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I Know You

Perhaps you and I have never met, but I know you. You are a person who is interested in improving your life. You have always felt in the back of your mind that you are capable of much more than what you are doing now. And you are right. You are looking for ways to improve your life, your relationships, and the lives of others. And you will find those ways.

I know this about you because I know it about myself. And since we are both human, I know we share these qualities. You see, as humans we have a natural desire to push through barricades, to create a powerful future, and to help others. We have a picture, though it may be deep in the recesses of our minds, of a life full of adventure and passion that we understand we will soon experience.

I also know that you are a good person, a caring person, and that you strive daily to contribute meaningfully to the world.

I know that you will blossom into an amazing person, sharing with the world your unique talents. I also know that you will create that opportunity and therefore give it to yourself. I know that whatever situation you are in now which is not in your best interest you will simply walk away from. I know that you will from now on choose only those things in your life which are helpful to you and which allow you to move toward your goals. I know this because we share this power.

I know that, although you are not always given full appreciation for your efforts, you persist. You continue onward because you understand on a very deep spiritual level that you are doing the right thing and are on the right path. And, indeed, you are.

And I want to thank you for being YOU. I want to thank you for setting an example of momentum and power in life. I want to tell you that you are greatly appreciated and that you make a powerful difference in the lives of many people.

Dr. Steve

113 thoughts on “I Know You

  1. Well thank you, Dr. Steve!

    1. Many thanks please.

    2. Thank you Steve. I want you to know how much I admire you, and the work you do. I try my best. Am only working part time at the moment as mum’s nearly 90 and she needs me. I am a Carer “Support Worker” by trade. I JUST want to make a DIFFERENCE to people’s lives.
      lYNN EBURY. U K.

  2. Thank you Dr. Steve! You know just what I need to hear, and when I need to hear it!

  3. Here’s to the BEST version of each and every one of us!

  4. Thank you! Your web site and products are exactly what I have been looking for. Recently driving through Baker, California I saw your billboard and thought I had saved the URL to my phone. It didn’t save. I remembered gjones in the name and located your web site. Thank God I found it! Thank you for the free download, it was truly amazing! I have been pursuing self-help books and recordings for 35 years. The very first book was introduced to me by a UCI Professor that was on the board of directors for a bank I worked at. He explained to me that we become what we think about and that when we go to sleep at night we should relax, visualize and state positive affirmations to our self. The sub-conscious mind process the information we think about and then goes to work on trying to make it come true. If you think negative thoughts our sub-conscious will try it’s best to fulfill negative results, like wise if you think positive thoughts it will try it’s best to fulfill positive results. The more passion and desire you have behind your thoughts the more energy is directed to fulfill them. Thank you for creating a large library of specific goal oriented hypnosis downloads. I look forward to using them.

    1. Thank you….from a fellow Student on “living better…living well…giving back!”

  5. many thanks steve.

  6. Dear Steve!!!You definitely have a deep mind and great intuition.And you are also a handsome guy with a pleasant voice. It’s a unique combination.One small remark concerning financial aspect of your hypnoactivity – i am not obsessed of becoming a millionare 🙂

  7. Thank you! Much appreciated & much love! Onward!

  8. Thanks

  9. Hello Dr. Steve. Yes you are absolutely correct about who I am. Using hypnosis and mind work, I have had work heard by over one billion people. Also had many, many miracles for myself and others. Would like to discuss further and possible next steps. Thought that I should contact some people you might know and communicate through their introduction/recommendation. Am doing the bold thing and using your “Leave a Reply.” Blessings upon you. A.

  10. Dear Dr. Steve, I am so grateful to have had your influence in my life. You’re an inspiring and incredible human being. Your sessions have been powerful catalysts in my life and I can attest to the authenticity of your sentiments as well as the effectiveness of your recordings.

    Thank you for being a beacon of light in my life. (I also find it so cool that you wrote this blog post on my birthday! Hahaha)

  11. Steve, Your words couldn’t be more true. Thanks for posting them. I want to thank you again for creating works that aided me through my breast cancer surgery. I had a confidence & serenity that astounded those around me. I also breezed right through the recovery thanks in part to your pain management recording. I feel so blessed to have your work in my life. I still have more surgery to come, and your recordings will be a vital part of that too,
    Forever grateful,
    Julia Hunsinger
    (permission to post all or part on your website)

  12. We’ll thank you Steve. Those were the words that I needed to hear today! I just want you to know I love you too and thank you for inspiring me to remember who I am. Many blessings to you.


