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The Truth About Fears

Fears are designed to protect us. If, for example, you have an unfortunate experience in the ocean, your mind may cause you to be afraid of the ocean. The chances of you having the same negative experience in the water twice are small, but your mind doesn’t want to take chances. The subconscious mind is programmed to avoid pain, and any large body of water resembling the ocean will be classified as pain after your bad experience.

Let’s say you have a relationship in which your significant other cheats on you. Perhaps he/she would announce that they were “going to meet a friend for drinks” and you later discovered that it was during those times that the infidelity occurred.

The subconscious mind acts like a computer and simply links these two things (i.e. Going to meet a friend for drinks=Cheating). You may not even be consciously aware of this linking process, yet the next time you find yourself in a relationship and your partner announces that he/she is “Going to meet a friend for drinks,” guess what happens. Your subconscious mind automatically alerts you that there is trouble. There may not be any trouble at all, but one of the jobs of the subconscious mind is to keep us away from pain so that we can emotionally and physically survive. That announcement about the drinks will be just as powerful to you as the sight of the ocean would be to someone who had experienced something negative in the ocean.

Thank goodness our minds have this capability…to help us steer clear of danger, so we don’t get hurt twice. BUT, many times the programming becomes a problem. It can slow us down and fail to reflect our current situation. The ocean doesn’t always mean trouble. And the announcement about going out for drinks doesn’t always mean cheating. But until we change the programming, we will avoid people and situations in which our subconscious minds have labeled as scary.

Something to think about.

Dr. Steve

31 thoughts on “The Truth About Fears

  1. do you ever do seminars in southeastern florida? i find your hypnotherapy work pretty dang facinating amd potentially intriging for elderly mother, daughter and for me. thank you in advance. ✌️

  2. Hi Steve

    Thank you for all the wonderful information regarding combating fears. Today I embark on a very important journey by myself, I am flying long haul to Los Angeles by myself and I have to make it work as I am going to my friend’s F.A.M.E. Award ceremony on Thursday.

    Thank you for always believing in me.

    Bright blessings

    Caroline Clarkson Drake

  3. As a professional psychic and healer, I come in contact with clients everyday who are dealing with fears and many times those fears are crippling. Since I discovered you on Youtube and experienced a hypnotherapy session, I’ve already referred clients to view your videos on Youtube.

  4. Wow. My loser boyfriend has been lying about his
    So called businees trips. To another woman. Im done
    With relationships.

  5. I am currently divorced and I confess that after having had two frustrating experiences with weddings, I find it very hard to believe again in a man , since my conscious and subconscious, had sufficient evidence to conclude that most men lies and denies the fact of treason. Benefit from the situation in which we women, who in most cases have a certain degree of ingenuity, and they act according to unconsciousness of them in situations of a sexual nature.
    And I don’t have vocation to be Mother Teresa of Calcutta …. rsrsrsrsrs …
    If you say you love me will have to prove with attitudes that really is true!
    I will read your books Dr.Steve, those who talk about the fear, I can free my mind of this paranoia . Yes, I believe I will get it at the right time.

    Grateful, Edna

    1. Most men are polygamous by nature so be careful next time edna meire pinto.

  6. I am sorry, I don’t know what you are getting at, Please explain. There is a lot happening for me right now and I have some questions but can’t seem to find a way to get answers. I am real excited about all of it but have questions to clear up. Thanks . Nancy

  7. Well to be honest. I’m enjoying my life whilst I work my way through Dr Steve’s splendid courses. Ideally, I would like to think I’m well on my way to a wonderful life. If/when I meet someone of like minds on my journey then, “Watch this space.” lol!

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  9. All of your stories are great and I enjoy reading them, thanks! They give clues and allow you to peek into your own mind and behavior. Most people have no idea why they do the things they do, have the things they have, work where they work and married to the person they are married to. Most are pulled from one situation to another, never giving thought to their own happiness or future. We become programmed consumers. It is sad. Hopefully I will be able to undo some of the programming and become a more wonderful human being.

  10. Verissimo!

  11. Your meditations have helped me get over all my fears now I am recording and singing. Speaking in public to many people with no fear. I have totally made peace with my inner child and now I help others because I took your certification program for NLP I love all the beautiful work you are doing to help all of us thank you so much!!!!

  12. Really it’s something to think further Doc.
    Thanks for reminding of changing the patterns that was programmed earlier in the mind through NLP.
    Beautifully carved out.

  13. What do you recommend doing in these cases? I am borderline abusing my partner because I’m deathly afraid he is going to cheat on me. Can you help? Do you have a hypnosis for this? Thank you.


