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Sing Along

I was recently singing the words to a favorite song of mine when it came on the radio. I caught myself singing the words, “I’m a loser baby, so why don’t you kill me.” It suddenly occurred to me that this was not the best thing for me to sing. I began to think about all of the words to various songs, which I sing without thinking about the words I’m singing.

How often do we just sing along to songs and not think about the words? Are you aware that when we say or sing words, this is a form of self-hypnosis? It would be more helpful and powerful for us to think about what we sing and say. Once we do this, we can begin to CHOOSE what we sing along to and say to ourselves, and therefore how we program ourselves.

We begin to take control of our lives the moment we take RESPONSIBILITY for what we do. Think about that for a moment. Do you really want to be at the mercy of the moods and concepts presented to you by your radio? Do you really want to feel like a “loser.” I know, you like the way the song sounds. And it can be fun to pretend for moment that you are in the songwriter’s shoes. But the truth is that there is a cumulative effect to listening to negative words. You developed an entire library in your subconscious mind of disempowering phrases that play over and over throughout your day.

I’m always amazed by people who say “I can’t be hypnotized” or “I don’t believe in that crap” yet they have a hypnotic library in their heads which plays throughout the day and programs them to be “losers,” etc. These people are already in hypnosis and every time they sing along to a “cool song” with negative wording, they reinforce this.

So, as an intelligent reader, I invite you to quit doing what your radio tells you to do. I invite you to no longer be at the mercy of what a DJ wants you to hear. From now on, think of your mind like an all-request show on the radio. YOU are the only caller, so the radio station only plays songs you want to hear. If you hear a disempowering song, in your head or on the radio, turn he station. Yes, I know, those sad songs about down-an-out people sound sooooo good, but you know what sounds even better? – Living life on YOUR terms with YOUR ideas, and achieving all of YOUR goals.

This is a challenging one for sure – letting go of all that “good” music. But modern culture has lured you into disempowerment like the pied piper.

Perhaps you’re thinking, “Hey, Dr. Steve, it’s nice to hear a sad song when you’re sad because then you know someone else has been there and that gives you comfort.” Yes, I completely agree. There are countless songs that were written by people who felt bad and then offered a positive solution. The song “Love Will Come Again” comes to mind. Here is a song that starts out talking about how sad one can be after ending a relationship. But then it clearly and positively states, “Love will come again.” There is no telling how many lives this song has potentially saved with its words of hope and wisdom. Many songs, however, do not do this. They simply leave you hanging, or, in some cases, offer terrible solutions.

Take charge of your life! Live it on YOUR terms, refuse to be at the mercy of others. Think your own thoughts. BE POWERFUL! Stop simply singing along. Instead, live an intelligent life that moves you toward your goals.

I want you to be successful.

Take your life to the next level!

To a wonderful day!

Dr. Steve

53 thoughts on “Sing Along

  1. Darn it…
    You’re right AGAIN ! 🙂


    1. Very true! I totally agree! Someone I once knew used to say all the time, “garbage in…garbage out”, meaning that what you put in your mind must come out in some form or fashion and can reflect in your life.

      1. Right! But I feel the sad songs are like a carefree refreshing sleep, which we badly desire, when things go out of our control & cause helpless frustration.

    2. действительно, все верно… как это мне в голову не приходило….??? 7 месяцев назад умер мой муж , а я до сих пор в депрессии … Он был певцом…Я слушаю его песни …они все о нас с ним…о нем…о его жизни… Пора с этим покончить…начать новую жизнь !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Randy Gage spoke about that a number of times on this topic, when you pay attention to it, a huge portion of song lyrics have some type of negative programming in them.

  3. I’m making my own lyrics to a popular tune right now! Any time I catch a time stuck in my head I’m gonna revert to my song thanks for the great idea

  4. Most of the songs that I sing are fun. Like the one from Guys and Dolls the musical.
    I love you, a bushel and a peck, a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck………
    The Golden girls “Thank you for being a friend.”
    Songs like this always cheer me up. Also around Christmas I am always humming or singing Christmas carols. LOL
    Hope everyone is having a great day and stay happy.