  14. Today is Christmas, beyond any religion (in union with all of them) I like to thank you Steve, for the spirit of appreciation and commitment in your career to inspire many people to reach the highest level, and set up and example of ethic and professionalism. God Bless You

  15. Dr. Steve. Thank you. I am new to hypnosis and really want to give it my best.

  16. Thank you Dr. Steve, your sessions on UTUBE have made me become way more focused and happier, less worried, when I work on my autobiography and children s books, things flow. Being a Gemini I speak way to fast, you’ve giving me tools to slow down my speech so people can now understand me, I’d like to learn more and thank you for sharing your amazing gift, I know because of you 2014′ will be EPIC for me! I’m excited about becoming abundant so I can help others, I get more joy out of helping and paying it forward than I do anything else.

    Thanks again for everything,


  17. Thank you so much,
    Indeed finding this is in fact the best thing that has ever happened in my life!

  18. U make a difference helping the everyday person as a yoga teacher mindfulness and inner dialogue is key.

  19. I discovered your Special-Christmas-Offer by Chance and bought 40 MP3s.I am already experienced in self-help, but mnthing seemed to help permantly. Since I started listening to your MP3s a am transforming to a self confident person that didn’t know before how much fun live can be! I try to listen to the audios every day and it really makes a difference! I am starting to look forward to all the challenges of live. Although there is still a lot more to improve, I trust on everything working out fine in the end. What I always thought should be right to act and to react, I am finally able to do and will be much more in the future. For sure! Thx a lot!

  20. Thank you Dr Steve G Jones, your sessions are great, I’m looking to overcome my fears and misconceptions about business and life and your offerings hopefully are leading me to a true awakening, kind regards.

  21. Thank You Dr. Steve and finding you is the best thing that has happened for me in a lot of years. Through your sessions I have become pain free and I am now ready to move on and do something great in my life. I am healthy at 60 and ready to start a new career. Your sessions have changed my life and I Thank You so much. Your holiday sale helped me so much. I would have never been able to buy so many mp3s at their regular price and received the help that I am getting now. Thank You again.

  22. Dear Dr. Steve.Thank you -since I’ve bee using your hypnosis recordings over the last 2 weeks I have felt more positive.I have struggled with depression/confidece almost a lifetime.but strived to improve. Ihave used hypno tapes in the past but yours are so remarkle! I really want to achieve better things in life before it’s too late

  23. I really needed to hear that. You know it’s funny I always looked at hypnosis as one who looks at magic. Not anymore I just started listening yesterday and as soon as I woke up today I felt a presence of wealth with me like it was best friend who would never abandon you. Then I figured it out that presence that I felt was me evolving as a result of hypnosis. Thanks Steve, you made hypnosis ,for me, something that I don’t have to fear anymore…

  24. Thank you Steve G.J. out of nowhere how I don’t know we are certainly alike in many ways, and with your guidance of interlectual height of awaremness of the mind you are truly one of the educational masters of the universe. Thanks for giving me the chance to take your NLP, Life Coach, Hypnosis, and Beyonnd Conscious courses. I hope to take the certification test soon. I delve into depths of your words, and am lifeed spirtualy and intelctually by your wisdom, E.P.

  25. Thank you Dr. Steve G. Jones.
    You help me so much with your products. It works for me.
    I love you!

  26. Thank you Dr. Steve, for being those things your self 🙂

  27. So true. Thank you 🙂

  28. Dear Dr. Steve.
    Thank you for helping people (like me) to improve their life quality and and to progress. Have a great day!

