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Positive Exposure

Words are everything. With words we can declare war, propose to a loved one, or deliver a heart-felt sermon. Words move nations. The holy writings of the world are words. All the textbooks you have ever read are words. Your computer monitor displays words. Words are everywhere, they surround us. We use words to communicate with ourselves and others. Words can motivate us, “One Nation, Under God…” or can bring us down, “Today President Kennedy was shot…”

Since words are such a large part of our lives and have a profound effect on us, it is important that we surround ourselves with positive words. This will uplift us and help us do our best.

Negative words, whether spoken or written, are dangerous. When we talk to ourselves, or about ourselves, we should make sure that our talk is positive. For example, many people say things such as, “My life is going nowhere, I’m broke, I have no opportunities…” To them, it may seem as if they are simply reporting the facts, making an observation, or stating the obvious.

When we say things about ourselves, those things are registered as fact by our subconscious mind. Whether or not they are valid is irrelevant. The subconscious mind does not know the difference between fact and fiction, right and wrong, or good and bad. It simply stores data like a computer.

Therefore, when we say negative things about ourselves, those things tend to come true. We can program ourselves for failure. BUT, since saying positive things about ourselves has the opposite effect, we can also program ourselves for success. So, a more productive approach to living would be to say positive things about ourselves.

I often tell clients, “You can use hypnosis every night as you go to sleep, but what is MUCH more important is how you talk to yourself during the waking hours of your day.”

You must talk positively about your present, your future, and yourself. We all accidentally say unproductive things about ourselves, but we must catch ourselves and re-word those phrases into something positive. We should also be careful of WHO we surround ourselves with. Are there people in your life who bring you down? Who don’t believe in your potential? Who consistently talk you out of reaching higher? Who want you to “play it safe for your own good”? Exposure to those people needs to be minimized or eliminated. Avoid negative people and negative conversations and you will soon find your mind drifting toward positive ideas.

Now, if you really want to master this positive exposure concept, you can even control what you watch on TV, listen to on the radio, and read in the paper. You must become picky about who you allow to put information in your head. Find a good source of information and even then limit your exposure to it. So much of our negative programming comes to us through the media. We passively watch and listen, but our subconscious mind records everything.

I rarely watch television, but I was watching TV recently at a gym. I discovered that the networks have managed to train people to have anxiety on cue. I believe the Pavlovian-style stimuli were called level yellow, level red, etc. The TV now tells us how anxious we should be based on information that we cannot verify. How interesting…a box can ruin our day and cause us to think negatively about our lives and our possibilities. My advice is to control the box. We are certainly more mentally powerful than a box.

Newspapers accomplish the same goal, raising our anxiety level, by displaying tragedy as headline news. What about all the people who had a wonderful time on the beach in Santa Monica today? Why isn’t that on the front page? What about the flower in a vase on the windowsill of a beautiful house? Why isn’t that on the cover of the LA times as the lead story? Does that sound absurd to you? That a flower would be the headline news? Who would buy a paper like that? Maybe a handful of people. Not many.

We have been programmed to feed on all of the anxiety offered by the media. People start to look forward to the next anxiety- generating story…someone was shot, someone stole something, some group of angry people is hurting another group of people…and on and on it goes…this steady diet of anxiety. Take control of what goes in your head.

I am not suggesting that we ignore the challenges of the world. There are real situations going on which need our attention. I am simply suggesting that we find ways to protect ourselves from the constant barrage of negativity being aimed at us. The information is often valid, but packaged in a very harmful way. When we take responsibility for what goes in our heads, we can truly begin to live powerfully.

In an airplane the flight attendant will tell you to put your oxygen mask on first, before helping others. I am suggesting the same. Clear your mind of all the rubbish being aimed at it, by yourself and others, and then you will be better able to live your life on your terms and help others.

Until next time,

Keep moving forward!

Dr. Steve

34 thoughts on “Positive Exposure

  1. This is just what I was looking for when I requested feedback from you about my magic shows. When I said about the wordings etc. Thank you for sharing this insightful newsletter I look forwards to reading more from you.

    Until next time, take care!

