allow the updated programming in. If you are running Windows 95 on your computer, you need to update to the current version. You don’t get there by wishing it to be so, or acting as if it is so, you get there by eliminating the obsolete parts of the old Windows program and adding the latest, most powerful Windows technology. This is how your mental computer works, too — you must reprogram to move ahead in your life.

You can take to heart a lesson from Forrest Gump. You can become unaware of your ‘boundaries’ and surpass them. Your abilities are limitless. Once you remember to forget your imagined boundaries, you are free.

Keep moving forward!

Dr. Steve

40 thoughts on “Forrest Gump

  1. That was my favorite movie as well, and was nice to read something wrote about it by you. Steve your an exceptional at what you do and anyone visiting this site if they have not already tried any of your products for self improvement and you are looking to improve certain areas of your life or just better yourself in general, Then i HIGHLY suggest you do as I have gained a wealth of knowledge and went above and beyond what I thought I was capable of with my limiting self beliefs buried in my subconscious mind. And I attribute much of that from what Steve has offered me. Not too mention with today’s technology and everything right at our fingertips with just a click a way, after knowing what i now know You would be crazy not too take advantage of it by purchasing his courses or even just a recording for an area you REALLY want to improve in. I would not even want to know what someone of your caliber charges for a one on one session. I went to a local hypnotherepist first and help told me I needed like 12 sessions or I was going to lose my house my car, my girlfriend. He literally told me my life would completely fall apart. That was after a brief interview process and me filling out my weekly income etc in the questionare. I am really glad I was able to find you Steve and i thank you for everything.

  2. ..Ps and i know my comment has absolutely nothing to do with with your post, it is just that i am greatful and I go to bat for people I believe in
    Thanks again

  3. lifes like a box of choclate who knows whats underneath the choclate hugs:)))

  4. Steve this is so true. I know what you are offering works. I suggest to others all the time similar situations you describe; I too like to help others. I’m going to explain to them how the forebrain and subconscious works and then point them in the direction of your web site. I’m so happy that your created this library of hypnosis recordings. Thank you!

    1. Same goes for me Steve.
      And as you say, “To a hypnotic day” among other sayings.
      I will, thanks to your work.
      Positive vibes your way.

  5. Dear Steve,several years ago i got as a gift from you a hypnosuggestion how to improve female selfesteem( appearance,etc.)I listen it from time to time.Especially i like your voice there.Plus – after such audiosessions i start feeling myself as a kind of a terminator. It’s a bit frightening.
    That’s why i listen to it only at the eve of important for me events.No doubt – You are a strong hypnotherapist.

  6. Dear Steve,

    Thank you so much for your lesson, I’m not very well at English but I’m trying to read it because I’m working in a small international organization with many people in problems! hope I will gain more experiences from you for encouraging all of them!


  7. Hi Steve have just read your Forest Gump article and it really hits home like a lump hammer !! am in automotive sales and I had a brush with death 8 years ago and nearly lost my left arm, and since then whilst everyone says i am back to my old confident self i am in such a deep rutt that i cannot seem to find the will to overcome those sabotage thoughts that keep me earning about a third of the money i should be earning and have earned in the past… it just feels as though if i could have one good pay cheque in one month i may break wot feels like a jinx.its often said that on My “A game” day I am one of the best sales people in the game… sadly i can only hit those days a few times a month which is frustrating…. can you recommend something i can listen too to help ive tried a few types of audio before and it kind of works but i am finding your motivation video is certainly working. am too broke with funds until end of January payday but God Knows I am trying to overcome a hurdle that keeps appearing in front of me and i simply know if i can stop the sabotage it will give me the ability to start spoiling my family more and regaiining my true dynamic confidence that will allow me to regain some credibility in myself and allow me to earn the kind of money that will allow me to do more good in this world. x thanks Steve.

    1. Hey Steve,
      I think what you do is awesome. I feel like I have forgot the limitless me I use to be ,,you see when I was 12 14 years old was pretty messed up , I sought God and reprogrammed myself for success

      1. From then on when I was 15 to 17 I won Teenage west coat an teenage pacific USA body.Building champion ships found the girl of my dreams became an actor got into movie business , had five kids , but now it seems I sabatoged my life I am broke forgot about how I did it my family is paying the price , I will let you know when and how I get back on tractk. Thank You

  8. Hi Steve. I’m a huge movie buff, but I never enjoyed “Forest Gump.” There were so many things about this movie I didn’t like. Mostly, I couldn’t stand the just-plain-outrageousness of the story line, “like that would ever happen.” That is…until I read your article. Holy reflection, Batman! I just realized why I didn’t like it. It’s the same reason as I’ve always been just-successful-enough but have never allowed myself to experience what I dream of. I just can’t believe that someone like me would ever be able to make it THAT far. This far, yes, but THAT far, no way! I’m going to go reflect on this a bit more and really want to thank you for this enlightening article. Thank you!

