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Giving: The Nature of Abundance

Abundance is a fascinating topic. A solid understanding of it can make you rich in many ways. Let’s examine the root of abundance, which is giving.

Until a few years ago, I thought the notion, “You only get what you give” was illogical nonsense. I mean, think about it, how can giving be related to getting? Isn’t it true that the more you save, the more you have?

Well, in recent years I have come to understand the secret to abundant living and having everything you want. The secret is GIVING.

You MUST give in order to receive. Yes, it’s a religious concept, but it’s also universally true.

Here’s how abundance works (and how to be rich) from a hypnotherapy point of view…

When we hoard things and we are stingy with money, time, etc., it sends our subconscious mind the message that the universe is not a safe place and that we must collect things and keep them if we want to have them.

Working with depression-era clients has taught me a lot about this. People who lived through the economic depression in the United States in the 1920s and 30s often feel that they need to hold on to as much money and as many things as possible. Often their homes will be filled with clutter…things they keep “just in case.” They feel that the universe could cut off their supply at any time, so they must grab things and hold on to them. This idea of clinging, collecting, and hoarding is the opposite of an abundant mindset.

The universe is ALWAYS ready to give more. There will ALWAYS be more money and another opportunity. I prefer to call this type of abundant mindset “living with an open hand.” When you have your hand open, it can give and receive.

When you live in this manner: giving, sharing, and letting go of worry about the future, you live abundantly. You send a signal to your subconscious mind that it is safe to let go and that you are ready to give AND receive. The closed hand is actually unsafe because, though it doesn’t lose what is in it, it cannot receive any more. It cannot live abundantly. It is a closed circuit leading nowhere.

Open that hand and live your life as a free person. The universe is willing to give you everything you want, once you are ready to receive it, give back, and receive again. This allows a constant flow of energy through your life.

Keep moving forward!

Dr. Steve

27 thoughts on “Giving: The Nature of Abundance

  1. Dear Dr.Steve,What a cute little boy! Can you remember what was in those presents? Thank you for your e mails I appreciate it very much……… Thank you Angela

  2. Hi Dr.Seve
    Yes , with you always is easy .You are fantastic there ..
    I see there abundance ,joy ,content,freedom ..Happiness in childhood is a special memory for future ,is a solid motivation and vision .I am so glad for you ,as I am glad we are here talking about abundance .I always have something to learn or to remember with your lessons .I feel that special energy , there and here on your website , energy of abundance and joy and freedom .
    Thank you Mastermind .Have a beautiful day ,

  3. Thank you for your thoughts Dr.Steve.I am always happy to make someone else happy by giving.. I wonder, does that detract from the ‘giving’? Getting personal enjoyment from the act?

  4. Thank you, Dr. Steve, for sharing this wonderful wisdom. Have a nice weekend.

  5. Text charming as well as the date and also the blond little boy photo … rsrsrsrsrs……
    I learned that people “immunized” or “enlightened” are those consolidated all, all-knowing. Able to follow the right path to happiness!
    Indeed, when we are “donors” or constant feeling of something, the universe conspires in our favor!
    It is known that you are a blessed man since when you were child and therefore I believe in your words.

    Grateful for emails with texts.

    1. Men of good heart always has good ideas!

  6. Hello Dr.Steve I thank You for Your e-mail ! All what You write is very interesting !! This is very beautiful photo sure You had a happy childhood and Your parents have gven You the best !! You had a possibility to Study this has Not every human and not every can stay be rich !what I need you write !!! Do You know this better that in our world counts only the money and only Money !! The Love is only a adhesive which hold short I mean the Love between two people o sure it can be happy two People together whole life! but they are not found !! Alone the wealth bring not much happinens !sure is a good that a human have much money ! But this is not all !,Very important is healthy and happpiness but it is so ! Thank You Dr.Steve again and I wish You a beautiful day ?? evening or all what You have before today ! Sincerely Yours !Graziella

  7. Dear Dr Steve I would like to thank you for your words of wisdom and your recordings both free and the ones I have purchased from your website. Thank You. Chrissy

  8. Hi Dr Steve, Every word you say is true. I watched my friend few years ago. She lost everything, her partner, huge business debts, her home, her sick father and her health. She was inundated with letters from the bank demanding closure on the loans. She took the first job she could find which involved 12 hour shifts and at times worked overtime to make a bit more to pay electric bills etcetera. The money she made barely helped to keep the roof over her head. She could barely afford heating as the money paid scarcely covered her mortgage. Despite it all she would go out smiling every day and offer to help people on her street who could not drive into town due to heavy snow falls. On the run up to Christmas my friend made small cakes and gave them as gifts. Her life was enriched by return for on Christmas eve having switched her truck off and making her way to the back door. She found a truck load logs for her fire, turkey and greens for christmas dinner and bottles of wines. The following year she met another man, Now my friend has her own house and her own business is thriving. So you you see believing and giving really does work. Thank you Steve I love your stories with so much power behind your words to stimulate us all!

