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Secondhand Words

We hear a lot about the dangers of secondhand smoke. These dangers are real. However, secondhand words can be just as destructive.

I’m referring to the negative words we hear at work, at home, on TV, etc. The words which are spoken, not necessarily to you, which lodge themselves in our subconscious mind just like secondhand smoke lodges itself in your lungs. The damage is not obvious at first, but with repeated exposure over time, these toxic words do serious damage.

Here are some examples of toxic word phrases:

Again, these words may not even be spoken TO you, but if you are exposed to them regularly, they will affect you.

Do you hang out at work with people who don’t really believe in their possibilities? You know the type. They get together to talk about how bad the job is and how pointless life is, etc. I’m certainly in favor of having compassion for fellow humans, but make sure you don’t get dragged down into the pit.

The best way to help someone out of a pit of despair is to make sure both of your feet are firmly planted on the ground and then you can pull them out safely. If you get down in the pit with them, who is going to help YOU? It’s YOUR job to help yourself, so take this job seriously. Keep your “subconscious lungs” clean, healthy, and fully-functioning.

So, how do we do this? By avoiding exposure to people who dwell on the negative. By filling our minds with positive phrases. By seeking associations with those who already believe in themselves and their possibilities.

Are you ready to clear those “lungs” right NOW? I have dedicated my life to developing hypnosis products and services which remind you of the passion and determination you naturally have to move forward with your goals quickly and easily. I want you to move in a straight line directly toward your goal. Without the smoky haze of negative thoughts.

I’ll see you at the top!

Dr. Steve

7 thoughts on “Secondhand Words

  1. Thank you for your wise words. This is so true and is something I don’t believe I was aware of.

  2. I couldn’t agree more, but, what do you do when you live with 3 people who are so depressed and always saying statements like above? I ask them to please not speak when they are spewing garbage because it’s so damaging, but they continue. I leave to escape from going down that road with them.

    I’ve bought them the hypnosis sessions for depression, stress and all others they requested, now it’s up to them if they choose to take this path. I will use them.

  3. THanks. I have always been aware of what other people say after I was deeply affected by a mother yelling at her son 1 day. THanks for the advice on how to stay clean in a toxic environment!

  4. Clear imagery using 2nd hand smoke to link 2nd hand words!

  5. Yes-this is such an important issue to be aware of. I heard since the last 10 years from my husband that life would get difficult and harder with the years because of the crisis which is waiting round the corner. Indeed it caused a lot of damage to me with deep fears inside.
    Now I decided to believe in the positive things that are possible – to change my life completely to clear my mind, and the first wonderful gift I got on this road was to find your amazing hypnosis recordings. Thank you for doing this great work, I appreciate it so much!

  6. I needed to hear this today. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Wow!!!!! I feel, am so lucky that i got a person like you. I really so much happy and thousand and thousand thanks is not sufficent for this. Thank you so much, thank you, thank you.

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Get regular information on hypnosis and general self-improvement, starting with your FREE Unlimited Wealth HYPNOSIS MP3 today.