    1. Ditto ! great feel good songs!

  5. I believe this wholeheartedly and this is a simple and easily remedied thing to do for
    myself however how would you recommend teaching kids especially teenagers to embrace this concept?

  6. I only buy music that is mostly positive. It does make a big difference.

    I really appreciate the work you’re doing Steve. You don’t know how many people you may have saved “from the bridge”.

  7. Thanks Steve, you are absolutely wright!
    Eventhough we know this, we seem quite often to forget about this fact.
    So thanks for bringing my awareness to this topic again!
    Love & Light from Germany

  8. Its a motivating read Steve, with a helpful
    perspective, thanks! Jane

  9. Dr.Steve,

    There are musics and there are songs …
    I hear beautiful musics, beautiful orchestras that are not songs, they are musics!
    And I hear beautiful songs, songs that sometimes has much musics too …

    I understand what you mean, because I know that there are subliminal songs that can make you sad, or very euphoric, depending on the occasion.
    But for every time there is a kind of music.

    Grateful for the charming and illuminating text written by you.

  10. That’s the very reason why I write the music/lyrics that I do. I’m a singer/songwriter who only writes lyrics that are positive, empowering and inspirational! Thanks for sharing Steve! Love this!!!

  11. Hello Dr.Steve and I thank you for this beautiful e-mail ! Great very good song ! Personally I don’ sing such songs that I’m opera singer (coloratura soprano) I have much to do in the opera theater when I get home I want to relax !!! But I hear much other music pop and, jazz and this song I’ve heard ! Very beautiful music with much feeling I liked it very well ! Super! you have a very good savor ! excellent , brilliant !! You are highly musical ! Let you compose and sing something I want to hear you sing……..!! Love !

  12. Thanks for your suggestions and insights. I agree absolutely! It’s probably the main reason I listen to instrumental music, mostly, even though I am a singer and love many styles of music.

    I have always felt that music has a profound influence on us, especially when we are not mindful of lyrics, which us usually the case when we have it playing for “background.” I have never been a fan of listening to music on the radio (unless it was “Saturday at the Met” during homework breaks while I was at university).

  13. I totally agree. Singing along to a song and not even realising u did it basically becomes kind of a script of a hypnosis recording. The thing to think about is “don’t even turn the volume down” (I would say). Turn it off instead. Turning the volume down will turn the whole thing into a Subliminal message. Which is something u cannot hear. But your subconscious mind will still pick it up!!

  14. Songs with beautiful, inspirational and positive words leave you inspired and motivated. Also you get happiness and joy. Steve, your email confirms my belief and experience. Raj

  15. Oh yes, I have experienced and been aware of the negative wording for sometime now. Although perhaps I have noticed it more recently. I would either switch stations or play something which I knew would be fun, or listen to some Italian singer like “Andrea Bocelli, with his incredibly powerful voice,” would just blow me away. It wouldn’t matter hearing the lyrics as I couldn’t translate them anyway.

    Thanks for sharing this post. Ann
    Dr Steve for sharing.

  16. Steve…..I am so sorry but when I saw the wonderful photo of you and your dad and then you talked about the words that came to your mind, I just started crying and couldn’t read past the first paragraph. I don’t know why it bothered me so much, but it really did. I am very sorry about this and I will try to finish this at a later date if it is still here. I think I just had a lot on my mind. Thanks, Nancy E

  17. I tend to listen to music without words most of the time but when listening to songs with negative meaning I tend to think “That song is about someone else, not me.” then I smile and think of something happy!

  18. I’ll start to listen more attentively songs and put aside all the negative,,, hear many sad songs and my mood so this,, good advice in this newsletter,,
    thanks Steven

  19. It is important to choose happiness in all matters concerning our life. By choosing happiness we move our life forward & allow our life to be the best for us. Awareness is the key.

