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You’ve been there….you walk into the audition, not quite sure of yourself, wondering if you will remember your sides (lines), and hoping you’ll make the right impression and do whatever the heck they want you to do (because you really have no idea what in the world they are looking for) and somehow you are supposed to hold yourself together during this whole ordeal. My Achieve the Perfect Audition Hypnosis MP3 can help!

I know how it goes because I’ve been there and done that. Yes, I am A SAG (Screen Actors’s Guild) actor. I lived in Los Angeles from 200-2004 and during that time, I did live stand-up comedy, became a member of SAG, and was in a few short movies. I went to auditions (back then, we used Backstage West to find out about auditions), plus I had a commercial agent (to book TV commercial auditions) and a theatrical agent (to book movie auditions). And, I did all this while working with people in my hypnotherapy office.

This is actually how I became interested in working with actors. I saw the possibilities I could bring to the table. I mean, after all, I was experiencing the same things they were experiencing: fear of rejection, fear of failure, and an overall lack of confidence during those precious moments during which you must make the best possible impression…in a few short, anxiety-filled minutes.

I was seeing the gaps in my own auditions and at the same time I had actors coming to me who wanted to enhance their auditions. It’s really amazing how, in the world of acting, even professional actors have to audition for new roles. Oh sure, maybe if you’re Brad Pitt or George Clooney you don’t have to audition (because the casting director, producer, etc. have already seen your acting work and can easily imagine you in their movie, because you have done such wide variety of camera work that one of your previous roles is close enough to the role they want you to play).

But, everyone else (who does not have a resume on Netflix, Hulu, etc.) has to audition. And so, I was seeing where I could help. I was seeing my mistakes (learning opportunities) and my problems (challenges). And at the same time I was hearing about these exact same “mistakes” and “problems” from my professional acting clients:

-I was nervous that I would forget lines…so were they.

-I was worried that I was doing something “wrong” …so were they.

-I was so into thinking about myself and how I was coming across, that I would lose touch with the character I was supposed to be portraying…so were they.

So, as with everything in my life, I wanted to fix it. I knew that for me, acting was a hobby, but not my life’s purpose. I didn’t want to spend my life pretending to be a multitude of people. I just wanted to visit that world and have fun in it for a little while. But, what I learned while there, combined with my knowledge of hypnosis, has turned out to be very valuable.

I really got into the acting thing big time when I was in Los Angeles from 2000-2004. I finally moved out of LA in 2004 because it seemed overcrowded, smoggy, and full of people who were always wanting to move ahead. That last part is fine, I just don’t want to be surrounded by people who are always looking for how you can help them with their next level of accomplishment and are not able to relax and be in the moment and appreciate the here and now. This is why my next move was to an island in the Atlantic ocean (Wilmington Island). Although it is technically in Savannah, Georgia, it is actually an island int he Atlantic Ocean. A perfect place to decompress after my four years in the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles.

But, during my four years in LA:

-*I studied with the Groundings.

-*I joined the Santa Monica branch of Toastmasters International.

-I did stand-up comedy regularly at the Comedy Store.

-I was in a movie (as an extra- AKA “background”) in Pauly Shore’s movie Pauly Shore Is Dead (2003).

-I had a commercial agent.

-I had a theatrical agent.

-I went on probably 50 auditions.

*(I added the Toastmasters and Grounds links because I think all aspiring actors join those or similar organizations that help people become more comfortable speaking in front of groups.)

So, my point is, I learned what the pitfalls of auditioning were and I was able to use that knowledge to formulate hypnotherapy sessions that could actually help actors overcome these thing. And I was able to put my theories to the test with actual patients (back then, I had an office in the Roxbury Medical Building in Beverly Hills (90210) and a “full-color ad” (back then, that was the way to go) in the Yellow Pages (also, back then, in Los Angeles, there were about five different publications that called themselves “yellow pages.” I was in all of them. This was right on the brink of the yellow pages still being highly relevant and necessary for businesses. Now, it’s all internet. But I had a $30/month online yellow pages banner ad also.

So, I was all set. Knowledge of acting, rel-life experience in actual movie and commercial auditions, and a steady flow of actors into my Beverly Hills 90210 office. And so I got to work, helping actirs who had lost their mojo. Helping up-and-coming Hollywood actors. Even helping writers and producers get their mojo back. I was during that time that I helped Tom Mankiewicz (Mank, for short, as he told me) stop smoking after 45 years.

Due to HIPAA laws, I’m not allowed to discuss any actors (or anyone else), unless they have given me permission to do so. Most publicly-know people don’t want the world to know that they go to some sort of therapy (some people feel this makes them look weak). And, in the case of going to see an hypnotherapist, it might make them look crazy too (some people think this way). So, they don’t give permission for me to tell the world. Makes sense.