  9. Reprogram seems difficult , I am doing millionaires mind of your hypnonis. Will let. U know when I make my first million, I know the only limits I have are the ones I put there.
    Thanks .
    Mike Green idaho

  10. exactly

  11. Dear Steve,
    I liked this article a lot. I just learned about you and hypnosis and your hypnosis. I feel you hit the nail on the head with this article. All of my
    life I feel I have sabotaged myself, whether at the last minute, or often
    in even a general sort of way. I have not been able to stop it to this day.
    I am dying to break through my lack of self-confidence as a woman, as a
    singer and violinist performer, as well as creating success as such. Are
    there any specific mp3s for me. I’d like to make this year my year of turn
    around so to speak. With love and hope…Dana

  12. Steve,
    Thank you for your positive message. It was very insightful.

  13. I really enjoyed the professional way in which you approached about the sabotage of our subconscious throughout your text, remembering and praising the movie Forest Gump, warning us about what each of us end up doing when we sabotage ourselves, for fear of making us happy and unusual collective pattern .
    We usually think that we don’t deserve many good things at once and there is always something to hinder us , or you are missing us. What you proposes is that through hypnosis can tell our subconscious that we deserve all of the good and better, and this will really come true .
    There is a phrase that says : “Smile and fool your nervous system”…
    Here it is worth recalling also that in our current world and reality is difficult to believe that we will be totally happy , mainly because we are constantly seeing other people are unhappy in their personal lives or at work.
    Nobody I know feels done …
    It is actually a lot of subconscious sabotage and collective at the same time.

    Grateful Dr.Steve for the opportunity to read one of your texts.Edna.

  14. I gather that was the answer I was hoping for. I had actually considered the sabotage. Sometimes it is helpful to receive confirmation from a professional. So a big thank you to you and your friend “Forest Gump.” I have various hypnosis recordings of yours which are excellent and I intend to work through at some point.


  15. I enjoyed Forest Gump I thought it was a great film but then again I love Tom Hanks he’s a brilliant actor. I like these films as they keep us in touch with reality. It is interesting how you can read a story a few times before you understand the meaning of it all. It must be wonderful to push forward and have no boundaries or responsibilities. Yet if there are no boundaries perhaps one has not really lived. I enjoyed reading this newsletter it brought me back to basics and reminded me of my flaws which I may have overlooked otherwise. Thank goodness we have you Dr Steve, pointing out our errors and making us aware of what we need to get our lives back on track. I don’t know where I would be if not for you and your incredible Hypnosis MP3’s & Programs.. I notice the difference every day when I’m out with the dog. I’m walking taller and my step is lighter or so I am told. So many thanks for your encouragement and support.

  16. Hi Steve,
    Just want to let you know that I have been using several of your hypnotherapy programs for a few weeks. I play them at night and they play one after another. Long story short- seems to be working. I am beginning to see positive improvements. I even had my mother listen to abundance subliminal 2X daily. I knew she was sabotaging a sale of a property -for years. Anyway- an offer came in “easy breezy” at a great price yesterday!

  17. Dear Steve 🙂

    I learn a lot to You. You give me very important information always. I read your blog, website and I like.

    My life is full of spirituality, magical, miracles and lot of help from You.

    I respect and offer your work. I am grateful 🙂
    Thanks 🙂

  18. Yes Steve the box of chocolate is full of surprises

  19. Dear Steve,

    My favorite movie is also Forest Gump. I love to see average people excel. Unfortunately, I suffered from low self confidence and low self esteem from an early age. From kindergarten, my mother would tell me, “the other kids are smarter (or better) than you. I developed a severe inferiority complex. I have purchased a number of your recordings. I have started with lowering stress, immune system booster and migraines working to improve my health. Later I will work towards money and career. I could use guidance on where to start in strategy wise in terms of the recordings. I believe these products work and are highly effective, I several issues to work through- before big dollars roll in.