  29. Thank you fro New Zealand. I have just discovered your products – Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis – and think you and it are superb.
    Kind Regards
    Rosalene Bradbury

  30. Thank you so much Dr Steve!
    You learn us,important words,that are necessary to remember each day of our life!

  31. Thanks,you right!!!

  32. Thanks you Dr Steve, for making avilable the free millionaire/success mindset recording. Even if i dont se instant results i know things ” are working” for me inside. and I get a GREAT nights SLEEP. The more often i listen to it , the quicker i fall asleep! and sleep for 6 or 7 hours at a time , which is very rare for me. AND the recording is playing and “listened to” by my sub-conscious all the way to the end. Thank you! I am starting a new small business for myself , and hope that this will bring me some more “fortitude” to keep going at it, with this mind messgae from you.!

  33. Dear Dr. Steve I am so grateful to have had your influence in my life. You’re an inspiring and incredible human being. Your material have been powerful and will help me in my journey to start a hypnotherapy clinic.
    Thanks, Kind,Regards.

  34. Thank you for your words.
    I’m trying to know more about myself and about hypnosis too.
    I will try to change my bank card for an international card, and buy some yours MP3.
    Sorry for my bad english, but I live in Brazil and speak portuguese…

    Thanks, Edna.

  35. Dr Steve,Thank you,that was such a blessing to hear <3

  36. Thank u for lifting my spirits 🙂

  37. Hi Dr Jones,

    Thank you for your inspiring newsletter. It was reassuring to know that it resonates with so many of us. You have helped change the lives of so many people throughout the world with your compassion of helping others. I am hoping that as I seem to be walking your path I shall be able to continue with hypnosis course right through to the end. Then hopefully together with my soul searching I shall strive forth and find the direction I must take. I therefore thank you for your encouragement and support.

    Many thanks

  38. Thanks Steve!!

    I do have a question that I hope to hear from you about. I am hearing impaired and wondered if hypnosis still works when I listen with headphones? My left ear is pretty much out as the only thing I hear are sounds like that of the “Charlie Brown Teacher..whaaa..whaa whaa..” My right ear is about 60% hearing and rely on it to hear.

    I hope to hear from you on this. Thanks again!!!

    1. thank you Dr Steve for all your kind words of encouragement for everyone, I don’t ever feel sorry for myself,but if tears made a diff,all my fears would be gone, i have never really understood how people could be depressed because i never have been,i have always been fun loving , giving person, well. couple weeks ago i dislocated my shoulder and fractured 2 bones,my fun loving nature seems to have disappeared,because i can’t do very much or i don’t even try because ofthe pain,so many people needs these words,it may not do any good to be telling my little accident,but at least i have written my feelings, and in time hopefully all will go well ,again thank you so very much for making a difference

  39. Thanks for the words of inspiration. They have given me more strength and increased my resolve to explore and exploit the reservoir of energy and possibilities that are in each and everyone of us. Together, we will improve our world. Thanks.

  40. Hello Dr.Steve! Greetings from Russia)! You are perfect! I want to be like you! Thank you for everything you’ve already done for me).

  41. My real journey
    started when i was around 14 years age when i tasted the creators power i have helped many people with different psychological problems. Pain relief from cancer, to agoropobia panic attacks weight loss and much more presently learning sports psychology alongside life coaching finishing 2 linked novels.
    Yes i am amazing and i have peace and most times i have and eat tranquility as a solid spiritual fuel within, Yet there are many mountains i have already climbed , Distance is just a perception of ones own beliefs. Are we breathing the air , or is the air breathing us ?

  42. Thank you Dr.Steve.your way of communicating with the people is great,and it is touching the heart directly. inspiring !

  43. Thank you, Steve. It is not very personal, although the message is addreseed to my person as well. My thanks to Tellman – he was one who redirected me to your web. I’m using your “Wealh Hypnosis” (2008). Being happy with this session, having some accident contacts through The New Hypnotists, I have some more recent contacts to you some times. Is it possible to expand this?
    Versus to some respodies here above, I absolutele want and need to become a millionaire. I really need at least $5000000 to make my this day plans useful and alive. Thank you, once again.looking to here fromyou soon,
    Dr.Romualdas Rekertas, LITHUANIA.

  44. Thank you! I visit this page when I need to be in a better mood.

  45. Thank you…Dr.Steve

    Existem coisas que acontecem na vida da gente que foge do nosso entendimento, mas que lá na frente vai fazer todo o sentido. Por isso nunca devemos perder a fé.
    There are things that happen in the lives of people who escapes our grasp, but up front will make perfect sense. So we should never lose faith.

