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Hypnosis and Enhanced Job Performance—How Does it Work?

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At some point in your life, you are going to want to apply for the perfect job, nail the perfect interview, or shoot for a raise. Perhaps you want to discover your passion in the hopes of finding a career you can feel proud and happy about or switch careers after being unhappy with your current path in life.

Whatever the case, we all want to have thriving careers that come from being good at our jobs. Unfortunately, your dreams and reality may not be consistent at all times. If you feel that you’re stuck or in a rut, or have ideas that never seem to be good enough, what you might need is a push in the right direction—a way to boost your confidence, which in turn, will help you find the motivation to keep going forward.

Hypnosis could be just what you need. Through hypnotherapy, you have an outlet to release your stress, all while improving your learning, motivation, attitude, and confidence. According to one study published in the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, Cognitive Behavioral Hypnosis (CBH) is “at least as effective as behavior therapy (BT) and cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT) treatments that employ imagery and relaxation techniques for anxiety disorders.”

But how exactly does hypnotherapy impact your job performance and motivation?

Imagining Your Future

Do you struggle to imagine where you’ll be, career-wise, in two to five years? Perhaps you have big dreams, but there’s always a voice inside you, telling you you’ll never get there.

That’s your subconscious talking, and it’s where hypnosis takes the fight to make you a happier, more productive person.

In a hypnotherapy session, a hypnotherapist puts you in a state of deep relaxation and uses the power of positive suggestion to:

  • Imagine your dream job and help you define your career trajectory
  • Start thinking of your dreams as real and attainable goals
  • Put together a step-by-step plan with clear milestones instead of just vague dreams

In subsequent sessions, your hypnotherapist will help you follow-up on this plan, ensuring that you’re actively striving to reach each milestone.

Building a Strong Foundation: Confidence

Although it may seem that some people are born confident, the truth is that these individuals have a great support system of family and friends around them, or they’ve been conditioned from an early age to see life in a positive light.

The good news is that confidence is something you can build. A hypnotherapist can plant positive thoughts into your subconscious mind, helping you fight anxieties and fears caused by job-related challenges such as public speaking, job interviews, and time management.

You have everything it takes to build a strong foundation of confidence. A hypnotherapist will give you all the tools to do it one step at a time.

Job performance and self-confidence have a symbiotic relationship. The better you at your job, the more confident you become; the more confident you are, the more capable you’ll be at handling work tasks and challenges. Hypnosis can be the key to planning and managing this aspect of your life in ways that you never thought you were capable of doing on your own.

Dr. Steve

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