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Good Morning, Your Highness

Recently, while away from home to conduct a hypnosis seminar in Florida, I stumbled upon a very powerful technique which I would like to share with you. I was in the bathroom one morning getting ready for the seminar. I had my travel toiletry bag with me. Somehow the thought entered my mind that I was a prince.

Perhaps it was due to the wonderful hospitality extended to me by my friends John and Ann whose house I was staying at. As I reached for my travel shaving cream from the bag, I noticed that the bag was some material other than leather. I had never really noticed the type of material of the bag.

In that moment I thought to myself, “Would a prince settle for this bag?” I know it sounds a bit odd, but keep in mind that I wasn’t completely awake yet and was entertaining a fantasy in my mind. I allowed my mind to wander even more at that point. As I shaved, I thought of numerous situations and things in my life and put them to the same test, “Would a prince settle for that?”

As I went through each item in my mind (relationships, vehicle, furniture in my house, quality of time I spend alone, etc.) I simply asked myself if a prince would settle for that. Several items did not pass the test, so I decided on a plan of action to bring them in line with my prince-like vision.

What if you were a prince or a princess? How would you expect to be treated? How would you treat YOURSELF? Would you remain in an abusive relationship? Would you settle for anything less than the very best you can achieve? Or would you demand positive, powerful changes in your life immediately?

Maybe you would start treating people with more respect and expecting the same in return. Maybe you would update your wardrobe, take yourself on a relaxing cruise, or buy yourself that new vehicle.

I found the “royal fantasy” to be a fun, simple, and powerful way to get some new distinctions in my mind about what is and is not acceptable to me in my life. I hope you give this a try one morning. That is an excellent time for it because you are still in alpha (the lightest state of hypnosis) after you get up and before that shower, coffee, etc. In this state, you can allow your mind to wander freely without the logical part of your mind stopping you. Try it, your highness…

I want you to be successful. Take your life to the next level! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

I’ll see you at the top!

Dr. Steve

8 thoughts on “Good Morning, Your Highness

  1. when carlinmarie imbrases the picture of a queen well then see all as a queen deservin of respect appreciation resources then feel the joy of takein in equal balance hugs:) the course in miracles states that if one would find an other and feel so awww inspired then see all that way ok fine and add agree to open channel of true inner guidance useing the love vibration takein takeout comin takein all credit attention guilt blame the food of the one spot hoax and release within total wholeself ever present :)release

    1. Dear Steve I would like to complement you on your intelligence, creativity
      and outstanding abilities in your field which is a gift to mankind.Recently I purchased a business program which was discounted to $20
      also another program on learning hypnosis for $10 and lastly a mind control program Unfortunately I did not save them.Could you kindly give me acess to the link again.I am 71 yrs old in March hence my lack of expertise.Once again I salute you for the opportunity to change my life
      Norman Looby

  2. Dear Dr Jones, i have been lying on my bed since last week, i got cold or whatever, i don’t know, my mind can’t think anything else beside my current work and i keep asking myself what do i want ? But still there’s no answer. And i read your blog and i tried what you suggest, and suddenly i know what i want and i know why i’m sick AND NOW I FEEL BETTER, I did prince perspective and i get the result, the result that i want !Thank you Dr Jones. Thank you !!

  3. DEar Steve
    I have been a past life regression therapist, reiki healer, EFT practitioner and a tarot reader for the past ten years. Last month I completed you eight week course and I have also received my certificate. I am thrilled with it.And now I can practice hypnotherapy as well. I live in India, in New Delhi. I was wondering if you ever visit this part of the world. If you do, it would be wonderful to meet you in person.
    Dr. Indrani Barooah Ph.D

  4. Perfeito…

  5. Great idea! It works. I just ordered my new throne from Costco.

    What’s a bidet?
    : )

  6. Do you remember me

  7. You are a Prince Dr Steve
    My πŸ€΄πŸ‘ΈπŸ»πŸ‘‘

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Get regular information on hypnosis and general self-improvement, starting with your FREE Unlimited Wealth HYPNOSIS MP3 today.