  14. Si tuviera el viaje astral en español

  15. So in other words Steve. If we had a mishappen in a relationship which I had gone thru and that person cheated by talking to other women and lied about his identity, what does that men ?? That this person cannot be trusted right or wrong? After being fooled in that way that person with the faults of fake identity with the face representing someone else. How would my mind react to that?? Has nothing to do with fear so how and what advise can you give me Steve?…..But I do thank you for the thoughts and advise you have given Steve I ask you to please give me your info advise of what is running throughy mind so that I can reprogram it……Sincerely yours
    Connie Pena

  16. This would be a great way for you (Steve) to introduce you MP3 on the topic you have a story to tell about. I just purchased (8) of your MP3’s on various hypnotic subjects and I think they are “the bomb!”

    1. I am well on my way to becoming A Wonderful ME!

  17. my aura was very badly damaged because of some spirits and demons that they were here .everytime I tried hypnosis wich was the only the way to relieve the pain. the demons attached to my aura. created some new distortions. so now removed of the parasites I got fear that they will jump of me. from other people . yesterday I just went to the hospital and I absorbed all the most bad negative disgusting energy of those old sick people… when I came home.. a girl told that I smeel from old and who knows what else smells.. I suffered. immense enegetic diseased pain./ due to my aura damaged/// but I think I wont commit any suicide. or maybe I will.. I have enough

  18. We have to keep moving achieve our goals in life not matter what walls come to try and stop us…keep positive move away from negative things in life that can bring you down. Never give up on hope…there is always a new day tomorrow to start again I say..I’ve listened read and watched your wise words dr steve…a true golden man…a great bottle of tonic any one should carry around with you…god bless…sue in uk.

  19. I have fear for open water (sea, ocean, rivers and so on).no one can help my

  20. Hi my name is Debbie, I have something very interesting that you should know, I really need your help. Cell # 585-315-7508.

  21. I’ve been struggling with this for quite some time. Any recommendations would be welcome. My big fear holding me back is losing two husbands to car accidents 8 years apart. I have been single 16 years and am really not wanting to spend any more time alone but I sabatoge any opportunity to get close to anyone again. Also I constantly worry my children will be injured. It’s no way to live, trust me.

  22. And it’s not that I came to marry my second husband again.
    If I separate again of him, then if not more!

  23. Hello Dr.Steve.I m from India..Yes, your described well enough about fear that effect our life by going on programming In our subconscious mind related with the fear.Can’t we avoid this programming bcoz it is true that these programming slow down us in our real life n we can’t find ourselves able to use our caliber.Plz.tell me the way to overcome fears n to get rid of program created by our subconsious mind.Thanks

  24. I used the help woth divorce recording a few times and it really helped me cope but am now using the confidence recording, I feel More myself again and not going to let my past relationship rxperience change me. Other things have happened since which ser me back a bit but i’m back on track again now. I refuse to take any old baggage into a new relationship and not rushing into anything either. If anything I feel better about myself bow than I have in a long time so i” hoping to atteact the right man into my life this time lol serouusly made enough mistakes to last ne a lifetime so I” due a break. Thank you

    Daisy Michelle Scarello x

  25. Yes I have learned since my thyroid started acting up and the panic attacks started sometimes we fear more than we think we do and it can be a terrifying thing and we just don’t realize how fear disturbs and confuses us I used to be a very strong and independent person and now I disgust myself

  26. Dr Steve you ar an amazing man and probably fear nothing lol I have been listening to some of your you tube videos they are quite interesting one for weight loss and for avoiding panic attacks don’t know if they are working or not but until yesterday I had been two weeks without any medication for anxiety and no one at work knew and before it would have been really noticeable so maybe everything I’m doing is helping me control the attacks better so maybe once again I won’t have them anymore

  27. Thank you for your sharing your thoughts Dr. Steve. As a Capricorn woman am confident enough in most of aspect in life. I took the risk of my actions able me gain position mindset. But my weakness is getting into new relationship in real is my greatest fear of alll and so on and on… my concern. Have a great day!

  28. Thank you. Nice when you write. I understand quickly

  29. Thanks Dr. Steve.G.Jones! Christina Wish Steves success and happiness, in all the work you do is the method of nature! hypnosis therapy, for many chronic diseases, I have been tested and learned through your materials, the past 7 days, starting 03/14 -03-21, I have seen all All the videos and live workshops are recorded, the sound of your voice! Imagine, it’s a treasure of knowledge, and a creative ability to work, it’s an illusion, an invisible drug, but it has miraculous power. , as we enter and listen, real and amazing, WOW I have been cured almost to 80% of the depression, elbow pain during the past 4 years, I have 9 doctors who treated I did not stop (I have enough evidence from the doctors who treated me first), but Dr. Therapy succeeded in treating me, by taking measures, listening to sounds, and following directions, reading materials, and therapies, into live video! The last days I dreamed of, but this is the truth, I am studying the hypnosis training to change for a new life! forever thank you Steve.G.Jones !! 😍

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