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Powerful Advice on Relationships

Let’s focus on relationships.

Whatever your situation is, you can probably answer yes to at least one of the above questions.

As humans, we desire understanding, warmth, and compassion. Often we seek this in another. Ideally, this is a wonderful experience.

Difficulties sometimes occur when we find ourselves in a relationship or looking for a relationship to fill a lack in ourselves.

It is common for people to be attracted to what they lack. There is nothing wrong with this attraction. Problems arise, however, when the lack is related to self-esteem.

If we lack self-esteem and look for it in another, we are looking for trouble. You’ve seen it…the man or woman who feels inadequate and draws to him or her a person who will make him/her feel complete. We need to first feel that completeness in ourselves, and then share it with another. This avoids the whole realm of problems that arise from “clingy” partners who never seem to live their own lives. We can either be one or be with one. Both of these situations are potentially crippling.

“So, knowledgeable Dr. Steve G. Jones, what is the answer?”… You may be asking by now.

The answer, like all good answers, is simple. Be yourself. Simple yet powerful advice. What I mean by this is you should accept who you are, decide where you WANT to go in life, and live an intentional life that fully embraces you and your chosen direction.

Stop reading for a moment and take a look around.

Go ahead…look around the room you are in.

What did you see?

Whatever it was, you created it. You are the author of your life. You made all this happen. You are the artist. Did you like what you saw? If so, good. If not, I give you permission to change it…all of it…to re-write it from the ground up starting today. To live a life worthy of YOU and your dreams.

Now, think about your present or last relationship. Is/was it something that you are proud of and happy with? Are you taking more than you give? Are you giving more than you take? Are you being a crutch for someone? Is someone being a crutch for you?

These questions aren’t always easy to answer, but answering them can give you a new sense of freedom, determination, and purpose. Let’s focus on you now. I had you do that exercise so that you could get a picture of what is going on in your life. YOU are the only person you can ever change, so let’s get really focused on YOU right now.

Do you need more confidence? More feelings of self- worth? A new relationship that works for you? Do you need to stop attracting to you partners which are toxic? If not, that is wonderful and I applaud you. If so, you can greatly benefit from the suggestions I am about to make.

Try this simple exercise:

Make a recording for yourself. The recording should have a few minutes of you telling yourself to relax, and then the following:

“I give myself permission to be myself. Everything about me is fine…the way I look, the clothes I wear, (fill in other details about yourself here). These things contribute to making me a wonderful and powerfully unique person. From now on, I will fully embrace my power and live the life I choose to live. By doing so, I will draw to me that special person who honors me for who I am. I am a complete person. I allow complete people into my life. I help others by helping myself…by being the best person I can be. I also help people by honoring myself…by accepting only light and love into my life. I am fully determined to move forward with all of my dreams and live as an example of what others can be. I am kind to myself. My life is an exciting adventure which I will share with another self-realized person like myself.”

Next, I suggest that you play this mp3 for yourself each night as you go to sleep for 21 nights. This will really let those suggestions get into your subconscious mind…permanently.

Keep moving forward!

Dr. Steve

22 thoughts on “Powerful Advice on Relationships

  1. Thank you, Steve, for the wise reminders that looking for someone to complete us is actually a brainwashing we have all been exposed to. The truth is to allow our own completeness from within to be expressed and this way we benefit ourselves, our relationships with ourselves and anyone else for the highest good of all.

    Dr.Venus 🙂

  2. Hi,

    It is very good of you to share your powerful advice above with us. I will certainly make an audio and follow your instructions. I have great faith in you and your expertise Dr Steve. Many thank you’s!

  3. I appreciate this helpful information. Its things like this that make you stand out as one who truly cares about those things people are going through. What a relief to have.

  4. Steve,

    I have a relationship with a wonderfully emotional woman. She is a school teacher and has “many” negative influences surrounding her each day. I feel that she is not growing as a person and have and do try to help her out of that seemingly eternal circular spiral of negative flow? What more can I do for her? How do I influence someone who is caught is a cycle of despair?