    1. I am totally agree!!! Greetings from Ensenada México!

    2. How VERY True. I DON’T watch much television as I find a LOT OF NEGATIVITY on it. I’m not too keen on murder mysteries either for the same reason! How CAN we remain posistive when we watch such NEGATIVE things?!!!!

  2. oh so true in the beginin was the word and the word was made real ? the book of absolute word of god who says kill all who honor another god or else suffer fire without love ever obey and take seventy some virgins ahha right on reverend 😉 no and not means yes and do to the subconscious motivator butt what if the mind is a tool of spirit connecting with the physical body paradise on earth;) could be maybe aloha

  3. subconscious disregard all input contrary to chosen goal self whole present vibratin love shield earth self:) maybe hugs

  4. Thank you Dr. Steve, your insght is amazing and wonderful!

  5. Hi Dr. Steve
    Thank you for this positive exposure .
    The foto is fantastic with you two .What beautiful times …The light ,the future vision ,the summer …wonderful .
    Please ,do this again because the energy from this is …fantastic .
    How happy was Steve there …indeed .
    For happy times and future times full of positive exposure …

  6. It is Amazing,thanks Dr.Steve.

  7. Very positive your text, Dr.Steve.
    We should seek to guard our words and actions.
    And so we walk live and learn.

    Who is the little boy? ….rsrsrsrsrs….

  8. very true Dr Steve. I never read the newspapers or watch the T V or listen to the radio only occasionally but hardly have it on for the news. great article i will share this on my face book fan page and on my other social media pages. thanks for a great article.

  9. Yes i really agree with you. I think someone should build a new positive media that only blow up a positive news. And that is will be me…Does anyone?

  10. Oh so very true! There is an unbelievable amount of negativity and angst ridden media produced at this time in our history. We are, at every turn, seemingly bombarded by negativity and unconscious programming along with the persuasion to buy buy buy (so one could save himself five minutes of labor with the latest gadget of 19.99 – all in favor of watching more television and thus unwittingly enduring more programming). For many years now I have avoided the television and its programming like the plague! I must say my pineal gland is much more clear and active and I don’t have to be a part of that morphogenic field of anxiety, fear, and constant coercion. In my opinion television does more harm than good these days. It’s most definitely used as a tool to control the masses on a subconscious level! Imagine the powerfully positive change you could experience once you liberate your subconscious and only put in positive – control your own programming! As Dr. Jones’ father empowered him with the message of reaching up and grabbing a star – empower yourself in the same way! It’s time to put on that oxygen mask and grab hold of a star! Good luck and Godspeed, our future depends on positive personal power! ❤

  11. That is very true…It’s hard to watch an evening of sad news and then go to bed and try to not think about it. But I do think we all should be aware of what is happing in our own country and around the world so we can vote for the right people and teach our kids what we can do to take care of important issues.
    Dr. Jones, you seem to have a very careing father who showed you things to be very proud of in our country. Thank you for your news letter. Nancy E Smith

  12. Whilst we all understand what we must do and that is think mainly positive talk to our ourselves, but how can one do this as unfortunately we also have the negative chatter happening in our waking state, more so than the positive talk, why is it that our thoughts are mainly negative. Apart from what you have stated, TV, media and those who you surround yourself with, do we have to live in a cocoon to be really happy. What is the answer here, and why is it like this in our world and makeup.
    Is it possible to have a balanced thinking style or is it against our makeup, how do we control, monitor our thoughts more effectively. I am keen to find the answer to this as mostly we are treating the system but not able to find the cure, so we meditate, use methods by way of CDs to think positive that address the subconscious/conscious mind, see a therapists and so on…
    This I believe is what is puzzling most people these days as we continue to move to new age learning. I would be interested in what your thoughts are on this
    Thank you for your emails they are very encouraging and insightful

  13. Thanks Steve,

    Your article is valuable reminder to everyone. For a taste of some more good, positive material, people might like to direct their TV device to see “Rocket City Rednecks”- actual PhD holding scientists from NASA and associated contractors set good examples by trying to figure out worthwhile projects to attempt and achieve. – They showed some very inexpensive and immediately usable ways to make vehicles safe from explosive devices (like IEDs) – in response to news of disabling harm to U.S. soldiers. They have great fun doing it and sharing it.


