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I am the Greatest

“I am the greatest!” That was, and probably still is, the claim of Muhammad Ali. In 1964, before his famous fight with Sonny Liston, Ali was laughed at by the press. Nobody laughed after he won. Later, he started predicting the round in which he would knock out his opponent. As we know, winners win because they expect to win. Ali didn’t have a crystal ball. He had the power of affirmation. He affirmed, “I am the greatest!” Not “I am one of the great ones.” Not “I’m close to being great.” Not even, “In a year, I’ll be great.” He stated his greatness boldly in the present, without a disclaimer. The subconscious mind only understands the present.

How do you define yourself? Are you “OK?” Are you “Pretty good?”

When will you be successful? When “the time is right?” When you’re “ready?” When you’re married, divorced, retired, after you have kids, after the kids have grown, when the economy gets better, when you start school, when you finish school, when you buy a house, when you sell a house, when you get out of debt, when you start a business, get an inheritance? When?

Do you see that there will ALWAYS be an excuse as long as YOU want one? There will ALWAYS be a reason for putting off your greatness. Meanwhile, your life is happening NOW.

I give you permission to snap out of the hypnosis you are in and be “the greatest” right NOW. Start living that life you dream about. You know the dream…the one in which you stand up for yourself, you act confidently, you live life on your terms. I wonder what would happen if you affirmed your greatness to everyone you met for the next week:

“I’m the best Realtor.”

“I’m the most motivated salesperson.”

“I’m the most highly-skilled dentist.”

Here’s what will happen…It will become reality. Because believe it or not, reality only exists in your mind. And once it expands from your mind, it becomes part of other people’s minds, part of their reality. Pretty deep, huh? Not really. It’s just simple fact. Whatever you are, BE the greatest. Affirm it to yourself and the universe. Your subconscious mind and the minds of others will take it as fact and make it so.

Dr. Steve

29 thoughts on “I am the Greatest

  1. “I am the Greatest Secret in Golf”

  2. I’m the greatest at getting what I WANT!

  3. Thanks Steve G Jones,you are the greatest teacher in the world! You have taught me much, i.e. NLP, Hypnotherapy, Holistic Marketing, and Law of Attraction. It works! I am the greatest Grandpa in the world! I am the greatest holistic healer and meta-physician in the world! See you at the top.

  4. Thank you, dear Dr. Steve, for these rememberings. I know I am the greatest Healer in the universe, could I tell this other people or friends? Maybe they will leave me with a laughter. As I know it truly I don’t need to let it know others in words, I let them know with my work and that is really best.
    With my best regards
    Hannelore Dostal
    Spiritual Healing, also in far distance

    1. It is also true, that you get, what you don’t want … Because our no is stronger then our yes… I never want to heal and now through my Chi Gong I got it… And I will heal only myself… Because the healer takes the karma of his clients… So it is better to teach to heal… like Chi Gong Master Mantak Chia is explaining it… Another reason is, that you attract diseases from the clients…. And I have already written a book about healing… Heal yourself and stay healthy.

  5. I will ditch the I am going to I already am.

  6. I am the greatest mother, wife and worker!!

  7. I am the BEST mother wife and Realtor. I am successful at everything I do. At the end if every day, I can go to sleep knowing that that day was a success and worthwhile.

  8. I am the greatest web developer and graphic designer! My zest for learning new techniques and adapting with changing technology earn me a very high income!

  9. Thanks Steve! Uplifting at the right time!
    I am the greatest storyteller, social media expert!

  10. Dr. Steve G Jones has taught me many things but the one thing that stands out in my mind is his own tenacity. If you take but one thing from his teachings, know that he sets the example, sets the bar high and that he sets you up to succeed.
    — Mark S Wardrip, certified Polymath Hypnotherapist

  11. Hi Steve

    Thank you for my wake-up call. I have been floundering for over a year now since my Mum died and you are right it is about time I realised that I am the greatest. Thank you for believing in me Steve.

    Bright blessings Caroline

  12. I am the best!! He he

  13. i am indeed the greatest in the whole world

  14. I am STRONG! I am the STRONGEST man in the entire universe! I am eternally young! I am ripped! I am shredded! I am ageless! I am reversing the aging process every single day!

    I am forever YOUNG! I am growing stronger every single day! I am the greatest national best-selling author of all time!

  15. Dr. Steve…….Right now I hope my life isn’t “As good as it GETS” because I can picture better things for my future. I hope I won’t be disappointed….I do know I have to work much harder to get there and have faith in my self.


  16. I am I And owe tribute to Steve.G.Jones
    For empowering myself As a master Hypnotherapist,etc. Also encouraging myself to take that leap of faith in becoming a Published author of 4 books on amazon kindle. Relating to saving young peoples lives and the affects of bullying ,and teenagers killing themselves,Also reasons for eating disorders in adults and kids. The affects of teenagers going through puberty, What to look for in selecting a husband.
    Author. Christopher Lord Evans.

  17. I am the greatest pilot! The best in passing my aviation exams..

  18. Thank you Dr. Steve for another great and powerful read. 🙂

  19. Dear Dr Steve, you just proved it to me, that indeed
    If I look at myself, I just realised that no doubts

  20. I love you Dr.Steve deeply from my heart,you are my best father and teacher,who show me my big dream and motivate to over come in short period of time beside God!
    Thank great!!

  21. Wow. All that was spoken here is truth. Thanks Dr. Steve because we are all born to be great (at one thing or the other). Have to say that a reminder is truly a blessing. ‘I am the greatest creative writer ever. “Everything I touch turns to gold!” I am I.


  22. I am the greatest artist in the world!

  23. The secret it’s always within you, you must believe it, so that you can achieve it, follow by action and you’ll see the reaction of your success. Give your best anyway. For in the end, it’s between you and God anyway. God Bless

  24. Dr. Steve, the most important thing for me is, I’m grateful to you for what you have done not only for me but for all of us through your hypnosis sessions, because you believed that we will succeed. I shall forever be indebted for your greatness above all. To your success, V

  25. Hello Dr. Steve, thank you one again.You are the great one of all the qualities being teacher, mentor, coaching and etc. very precise and I would stick what I want in life and to be. Thanking you once again have a great day.

  26. Powerfully said. Reality is a state of mind, I must say I agree full. Thanks Pal

  27. I am the greatest at surviving a major bypass operation in 1998 when I just turned 40 years of age. After a minor heart attack. I had to have this bypass operation and got five bypasses. My two children were then 9 and 5 years old. I stopped smoking and still do not smoke so I am very proud about that.
    Thank you that you are such a nice person.
    Regards from Anneke in the Netherlands

  28. I have a fantastic will and a wonderful self-control, l can do what l want. Happy me. 💓💓

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