  9. Dr. Steve…This picture of you when you were ten is very nice. I can see a little boy just waiting to open many exciting surprises he will soon have, which will give him lots of fun times and also memories for the future.
    I believe giving can be done in many ways. Money or needed things are always welcome to many people, but also giving of your self is important too. Teaching someone to create or make something they need or want can be even more rewarding than giving material things. I see you doing this every day when you give of youraelf for all to learn things they would never know otherwise. Thank you, Nancy Smith

  10. Thanks for the reminder, it has been tough these last few years Maybe it’s time to let go. I don’t have a problem giving , but I need to reprogram myself out of lack . Or the thought of it.
    Thank for the reminder.

    1. Exactly what I thought today Mike

  11. Upon waking this morning the thought of the fact that some people give while others only take. Giving people share and in the sharing so much is gained in many ways. Takers usually let their fears control them while they are trying to control others: a circle, like a cat chasing it’s tail & getting nowhere.

  12. Yes very true….the more one gives the more one receives…..and a few things among so many that can be given at any time are:

    A warm smile, a hug, a simple thank you, a cup of coffee, making somebody laugh, bringing some sunshine in people’s life and love …..they work just magic….and yes, the more you share the more you have….:-) Give whatever your heart tells you to give and sooner or later you will realise that you have been blessed with abundance in return in so many ways…..

    Happy festive season Steeve and friends


  13. The act of giving is not necessarily religious-based. Economically, money needs to go in circle in in society in order to produce more business. Partly religion taken the idea from common sense.There are so many other aspect to it too,…

  14. Thank you Dr. Steve! 🙂

  15. Dear Dr. Steve Those are some sweet words of wisdom and so true.

    I hope more people can understand the joy of giving. Its so rewarding.

    Thanks for those lovely words. Cute picture.

  16. You are kind men you helps people just likes me and different ways

  17. I like to believe giving is key to abundace but it is not so. The one thing I do know is there is good and evil. When I retired I volunteered at a local state police barracks. I gave 19 years of my valuable time assisting people in various ways mostly providing fingerprinting which was required for their jobs. I received many letters of comendations for my services.When my barracks commander was transfered I was forced out by a low level employee hiding my work.I attempted to appeal no luck. With 19 years of giving my time I would of thought I would receive some abundance.

  18. It’s true but like me I do save but if I need it I got it then to pay what e vet comes up or I sell people’s thing that they give away to make money well sometimes it works not all the time

  19. Thank you…just needed this!!!

  20. Hello Dr. Steve, thanks you for your help.Your Hypnosis therapy is very important for me. I addicted on your therapy . I giv you one big hug. Camelia

  21. Thank Dr Steve

  22. Thanks Steve , i have helped people all my life, and still continue to do so,you seem to be a man of great integrity and love of life and people and a kind word for everyone and also a beautiful smile.

  23. Hi Steve,you seem to be a man of great integrity, and love of life for all people,always havinga kind word for everyone and most of all a beautiful smile to warm everyones heart,thank you for just being that person

  24. Hello Dr. Steve, it’s another interesting thoughts of “Abundant” word you shared with us. In my nature where I grown up and live in the village, we have this culture called “hospitality ” I’ve seen from my parents especially my father., countless of giving and we’re blessed in many ways. In my personal life, Giving , helping is something from your inner heart desires. The abundant life is come from above of belief in Faith, Love, Perseverance from my actions of sharing, giving an open hands , welcoming an open arms (sheltering). I received many wonders of blessings, a love and care from the people I newly met with, offering their helping hands and many more include you Dr. Steve of sharing your experience and knowledge is also part of blessing. Thanking you once again and have blessed day!

  25. Absolutely true! In the end is always a question of energy, movement and law of attraction I guess. The universe and all that exists in it is made from this energy that needs to move and be renewed. The natural cycle of life involves this concept and abundance comes when the energy moves…more you give, more you get…and the quality of what you give is what will comeback to you! How beautiful is that? Yeah!!!

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