  20. Thanks Steve for your info regarding why Forest Gump is your FAV movie. My brother calls me “Buuba” and I can relate to the movie in other areas he endured as well. Having a significant disability at birth that impacted my upper body and the challenges of adolescence, I can relate to Gump’s leg braces and then him running and not needing them any longer. How a physical and mental challenges impact a person creating differences in perception of ones viewpoint within the world scene. People don’t see the things I see, and they probably cannot see my congenital issues of birth, yet my perception of the world has been influenced by my birth injury directly. Changing the direct barriers of youth from one’s parents is another topic altogether significant. Run Forest, run! (Don’t let those kids get you). Save your commander.


  22. Dear Dr Jones, that s great to kick out the old prorams and patterns of self sabotage. Thank you for sharing this.

  23. Excellent blog post Steve and I will share it with my FB friends!

    I still think that I can’t be hypnotized…

    I mean how will I know after a digital session that it has worked and that it’s not just me myself trying to conjure up some enthusiastic way of looking at it?, by pretending that I feel a “change” or something?

    Anyway Peace Steve,

    I know your soul runs deep, I have this feeling we are connected in a deep way (Not gay way lol)

    Peace brother and I love this post!

  24. Thank you Dr. Steve! The positive and only positive! It keeps me going!

  25. Thank you Steve you sure made me realize how I can reprogram my mind.. I understand it now.Now I think I can do this myself and you are right we do seem to sabatoge ourselfs and with what happened to me.Now I know what to do, cuz it’s true you can have anything in this is world all it takes is going and wanting it….Thank you again Steve you were a great help and showing me that Forest Gump move…..I think, no I know now I can overcome my situation..Thank you again….Sincerely yours
    Connie Pena

  26. Inspiring indeed.
    Thanks Steve.
    Keep up the good work.

  27. Dr. Steve – I am really loving your hypnosis recordings. I am starting to see some really positive things changing in my life and I know this is only the beginning. Always been looking for something to “talk” to my subconscious because I knew some work had to be done there, but really didn’t know how. Thankfully, through the law of attraction, I was drawn to one of your meditations and subsequently looked you up and found all your recordings. I am so grateful. Thank you. 🙂 Looking forward to great things. 🙂

  28. Wow…your right Dr Steve..when I get to a certain weight I seem to go wrong and go to binge…I think I’m frightened of the un known if I was to get to my goal weight, of people taking notice of me, I’ve always been a loner and am always in the back ground so to speak. . I think you have hit the nail on the head they say, if I can just get over that hurdle I’m sure I will be well on my way,…thank you for all your kind words of encouragement in all you do to us all….my very best wishes always Dr Steve…..sue MacFarlane ..UK.

  29. U’re very very lucky!!

  30. Thank you Steve for sharing this important insight. If we feel we don’t live the life we expect to have. There must be something wrong within us. We then need to reprogram our subconscious mind because from the childhood we have been programmed without even being aware of that. But we get confused with all the programs on the internet. Can you help you help us about how to know the most appropriate reprogramming we should take. I am grateful for your insight.

  31. yes Stee Jones
    Forest was not ‘smart’ enough to know that normal humans ‘can’t’ achieve these things. – BUT
    he was smart enough to find Lieutenant Dan
    and he was smart enough to invest some money in fruit – only Apple 😀
    …… trying to keep yourself safe….. the most important feeling – only this allows me to start to change thoughts – otherwise all of me tries to make me feel safe
    your wonderful hypnosis program helps to feel the freedom of further development of the own personality – in changing times THX UsChi

  32. Life like a box you never ever know what your going to get

  33. Hi Dr. Jones, enjoyed the blog. Do you every respond to readers comments?

  34. thanks very nice all your words, it is good to know that I have a chance to work my back lying and start being a normal person. thank you very much have a wonderful day Dr Steve g Jones

  35. Thanks a lot for sharing. I´m totally agree, I want the updated programming in.

  36. You are so right. I do sabotage myself all the time & really need to stop doing that so I can move forward. So much has been happening & a lot of changes. I lost confidence in myself 7yrs ago and been finding it hard to get back. Getting my dog Evie 4yrs ago helped but I need to stop kidding myself that I’m ok when deep down i know i’m not. Listened to your confidence recotding last night and will continue to do so. I found you by complete accident but so glad thaf I did now 🙂

  37. simply outstanding . Logical and containing deep meanings. Just came in perfect time. Thank you 🙂 . Thank you Universe for all guidelines 🙂

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