  20. I love it!

  21. Thank you so much. I never gave it much thought but Rush “limelight” and Yes “all good people” have been empowering anthems in my life now that you pointed it out. “If you plant ice you’re going to harvest wind…..roll away the dew”. Finding you has helped my journey and for that I am grateful.

  22. Have you not noticed that the texts have gone from sweet dreams of boys meeting girls, girls meeting boys a s o. Today all you hear is that the doomsdays are coming next year. Not surprising that the youngsters AND the older get influenced and get a negativ picture of today and especially the future. 🙁



  24. Having an awareness of what you’re subjecting yourself to, be that a song on the radio, a commercial on the radio, and even more so for me, what’s on TV, is key. I do sometimes enjoy OCCASIONALLY a nice sad song but not a heavy dose of same. In fact, sometimes I’ll joke about the sad song, in particular with my 12yo son, pointing out the lyrics and how they make us feel, or changing the words to make it silly, or singing with extra pathos/bathos and having a good laugh. Sometimes, the music itself and the singer is just so beautifully done that I can overlook the lyrics. Someone that comes immediately to mind is Billie Holiday (whose 100th birthday is today!) and most blues, for that matter. As I’ve gotten older, though, I notice I tend to listen to instrumental music more and also to gravitate toward uplifting lyrics more. I listen to a lot of public radio and rarely watch TV, so that helps too! Again, I think awareness of what one is exposing oneself to and how much of it, really is key.

  25. absolutely right Steve I’ve known this for some times and I will be forwarding this email to my 16 year old son who is in the hospital recovering from a gunshot wound. an unfortunate situation I feel was brought about by listening to certain type of music which I constantly tell him not to listen toso we are not just talking about sad songs and sad feelings but negative influences in general.although he was only walking down the street,the music we listen to and see go along with definitely has an effect.thank you love and light. PHARO

  26. DearDr.Steve That was a lovely message buy I could not help myself to a out loud laghhye4 when I stated to read your message. I laugh so hard and l as 7ghter is contagious that everyone around me started laughing not knowing a5 what 8 was laughing. 8 was laughing so hard because I found it so funny that an 8ntellugent man like you got caught up sing I am a loser baby ,why don’t you kill me. I am sorry but I lost it there. I get caught up saying stuff like oh yeah ,shoot me and put me out of my misery.When i get stressed out So you made a good point there. Thanks a lot. Positive thoughts always.

  27. Years ago, I realized singing was autosuggestion. Since then, except at Christmas, I only listen to music without vocals. I primarily listen to upbeat smooth jazz. No blues. I’ve got satellite radio in the car, so I don’t get hypnotic commercials either.

  28. Wow — I have often gone for the sad songs – even if I did not feel sad at first – often I end up crying — because I have drowned myself into the story of the song – and I feel for others.

    Of coures — you are totally correct – all it did was make me cry – I could not help anyone by crying – so it was not even for a good cause – all I did was upset myself.

    I will now be more conscious of the songs I listen too — and hopefully more of the ones that bring a spring to my step.

    Thank You for sharing

  29. Right! But I feel the sad songs are like a carefree refreshing sleep, which we badly desire, when things go out of our control & cause helpless frustration. – See more at:

  30. I do listen to music but mellow of the music I don’t like because of some of the words are bad .

  31. Thankyou for this….my dear son Eric has just split from his love of his life..the mother of his two beautiful kids….it was her choice to end it not his..he’s living in hope one min they will get he relises it’s over..he’s low and I’m watching him as he feels he’s not worth it…he’s a wonderful dad a lovely son and I’m so so proud of my creation dr steve…he’s my star I reached for and got…I will show him your words to help up lift his mood…god bless you dr steve…you do have a heart of gold…sue MacFarlane from uk…x

  32. It is really surprised and an amazing life,It help me ( it create full believe and hope) to swim in my big dream since your past journey and today is unbelievable.Have a nice journey!!!!

  33. Das ist ein sehr guter und kluger Rat, man sollte viel mehr auf seine Worte achten und es ist gut öfter mal daran erinnert zu werden !