  14. I read this & it make me feel so much better! I have family, friends & associates treating me as if Im strange for not being interested in the media. It is all depressing & wastes my important reflection time on subjects that don’t really concern me! I say to them if you cut out as much media as possible then you find yourself seeing beauty in the simplest things in life! (E.G: sunsets, small kind gestures by other people & the rest of the world outside the box!) Life is Great don’t waste it being told what to do by the Idiot box! Go for a walk, write a story or piece of music or interact with other people more & always think of a more positive way of looking @ life & it gets so much better!
    P.S Thanks for all the Meditation/Hypnosis recordings you have done Steve since I have listened to them over the last 6 months I have changed my life : Been to night classes, Passed a lifeguard exam, got over my addiction to Painkillers, started University & built up the confidence to speak to a woman who I have always been attracted to!



  15. Dear Dr Steve,

    Thanks for the quality information and offers.

    Best wishes


  16. I enjoyed your constructive letter. It made me think of the law of attraction that I was introduced to a few years ago by Esther Hicks/Abraham( Listen to the messages in the silence & what you need will be sent to you. May light & love surround you & protect you always, MaryAnne Bennett,Bangor,Maine

  17. Hi Steve,
    Though I appreciate all these, many times, its not so easy to shift gears as we talk.
    For ex : When someone is financially drained, and has taken money from few people just to balance things to an extent, and does not have any income as such, how can he/she say everything is fine when the money lender asks ?? In case they say that, then lender will think that they have enough finances but playing some game and might start abusing them or whatever. This in turn will put them under more pressure. Suppose they say they dont have any income, then as per the LoA may be things go from bad to worst . Though I agree and appreciate all those wonderful things that might happen for a positive person , practically, I am yet to see it working to the extent I think it works. I want to be honest with u in this and being a healer myself, I have faced enough hurdles practicing some of these techniques and still not found reasonably acceptable answers.

    1. I think gratitude and a sense of purpose play a very important part here. While it is true that we can’t always be upbeat because of life’s many challenges, having a positive mindset coupled with proactivity could help us see life in a different light. I’m always reminded by Viktor Frankl, who was able to survive the death camps because of his determination to find meaning to his existence. And there’s that wonderful Italian film, It’s a Beautiful Life, where a father uses humour and his creative mind to help his son cope with internment. When words aren’t enough, finding comfort in those that inspire us, as Dr Steve suggested, is another alternative. The Danes are great at finding joy in small things, hygge, which is probably why they they’re always on the top 5 of the happiest countries on the planet.

  18. Thanks so much for the validation around limiting our exposure to the “barrage.” I’ve done just that for the past 12 years since my son was born, which was immediately followed by a personal crisis. I followed how I felt when exposed to too much incoming, particularly of that negative and anxiety-producing variety that we find in the media. So, I don’t watch much TV – maybe something once a month or so — and don’t read the paper. It’s just not helpful for me at this time in my life. I find that I’m informed enough just through hearsay and the snippets I hear on NPR on the radio every day. What IS helpful is having a lot of alone time (lucky enough to work at home too) and surrounding myself with what I like to call my “metaphysical posse” and Spiritual GO (generalized other), focusing on the positive and what I do want in life, and your blogs and recordings are a big part of that lately. I’ve felt a bit guilty in the past about not being informed enough, coming across to others as uninformed at best and/or fragile or hypersensitive at worst, yet I know that I’m much happier when I’m giving myself lots of “positive exposure” vs. keeping myself plugged into anxiety mode 24/7 and that this is right for me. Thank you!

  19. Yes words are very powerful tools. We should always speak with great awareness. Often, but not succeed. When I am mad at my child, then I talk unaware. If a friend always makes the same mistakes, then I do not speak deliberately. Good and always speak good words, is a very high fully conscious. Sometimes I want to talk at all. Then I think, shame about every valuable word. Thank you for this post and a beautiful new week 🙂

  20. These are excellent points and important reminders. We teach others how to treat us and how we are treated can become a mental script. Sometimes, there are tough choices to make. Thank you for your supportive thoughts.

