Advanced Hypnotherapy for Professionals




Advanced Hypnotherapy for Professionals
Steve G. Jones, Ed.D
Clinical Hypnotherapist
125 pages

Chapter 1 Review of Basic Hypnosis Principles
My Background
About Hypnotherapy
Stages of Consciousness
What is hypnotherapy?
Ethical Responsibilities of a hypnotherapist
Basic Hypnotherapy Session Overview
Recording your Sessions
Controlling the Environment
Clients to Refer Out

Chapter 2 Pendulum for Pre-Hypnotic Diagnosis

Introducing the Pendulum
Calibrating the Pendulum
Recommended Pendulum Calibration Questions:
A word of warning
Suggested Practice

Chapter 3 Post-Hypnotic Suggestions

Introducing Post-Hypnotic Suggestions
More Information about Post-Hypnotic Suggestions
Erickson on Post-Hypnotic Suggestions
Experiments with Post-Hypnotic Suggestions(Physical Activity Suggestions)
Instant Trance Post-Hypnotic Re-Induction Cues
Sample Post-Hypnotic Suggestion #1
Using a Post-Hypnotic Suggestion for Self-Hypnosis
Sample Post-Hypnotic Suggestion #2
Sample Post-Hypnotic Suggestion #3
Sample Post-Hypnotic Suggestion #4
Other Uses of Post-Hypnotic Suggestions

Chapter 4 Metaphors

Advanced Hypnotherapy for Professionals 5
Introducing the Hypnotic Metaphor
Ericksonian Metaphors
Accessing resources for the individual within the context of the story
Balloons and Other Wisdom
Southern Expressions as Metaphors
“Hunger is the Best Pickle”
Metaphor Sample #1 (the Philosopher and the King)
Metaphor Sample #2 (Reframing an Old Chinese Taoist Story)
Suggested Practice
Helpful Tip

Chapter 5 Analog (or Analogue) Marking

What is Analog Marking?
How Does This Work?
Isn’t This Manipulative?
Suggested Practice

Chapter 6 Phobias

Sample Phobia Script
Suggested Practice

Chapter 7 Confusion Inductions

When to Use Confusion Inductions
How Confusion Inductions Work
Sample Confusion Induction #1
Sample Confusion Induction #2
Suggested Practice

Chapter 8 Hypnotic Diagnosis

How to properly assess the client’s challenges
Suggested Practice

Chapter 9 Pain Control

How Pain-Control Hypnotherapy Works
Suggestibility Testing
Sample Pain-Control Script
Suggested Practice


Steve is among the best in the world.

Dr. Joe VitaleBeing someone who is extremely familiar with the power of hypnosis, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Clinical Hypnotherapist Steve G. Jones is among the best in the world.

— Dr. Joe Vitale
Star of “The Secret”
#1 Best Selling Author of “The Attractor Factor”

Advanced Hypnotherapy for Professionals