  46. Thank you for sending me the link to your blog and thus giving me the opportunity to read your article, exactly when I needed somebody else’s encouragement and moral support.
    Yes, I KNOW that I can help people improve their lives and become the best versions of themselves, that’t why I’ve been training to become a life coach and trainer for the past year.
    I also KNOW that I have a great coaching program, but it is hard for me to make people understand what benefits it can bring them, and how useful my service would be to them.
    I have already encountered my first critics (I am sure there will be more), even if I haven’t even begun my work as a coach and trainer; I’m still advertising and promoting my products and seervices.
    So, thank you once again for making me regain my trust in my unique qualities and talents, and the hope that my ideal clients are on their way to me.
    All my best,
    Daniela- Romania

  47. I am really thankful Dr. Steve G Jones for those words they made a big impact on me, just at the right time. I believe so that I am in the right path.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you….. ☺☺☺☺☺☺

  48. Dr. Steve, I’m so very grateful to have found you. Thank you for the work that you do, which so empowers others to overcome obstacles and enables them to get beyond the negative thought patterns that we all may be prone to developing. Without our own knowledge, we often become our own saboteurs. You guide people to better their lives without spending thousands or hundreds of thousands on therapists over the course of many years. That is work worth doing. Thanks again.

  49. Thankyou for all your interesting courses and special offers…..I’m so pleased to have found your website….so grateful for all you do for us!

  50. Dr. Steve,

    Thank you and thank you for all that you do. I have gotten great results from listening to your hypnosis recordings. You have a very soothing voice.

    You are an inspiration!


  51. Thank you Dr.Steve G.Jones,

    You are amazing person and inspirational (very inspirational) person and I know that great things will happen to me this year…I can feel it. I have worked hard all these years and sacrificed many things for my daughter and me to have better life. However, I did graduate from Medical secretary school (6 months program) so it wasn’t easy to go to school and work early in the morning to finance myself through my education…I wish my parents were more supportive of me that just being critical of me no matter what I do. I (with my daughter, who is already 11 yrs. old., are still in my parent’s house and I have been divorced for 8 years now…I expected to be out on my own…I need help sometimes, yet I have hard time trusting people because of my past disappointments. I feel like I need to be hypnotized to be able to move on and not have past in my mind. I always pray that everything will be fine and asking God for help…though hasn’t happened yet!!! Your words are very helpful and I know I will do great…thank you!!!

  52. Perfect timing. Just what I needed to hear at this time in my life. Thankyou Steve

  53. Thank you so much, Steve! Your words of encouragement are much appreciated..i love your hypnosis sessions! Keep up the great work yourself!!

  54. Thank you Dr. Steve G Jones, for those words it is amazing time for me and this will help me to go on with life. Thank you so much.

  55. thank you, dear Dr Steve Jones , I hab amazing improvements with the hypnosis MP3s
    and now I will learn from You in your courses

  56. Thanks steve your words are tool to shape a person into diamond i really feel thankful .we cant see ourselves with our eyes but certainly few eyes make you realize who you really are ……..and your believe about your self is true .

  57. So profound!! To me you were in the room with me, speaking into my ear
    many blessings for all your help.

  58. Thank you Dr.steve
    I really needed to hear those words… you are right about everything
    That you said. I have more confidence now… I been listening to your
    Records for the last past week, there very relaxing and there working on my
    Subconscious… Ever morning I wake up feeling great sometimes I can’t wait until bed time
    Just so I can’t listen to your recording….
    Thank you again for believing in me 🙂

  59. Thank you for your powerfull thought! It makes my day !

  60. Thank you. We all need a good word. I Hope and belive that all will be goog.

  61. Thankyou Dr Steve, you are such an inspiration.
    I have been working on myself for many years & as I come across a product or tool that really helps me a lot, I pass it onto my loved ones if they are interested. I have to say though that your products namely the amazing mp3 meditations are helping me so much faster than any other previous product I have used. With the help of your mp3s my inner light is beginning to shine brighter & my energy getting lighter. So many thanks Dr Steve. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  62. thank u… 🙂
    love n light
    jay hos

  63. You do and don’t know it ,or realized it yet. This world is small and full of surprizes That 8s nice you are sharing some of your childhood me memories.Yet there is so much to get to know about 9nes self and our self fulfillment and mission in life. Yet I would like to know why you left the god ministry? Also what your present projects, like we’re are you teaching know?what do you call that feeling when you go somewhere and think I have been here before? I would like to know yes .A lot more.By the way can you hypnotized yourself?if so have you done it?