  34. Thank you Dr Steve for sharing…. Please accept my friendship request on your Facebook page
    Thank you so much again

  35. I am deaf but can hear with hearing aids, the problem I have with music is tha I can never understand the words. Sometimes the music is to loud, or I just can hear what they say. Then I start singing along ,sometimes complete different words than the song, but I am happy isn´t that wat it is all about. So if I can change the words I am sure that you can too, but I must warn you everybody want to correct you….. don´t know why … do you?
    Ps and if I really don´t like the song, ha got a secret weapon, I remove my hearing aids. Mmmmmm peaceful Zzzzzz……

  36. I was glad to read these thoughts. Thank you, Dr. Steve, for your creativity. You gave the answer to the question that has long bothered me. Now it is clear to me that the words in the song is self – hypnosis. I think that the words in music have a special power. Not everything there is beautiful song to listen again and again. I turn on the filter!

  37. Thank goodness I only listen to instrumental music…lol…
    Good point Dr. Jones. I remember hearing something similar about the commonly used modern phrase ‘sick’ that people use. wonder how that affects ones health 🙂

  38. Smile. Gosh for a professional you realize this now only. I’m doing this for years and it helps you feel great

    1. Well “Have a blessed holiday season first of all”!
      Singing for me as I had a good voice since childhood was use adoring God.Singing as Soloist in midnight mass and group singing performance at Church occasions. Singing is one way of prayer with all your emotions directed to almighty God finding a relief change to joy, happiness in your heart which you can feel it within yourself.With my given talent, I had use it only in the name of God, but not to enrich myself etc.Let it be this humbling to God.Even my profession as a Nurse was only use in good ways and the grace I had received the Holy Spirit is the same being use to pray, guide, teach, preach Gods’ will of today’s world.

  39. Music certainly affects us, not just the words, but the rhythm itself has the ability to create “entrainment”, making it even more powerful. I’ve had cats (and a dog or 2) for most of my life, sadly all are now in Heaven. But the point is, one of my kitties had an occasional problem with anxiety and so did her brother – to a much lesser extent. I found that playing certain Classical music would calm them down, Barbie had a more difficult anxiety issue, but playing relaxing Classical music had a dramatic effect in quickly calming her. Once “over the hump”, so to speak, I could speak gently to her and soflly pet her and she would be just fine again. I believe that the fact that certain music can even bring about a response in animals really emphasizes what you’ve said here.

    Thank you Dr. Steve, and greetings and blessings to all. Such a wonderful, insightful, and intelligent message, and comments from the rest of the group.

  40. You are so right! Got my earphones in as i write this lol

  41. Dr Steve G Jones, Thank you for all the motivational help you give us on a daily basis. Sending blessings, Viv

  42. While I usually DO have a song “stuck in my head” it’s never a song I shouldn’t be singing. Why? Because I listen to Contemporary Christian music; my favorite. That may not be what other people like but I do and this prevents the “bad song singalong” issue that you talk about.

  43. Love listening to music but only to what makes me feel good 🙂 your emsils are always very interesting & I enjoy reading them 🙂

  44. Hello Dr. Steve you said very well. As a widow, am one of a luckiest one full of good memories from my late. His songs for me was “FEELINGS”. I don’t play that song anymore. As I move forward because its been a while of more than one year being a single. I am listening to the music of pop or rock music in the morning start so my day is full of energy recently after his 1st yr. In my religious group is between me and God. All songs are so much of joy and happiness like ” I HOPE I HOPE IN THE LORD”… Thorough give me strength courage of wisdom in my daily lives.

  45. Good thing that “Blue Skies” is the song that’s usually stuck in my head. Guess I’ve been lucky…eh? 🙂

  46. To say Kill me or Kill myself This is bad. Dont say please. Live Happy. Dont think that. The Life is beautiful with music or not


  48. So true about songs and how the help. My favorite to lift me up is Smile by Nat King Cole. Even on my hardest days it gives me strength .

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