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The Art of Astral Projection with Steve G. Jones

2013-07-16_interview_steve_g_jones_astral_projection_07_13Duration: 56:49

Audio interview: Dr. Steve G. Jones discusses an early experience with Astral Projection. The science and theory behind the technique. How can we prove this is real? The fears vs. the practicality of Astral Projection. Is there a measurable weight to the soul? The future of mainstream knowledge regarding human anatomy and scientific research. How do we Astral Project? How the Astral Body and the Physical Body differ. What is the Astral World like? We can increase our capacity and ability to Astral Project. Steve answers common questions regarding the subject. He has developed an elaborate program involving hypnosis to assist you in mastering Astral Projection.

Learn more about astral projection.

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