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Hypnosis for Sports

Serious athletes often look for anything that gives them an edge over the competition, and hypnosis and visualization have been that edge for many athletes. Although some people think hypnosis is new age and mystical, the truth is, it is natural. It’s also something you may do everyday and not even realize it. Have you ever daydreamed? Zoned out? Meditated? These are all forms of hypnosis.

The Competitive Edge
So, how does hypnosis help give athletes that competitive edge? The same way it helps with just about everything you might wish to change. Hypnosis gives your subconscious mind new information that it can easily accept and save as part of a new thought pattern. Athletes can increase speed and agility simply by believing they are faster and more agile. The body responds to the signals sent by the brain, which means most of our physical limitations outside of medical issues are merely related to how we see ourselves. Even some medical issues can improve with hypnosis, so it is an all-around beneficial tool.

Sports You Can Improve
You can improve any sport through hypnosis. If you want to increase your rate for winning at bowling or winning at golf, hypnosis can get your subconscious on the same page as your conscious mind. You can improve your bowling techniques or your swinging arm to help improve your game. If you’re a martial artist and want to improve your karate or kung fu, then hypnosis can help your mind realize that it can move with grace and power. Do you plan on running a marathon at some point in the future? Hypnosis can help you develop the discipline you need to make it happen.

If you’re an athlete looking for something to help you improve in your sport beyond the physical practice you already put in, try hypnosis. It’s about giving your body rest while your brain builds a new pathway for positive and encouraging thoughts that take your game to a whole new level.

Dr. Steve

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