    Thank you for your help!


  6. What a gift of love you generously bestow on the universe!

  7. thank you steve g jones for your picture of basketball

  8. Dear Steve,
    That is the best advice , gift one human being, can give to another.
    I hope / wish for you a life that fully embraces you

  9. Steve deserves the noble prize for his hard work and effort to humanity he is a top guy.

    Thanks for being an inspiration in my life and a great role model.


  10. Danke Dr. Steve für den guten Rat. Er brachte mich zu der Erkenntnis: ich bin mit meinem Leben und meiner Beziehung , so wie es jetzt ist völlig zufrieden, obwohl ich kein leichtes Leben hatte und durch den Tod meines Sohnes, Trauer, Krankheiten und viele Operationen mir oft nicht zum Lachen war. Das Leben hat mich stark und selbstbewusst gemacht, sonst würde ich Ihnen nicht immer wieder schreiben.

  11. Danke Dr. Steve für den guten Rat. Er brachte mich zu der Erkenntnis: ich bin mit meinem Leben und meiner Beziehung , so wie es jetzt ist völlig zufrieden, obwohl ich kein leichtes Leben hatte und durch den Tod meines Sohnes, Trauer, Krankheiten und viele Operationen mir oft nicht zum Lachen war. Das Leben hat mich stark und selbstbewusst gemacht, sonst würde ich Ihnen nicht immer wieder schreiben.

  12. Vous etes en train de se concentrée dans un !
    Pour finalement attendre l’objetif numĂ©ro un
    Pourvu que L’objectivitĂ©e Adqueris est obtennu laissez-vous
    allez votre immaginations se concretisées
    En tout cas c’est mes souhaits personnelles!
    Sy on le realisent c’est parce que c’est mĂ©ritĂ©e…

  13. Hi Steve,
    Do you have this is a recording with music in the background to purchase?
    I purchased a lot of your recordings, subliminal, binary, gold, platinum etc.
    Very great effective stuff!


  14. Wow, I just started a book on relationships. You really gave me some more ideas. Thanks

  15. thank you again for some more great suggestions to be a better me
    cheers Dave

  16. You always seem to know so much about me, it’s kinda scary. How do you do that? I feel like we know each other?
    Oh yeah by the way I saw you working out again and you really have nice legs,
    and I want to know what you are looking at in that picture

  17. You kinda scary me, knowing things about me that no one else knows, EEKS!!!
    How do you do that? Do I know you?
    I saw your picture on Facebook today, working out with the ball, man you have pretty legs, and what’s so fascinating on the ceiling?

  18. Thanks Dr Steve for reminding me to live the way I actually live.

  19. I have worked so much on myself til it has took my eyes away from wandering. Fate is fate if I am meant to be in a relationship then it will happen if not I’am okay with that too. I don’t want to change anyone nor do I want anyone changing me. I am at a place in my life where I love me and God and life. If I meet someone I want to be a positive in their life and I want the same from them. Loving life as one but adding to each other’s good qualities and making a life that loves from every angle sharing compassion and helping others see the light alone life’s journey. You are so right in all you wrote we all have been broken at some point in our life’s we rebound relationships to cover the pain which is usually unhealthy relationships, etc. I have be been single 12 years because I had to find me I lost me while working, being a caregiver, mom, breadwinner, student, etc., and who I was. and what I wanted out of life. I hate clinky people and I’m very outgoing and love people and love helping sharing through my testimony. I have dreams but I realize there is steps to achieve them and I will do that one day at a time.

  20. We are indepents but we need the other person ever and we will be perfect one.

    Love is one about two

  21. I just read it.
    I liked it very much.
    I think that it,will help people a lot if can be applied perfectly.

  22. Dr SteveI I really like your advice. It is good to read and it will certainly help me in my future. Thank you very much.

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