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Make It Cool To Be You

It’s cool to be me. It really is. I do fun things, I travel a lot, I’m usually in a really good mood and I have a lot of exciting friends. Does this mean I’m special? No, not at all. Does this mean that I have accomplished something that is difficult to accomplish? No, that’s not the case either.

The simple fact is that I have decided to live a life in which I am pursuing what I believe. I am following my dreams. I am tapping into my ambition and I am living my life on my own terms.

So if you’re reading this and thinking that you and I are different, I invite you to be cool like me – if that’s what you want. I remember when I was in college and I had a roommate named Jeff. Jeff told me that one day he realized that when he was at parties and drinking alcohol he was “excellent Jeff. ” To him, this meant he was a cool fun-loving guy, full of energy and very talkative and happy. It also meant that people wanted to be around him. He realize that normally, in his everyday life, he wasn’t “excellent Jeff.” Instead, he was what he called “ordinary Jeff.” That is, until the day he realized that he could be excellent Jeff in every situation.

From that moment on, he decided he would be cool, fun, talkative, happy, etc. in every situation in life. That made all the difference. From that moment of realization onward, he knew that it wasn’t alcohol or a party situation that was pulling out his “excellence,” but instead it was his decision in each moment to be “excellent.” He also realize that he could make that choice at any moment in his life without a crowd around him and without alcohol.

You can decide how you want to be. Although you may think certain situations or substances make this possible, it’s really not about that. It’s about you and your decisions in each moment.

How about deciding to be the excellent version of yourself in every situation? How about deciding to live a cool, fun, adventurous and awesome life? How about realizing right now and in every moment of your life from now on how absolutely amazing, beautiful and awesome you really are?

When you do that, you realize that it really is cool to be you. People are going to wonder how you became so cool and amazing. They are going to want to associate with you. You’re going to have more friends than you ever imagined possible. And all this is because you decided to believe in yourself and believe in your ability to be the cool and excellent version of yourself all the time!

Stay cool and have an outstanding day!

Dr. Steve

2 thoughts on “Make It Cool To Be You

  1. Living each moment to be the best u can under any circumstance. Loving yourself enough to learn and grow and take chances even if u fail. Life is hard sometimes choose to move forward no matter how hard it is.

  2. Любые достижения в жизни требуют таланта. Но в большей мере адского труда, упорства и верности поставленной цели. Меня всегда восхищали врачи, спортсмены, люди творческих профессий, танцовщики, цирковые артисты. Я всегда понимала, что иногда человека не хватает на то, чтобы быть милым, пушистым и, как Вы говорите, прохладным…Нужно быть снисходительными к нервным срывам, некоторым слабостям человека неординарного. Не со всеми выводами я согласна, но это нормально. Нет же в мире абсолютной истины…

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