  21. you are awesome men with passion of love i like that in a are special person i admirer you so do understand me .my mind and soul..thank you to send picture on my timeline.i really appreciated .have a nice day.of father day.from your friend chantal constantineau.chow

  22. Thank you for your teaching, but I have some observations in your reality . Always will be something good and something bad in our environment , it is inevitable. We will meet good people, but also we will be in an environment, where there are negative thoughts. You can not say : “Many people say things such as, “My life is going nowhere, I’m broke, I have no opportunities…” . Look around how are many smiling faces, as the expressions of joy, love, curiosity, the desire to improve… and, maybe, only one face is grim, which in the future will change. We choose what we want to see on TV or to read in the newspaper, magazine, for example : about flowers, about visits, about interesting people, interesting stories about various delicious food dishes, about the music, about art, about children, about our pets and so-on… You bias us that we only are interested in what is negative. But it is not so! We often think that the world is beautiful when we look up into the sky, into the stars, into the sea, into the clouds or… to loved eyes!

  23. Thank You Dr. Steve! I try as often as possible to think positively. Psychology….

  24. Thank you Steve for your dedication to not teach and sell one product (albeit a great one), but to truly promote a balanced approach on how to rewire and restructure our brains and thusly our lives. I’m so fortunate to have some great teachers in my life, and I consider you one of them even though I only know you through your work. You all remind me daily of the immense power of my thoughts, words and intentions. Thanks ever so much.

  25. This reminds me of something someone posted on Facebook(not sure of the source). It said that our language, or words, called “spelling”, is exactly that. Spelling. Words have power. That is why when talking to someone, think before you say something. I know someone who doesn’t think before they speak, and they say hurtful things(maybe even unbeknownst to them). Once something is said, it is taken in by that other person, and can greatly influence them. And words can’t be taken away. I have to practice more of saying positive things regarding maybe how I feel, or regarding a traumatic memory. Words and thoughts have energy. We should give ourselves and others, the most positive energy and words we can. I love words in general, and the English language. How a group of words can flow together, tell a story, or even create poetry. Can you tell I’m a writer?

  26. Thanks Steve! I have shared this on my blog with the hope that it will reach and help others. 🙂

  27. RU Добрый вечер,доктор Стив ! Вы правы…слова невидимый воздух,вода-мы ими ,,дышим,впитываем…слово может лечить,убивать.Странно одно..почему мы можем годами помнить одну фразу,забыв много других слов?Почему мы зомбируемся(прочитав гороскоп,услышав негатив ?Почему мы верим словам ,а не делам? Можно говорить приятные ,красивые слова-но если в них нет настоящего чувства,души-почему мы все равно верим в сказанное ? А еще я мечтаю стать вашим другом 🙂

  28. Om shanti,hello Dr Steve. Myself from Bhutan. Your lines are perfect,you know something,your suggestion is so much like the one we learn at brahmakumaris center.I am talking about this post. Please make visit to brahmakumaris center,you will love it

  29. You’re a brilliant man. God Bless, Vivian

  30. September 13, 2016

    You and your Dad had a wonderful Father and son relationship, esp. during your childhood days. He left a positive imprint on you that somehow pushed you to be the Best in everything…like Forrest Gump. Your life is a great Inspiration.
    Thank you for the videos you share with us and the lessons we learn.
    God bless and keep you in His loving care.

  31. Great one, thank you Dr. Steve is another momentum thoughs . As I shared in previously because of the place am in past and at present, I was kind of strictly in my past that need to followed the standard both at home and work. Its more like home work home daily routine 5days a week. I have a curfew so rarely to have friends except my team member at work invited them in our place cooked for dinner and have fun with our Arabic Spanish English dance Music. ,My friends team knew me am strictly enough at work followed the standard straight forward no harsh words to used during coaching, I lead my team as example, helping them out of their personal problems if I can do something or just give an advice. Yes I helped them in different occasions and situations. When my friends team entered to our house, they never expected how I treated them equaly with open arms and hospitality is one of my culture that till now is inside me where ever place I go. Currently, am now more explorer which I never have done before, I managed my own time, nobodys telling me to do the task. Now am a taskmaster of myself. I endured my past he taught me to be more stronger woman, learned from mistakes, forgive and pray those people whom put me down. God is a center piece of all my life no matter what I do and ahead of days to come. Am so greatful having to be sharing in your blog website and I loved it. God bless you more. Hopefully , my next destination is to explore the USA land. Driving along the coast.

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