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Managing ADHD with Hypnosis

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, more commonly referred to as ADHD, is a disorder that typically begins in childhood. It causes a limited attention span, and it comes with bouts of hyperactivity. Unfortunately, researchers have not determined the origin of the disorder, which means there is not an official cure, though certain types of medication help reduce the symptoms. That said, many parents express concern about giving their children mind-altering drugs, and they seek alternative options instead.

Hypnosis is one such alternative. According to L.I. Sugarman, a research professor and pediatrician at the Rochester Institute of Technology, hypnotherapy is most effective when combined with other treatment options, but it does show therapeutic efficacy with several ADHD associated symptoms. Children are much more open to suggestion than adults because their conscious mind has not yet developed strong barriers. This allows a hypnotherapist to deliver positive suggestions to help children overcome many of the negative side effects of ADHD.

If your child suffers from ADHD, you may already be familiar with the negative side effects: low self-esteem, sleep difficulties, outbursts and ticks, troubled relationships, and difficulties in school being the most common. Hypnosis allows children to gain a sense of control over their emotions, it helps them build their self-esteem and confidence, and it reduces stress. Building a child’s self-esteem and confidence is key in helping them overcome many of the challenges they face when they have ADHD. It allows them to face those challenges head on because they know they can overcome them. Hypnosis does this by bridging the gap between a child’s imagination and therapeutic change. Reducing stress helps children sleep better and leads to fewer outbursts.

By incorporating hypnosis into your child’s therapy for ADHD, you’ll help them find relief from several of the negative effects associated with the disorder. Please note that hypnosis should be included with other modalities of therapy, and it is important that you speak with your child’s primary care physician before beginning any new treatments.

Dr. Steve

*Note: If you or your child has ADD/ADHD, you should seek help from a medical doctor. The information provided in this post is meant to offer support along with your doctor’s guidance.

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