  64. Thank you dr Steve

  65. Thank you

  66. Thanks Steve…..right back atcha!! I have purchased a lot of your work, classes, MP3’s…..I’m an addict…..I can’t get enough of your work. You fill in all the blanks in full detail and leave no stone unturned!! It is such rich, experiential content. But most of all, I appreciate the underlying goodness in all that you teach and share. I am ever so grateful. Thank you for your exemplary way……it is helping me to be a better person in so many ways.

  67. First time I heard ur audio.It was awesome.Felt great after that.Thanks a lot.
    Abhishek Singh

  68. Thank you Dr. Steve for the encouraging words and inspiring products.
    They help me a lot. I feel that living more intensely.
    All good wishes to you and your family.
    Maricica – Romania

  69. Thank you – such thoughtful comments

  70. Thank you Dr.Steve G.Jones’s …..GODBLESS YOU ÄLWAYS

  71. Thanks Dr. Steve G. Jones!

  72. You’re so amazing, Steve. Those are my thoughts and I’m about bring it light soonest. Thanks

  73. Thank you Steve again for your sincere thoughts .Yes you are so right about me like as if you can read my thoughts.I will take your advise and strive for my goals as I’ve always wanted. My job I have taking care of elderly people as I am a care provider have been doing this for 15 yrs have my clients which I cannot see Steve she is my oldest sister of 86 yrs and her husband.I know that once they leave this forsakened world that I may start my journey and reach what my goals are. I expect to find a love of my own and show the love I have to prove to him I am worthy…also I know whith the special thoughts you have for me will help me to reach my goals..I want to thank you once again Steve for your interest and showing or giving me your knowledge thoughts I know with this I will reach the goals I am looking and what I am capable of…Would like to meet you one day of my life and express my gratitude to you you are an amazing and kindhearted person which this world needs more of…..thank you so much and please continue to send me your thoughts to help me continue…….sincerely yours.

  74. Hello,
    Thank you for sending me those warm words, you are right in each and every word. If you would ask me to tell those things about myself 2 years ago i would not of done it, today i do say that and i know that is ok to say it , to say what i am worth and today i am saying it. Yes i am a good and pure person as people are definding me, but i am the kind of person today that bealives that even one person can change the world forever…i did not think that in the past, so i am doing my best to change it to the better and i can say for noe anyway that it goes very well. I payed a very high price for being goid to everyone but myself and now i know how to do combine the “being good” with “not hurting myself” while doing it. Thank you for sending those besutiful things….for thinking of me as one that can reacive that.

  75. Thank you Dr Steve, you gave me so much. Lovely sentiments

  76. Thank you , and Well I am getting there !

  77. Hello Dr is great to know about such wonderful trainers like you.i bought a few hynosis of your and they are great.thanks a lot for your wonderful work.

  78. Thanks Dr Steve. ..I want to be like you …chaning people’s lives and touching their hearts.

  79. Thank you Dr. Steve. Blessings! 🙂

  80. you are the person I have ever discover, I saw all you tube recordings, help me a lot!
    Soon I will buy my Gemini CD
    thanks and you are very handsome from inside and outside!

  81. Always a pleasure to read from you and your inspiring attributes you delivered.
    Thanks Shirley
    From Australia.

  82. Thanks a lot Dr. Steve ! I am not very good at English, so I am afraid I could miss out some words/phrases during hypnosis session/instructions.

  83. Yes,Thank you so much Dr. steve G. jone. I’m from Ethiopia,where ever situation very worst both economically(under poverty 90%) and politically.I have similar back ground with you that mean I haven’t both mother and Father,they passed.Before i meet you always i saw dark,i after i meet you ,i see bright future,positive thinking,hope full, happy life ,believe,big dream,confidence and set min wealthiness,with out having nothing.