But, let’s just say that I was amazed at how many actors use hypnosis to give them the edge they need in order to get ahead , get the gig, and just feel better about their future possibilities in general. And, so I am honored to have been able to take my four years of actual acting and working with professional actors hypnotically and combine all of that into this hypnosis download that will help you remain calm during auditions. Enjoy!

“Thanks for everything, Steve”

“First of all, I’m an aspiring actor and the stress of performing had gotten to me. It was bothering so much that I began to have trouble memorizing lines. I knew I had to do something when I had to perform/memorize a small paragraph and completely forgot everything after the first line. It was embarrassing and I had enough. I was very skeptical on spending money on a hypnosis treatment that could’ve backfired. I was supposedly hypnotized couple of years ago and it did absolutely nothing. Steve has a money back guarantee on his site, so I figured it was worth a shot. Thank God, it worked. Now, I can’t memorize whole plays yet, but everyday I see improvement even after the 21 days of required listening. I can still recite a Shakespeare monologue I had to do three weeks ago. Before Steve’s treatment, I would’ve forgotten it 30 minutes after my performance (if I was able to memorize it at all). I also ordered Steve’s hypnosis treatment for acting performance anxiety, but I haven’t needed to use it yet since knowing my lines has made me more confident in itself. So, thanks for everything, Steve. You’ve truly helped a lot. Now I mention your site to other actors whenever I get the chance. Thanks again!”
– C.B.

Here is a sample of the Perfect Audition script used in this mp3:

You are so very relaxed and comfortable and realizing now just how confident you are. You believe in yourself and as you now continue to relax, you begin to think of a time when you were very confident and very focused and very calm, that’s right. One time in your life when you were all three of these things, focused, confident, and calm. Remembering just how good it felt to be so calm, confident, and focused. Allowing those feelings of confidence to surge through you now, that’s right, feeling very, very confident. And now you imagine yourself walking to an audition and remembering how relaxed, calm, confident, and focused you were during that special time in your life. Calling on those memories and feelings now, you once again feel calm, relaxed, confident, and focused. And you now imagine yourself during the audition, that’s right. So calm, so relaxed, so very focused. You are relaxed, allowing yourself to experience the most perfect audition. Feel how good it feels, how wonderful it feels to experience the perfect audition and every time you have an audition, you will be relaxed, calm and focused. Handling the audition perfectly every time. You are a very calm person and you are becoming more and more relaxed and focused day by day, allowing yourself to become more and more focused day by day in all aspects of your life, especially during auditions. So relax, because when you have an audition, you have the perfect audition every time and if you have lines to learn you will learn them easily because your memory is very powerful and becoming more and more powerful every day. Your acting ability is wonderful. You believe in yourself. Imagine yourself auditioning, delivering your lines perfectly. You use your body, that’s right. Using your body to convey a message, using your body as a very powerful tool during your audition and see yourself getting the part, that’s right. You are a winner. You are an amazing actor. You are an amazing person. So relax and believe in yourself.

Other information about this Perfect Audition hypnosis mp3 download:

No matter what you are auditioning for, the Achieve the Perfect Audition Hypnosis MP3 recording is for you! This powerful hypnosis session will help you have the perfect audition…every time! You have the ability to have the perfect audition and hypnosis will help you achieve your goal.

The Achieve the Perfect Audition Hypnosis MP3 session will help in the following areas:

  • Acting
  • Singing
  • Musical Instruments
  • Modeling
  • Pageants
  • Dancing
  • Cheerleading
  • Gymnastics
  • Any area that you are auditioning for!

“You are amazing”

“I have been listening to your recordings and I have to say that you are amazing. You are an incredibly generous, insightful human being. I am full of admiration for you.”
-Bob McAndrew
Acting Teacher to Christopher Walken, Tom Selleck,
Sela Ward, Chris cooper and thousands more…

This Achieve the Perfect Audition Hypnosis MP3 session will help you prepare mentally, physically, and spiritually for your audition. It is suggested that you listen to the Perfect Audition hypnosis recording 21 nights before going to bed, before your audition.

Auditioning combines a skill with the ability to perform for others, so a key part of having a great audition is having confidence in yourself and your ability. This hypnotherapy program will help give your self-esteem a boost so that you feel comfortable performing in front of judges and people who are critiqueing your skills.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool because it allows untapped abilities to come forth through the subconscious mind. Perfect Audition works directly on improving your confidence. Confidence has a direct impact on how you perform in front of the judges. You want to appear confident and you want to deliver a flawless audition.

As someone with an immense amount of talent, you also know how important it is to prepare for an audition. The Achieve the Perfect Audition Hypnosis MP3 recording will allow you to visualize your performance ahead of time so that you are fully prepared for the big day. The hypnotherapy session will also encourage you to work hard and stay motivated in rehearsing and practicing for the audition.

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Achieve the Perfect Audition Hypnosis MP3


Original price was: $79.95.Current price is: $14.97.