  84. Hi Dr Steve please read my email and add me in your Facebook page please
    Leila nice

  85. Well Steve !You muat have my book on my life thanks alot you are ao right . Tell me more.w

  86. Thanks for your message Steve g.

  87. Hi Steve, Liz in Australia, I don’t remember how I came across you but I am glad that I did. I like your work and love your story of you path to success, and what I also love is that you are willing to share that around with others trying to better themselves.I have started the 18 modules of Hypnosis and I am still trying to get my husband to (Scratch his Nose) LOL.
    Cheers Liz xx

  88. Thank you Steve

  89. Thank you for your words , are wonderful , thank you for your contribution to my evolution. The power of Life is inside of each of us , is true , having a lot of colours ….We offer so much and we still have to share ,so I thank YOU too !

  90. Om shanti!Dr Steve gjones. You are a soul with positivity. Have you heard about brahmakumaris,you suggest how to overcome the negativity in ones life,but this present world is in chaos,you can know about the history and geography of this world in brahmakumaris.please do make is all over the world,any place name it,free of cost. Om shanti

  91. Thank You Steve! This is a very kind and warm words are very inspiring. I have to use a translator to read and write English. But I read your posts every time because I find them very useful and interesting. Dr. Steve – you’re a genius. I admire you.

  92. This is uplifting story a enjoy ready it empowers me to make a differents in the world thsnks for sharing this with me you are amazing thank you

  93. Thank you. I honor you as well.

  94. I appreciate your perseverance/persistence Dr Steve but I will not part with even a single penny however hard you may try.I like to share good things with my contacts and expect same from them. Thanks once again for your emails.

  95. thank dr steve g jones that God love you accompany and illuminate your way, you are very special and nothing vay change that. I believe but powerful in a person and his heart, and you have a big heart thank you, adimiro you and respect you you are a great person I’m sure of it.

  96. I’ve enjoyed these glimpses into your life. They make you more human to me. I used your hypnosis for Fear of Flying recently, and I was amazed at how well it worked. I usually white knuckle the whole flight, but I was not afraid at all, even in rough air. Thanks!

  97. Thank you for those awesome words of encouragement

  98. thank you dr.steve for this pleasant day and encouragement,i am happy that ur sharing thoughts wth me,,as i start my day,thank u again

  99. Thank you Dr Steve, after recent events I was about to give up on people but that didn’t last long. I” just going to continue being me as it’s got me this far. I” not going to let anyone get me down any more and allow myself to be vulnerable ever again. I needed to toughen up a bit & learn whe to say no. Really appreciate your emails ot really helps keep me going 🙂

    Daisy Michelle Scarello x

  100. Thank you for that message dr Steve and we definitely haven’t met but one day I’d like to but I’m actually afraid to. I think you are amazing and you do so much good you inspire me to try to be better myself thank you

  101. you know Steve g hones .you know how i feel towards make me feel so comfortable with you.the way you describe me in your own make me feel emotional right now .i almost cry in tears.because the way you said thing about me is true.i am spiritual person down to earth.i am emotional person is true and also shy.thank you. you are my angels . i really care about you, and others Chantal constantineau.i am sending my loves to you.

  102. Thank you mt angel for your wise words
    I live you
    Norma poulin❤️

  103. Thank you so much my angel
    You helped me in so many ways and i thank you so much thats why i call you “my angel”.
    The other thing i wanted to tell you is : that i have been blocked in all of your websites and i dont know why. Can you please find out and let me know on my email? I can’t make any comments on your main web page and your personal website i sent you a friend request.
    I love you dr steve you are my angel❤️❤️
    Norma poulin

  104. Wow!! February 3rd is my birthday

  105. Thanks for your thoughts you shared Dr. Steve. I really enjoyed reading almost every single day. Am lucky tto be here. You are so great and thanks once again. Many more blessings and have a great day! Sincerely

  106. Thank you for everything

  107. Dr Steve: What a wonderful letter of encouragement. In these unbalanced times in the US, you help people to find the calm in things and ‘dont sweat the small stuff’ as was said in the 70’s. Thank you for your support. I wish you much continued success in all your endeavors.

  108. Thank you very much. I certainly am a fighter . You write so good. I feel really fantastic while reading this. Very nice to be one of your great admirers.

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