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Afraid of driving over bridges? Hypnosis can help!

  • Many people suffer unnecessarily from being afraid of driving over bridges — if you’re one of them, power your mind with hypnosis to finally overcome your fear
  • STOP avoiding necessary travel and STOP missing out on adventures
  • Set yourself free from what scares you, to actually be able to enjoy driving on bridges
  • From Steve G. Jones’ original Power Your Mind hypnotherapy collection: the most effective tools available

It’s easier than you think.

Steve G. Jones, Ed.D., Clinical Hypnotherapist, charges $1,500 for a custom recording and $25,000 for a one-hour private hypnotherapy session at his office. But you can get all the benefits for this low price. Simply listen to the Fear of Driving on Bridges Hypnosis MP3 every night as you go to bed for three weeks and feel the changes happening in your life. You will feel more empowered, more in touch with your true self, and you will truly know that your goals are within your reach.

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Here is a sample of the Fear of Driving on Bridges script used in this mp3:

And as you continue relaxing deeper, deeper, and more deeply relaxed, I would like you now to imagine yourself in a movie theater, that’s right. You are sitting in the front row watching a movie all by yourself. And I want you to know there are two other locations you can be in as well. You can choose to be in any of these locations at any time. You can be sitting in the front row watching a movie where you are right now. You can be up in the projection booth running the movie or you can be in the movie itself as an actor. But right now I want you to imagine yourself sitting in the front row of the theater watching the movie. This is a very special movie. This is a movie starring you. As you watch the movie you see yourself preparing to drive on a bridge, that’s right. You are in a vehicle and you are preparing to drive across a bridge and drive successfully across the bridge. Now, if at any time during this process, during this movie experience, if at any time you feel uncomfortable you can imagine yourself up in the projection booth and you can stop the movie. You have that control. Simply by thinking it, you will immediately be up in the projection booth in charge of the movie, safe, protected and in charge of stopping or starting the movie. Also at any time you can imagine yourself being in the movie. So you can move between these three locations, watching, running the movie, acting in the movie. But for right now if you are comfortable with this idea, I’d like you to imagine yourself watching the movie because you are about to cross the bridge in the movie. Now you see yourself crossing the bridge, you are just watching the movie. See yourself happy, smiling. The bridge is stable. Many people have crossed it safely, successfully, every day. There. You have crossed the bridge in the movie. You see yourself continuing to smile. Now you see yourself in the movie approaching another bridge. Approaching another bridge which you will cross. This bridge is also very popular. Many people drive across this bridge everyday, safely, peacefully, and successfully. And there you see yourself crossing that bridge smiling again, happy and relaxed, that’s right, still driving across the bridge. And you have crossed the bridge. And as you continue to watch the movie you see yourself approaching the third bridge. This bridge is longer and higher than the other two. You see the look on your face, happy, relaxed, peaceful and you see yourself beginning to cross the bridge now. Look how relaxed you are, so relaxed, so happy, enjoying the view yet easily able to maintain your proper position on the road, easily, safely. Just driving and relaxing, almost halfway across the bridge now, so relaxed. This bridge is very strong, built by very capable engineers. You realize that whoever built this bridge, built it correctly. You realize that if there were a problem with this bridge no one would drive across it. Since you are driving across it and others are driving across it you can rest assured that it is a safe, structurally sound bridge. There, you are almost three quarters of the way across the bridge, safe, happy and smiling. And you now exit the bridge so relaxed and happy now. We’re coming up to another bridge which is identical to the one you just crossed. If you are comfortable with this idea, I would like you to imagine yourself in the movie itself as the actor. You playing the part of yourself in the movie. Now remember at any time if you feel uncomfortable you can move back to the theater where you were watching the movie or you can move up to the projection booth where you can stop the movie if you choose to. So if you are comfortable with the idea of being in the movie, I invite you now to imagine yourself starring in the movie as yourself about to cross the bridge. Look at how relaxed you are. Now remember you are just an actor and this is just a movie. You are safe and protected and best of all you are just imagining this. Relax, it’s all in your mind. Now if you’ve decided to star in the movie playing the role of yourself, you are about to cross the bridge and now you are on the bridge safe and relaxed able to leave the movie at any time if you choose to leave, able to stop the movie if you choose to stop it. But if you are still driving on the bridge, just relax, such a beautiful day. Traffic is flowing smoothly. Your vehicle is functioning properly. You are so relaxed. You are always relaxed when you cross bridges in a vehicle. Whether you are driving or not you are relaxed. You actually enjoy driving on bridges. It is fun for you, exciting, relaxing all at the same time. You are almost half way across the bridge now. Notice how relaxed you are, so relaxed. You love bridges. You love driving across them. I am so proud of you for driving across this bridge. There you go, a little over half way across and still relaxed and smiling, that’s right. Smiling and relaxing, it‘s just a movie, it’s just in your mind. Every time you actually cross a bridge, in reality, you will be just as relaxed. Even more relaxed because you enjoy bridges more and more every day. You enjoy crossing them more and more every day. Almost off the bridge and your trip has been safe as it always will be because engineers design bridges, engineers with a lot of education design bridges perfectly and other people take care of the bridges to make sure they are in perfect condition. And now you are leaving the bridge, safely, peacefully, congratulations. And every time you repeat this experience in your mind of driving across bridges you will become more and more relaxed with the idea of driving across bridges. So that in reality, in your real life, in your waking life, you will be able to drive across bridges easily. In fact you will enjoy it. You look forward to it. You have changed your ideas about bridges. You now enjoy driving across them. You look forward to driving across them. In fact sometimes you look for bridges that are interesting, or beautiful, or have a wonderful view. And you look forward to driving across them. Congratulations, you have made a powerful change in your life and I think you are going to be surprised that now other areas of you life are going to improve as well because since you have mastered the idea of driving across bridges in a relaxed way, you will be able to master other areas of your life. Congratulations on this powerful decision to be a powerful relaxed, confident person.

Other information about this Fear of Driving on Bridges hypnosis mp3 download:

Your fear of driving on bridges probably creates panic in your life. Just thinking about it probably makes you fearful and upset. You have a fear, and luckily fears can be overcome with the help of hypnotherapy. Realize that you can live your life with out fear of driving on bridges. This hypnosis session will help you break your fear.

This Fear of Driving on Bridges Hypnosis MP3 session by Steve G. Jones allows you to confront your fears of driving on bridges in the safety of your own home. By confronting your fears in a safe and relaxed environment, you can overcome your fear. Throughout the session you will be relaxed and have a safe outlet to go to if you are ever fearful. Hypnotherapy starts re-programming your subconscious mind, where your fear lays rooted. Right now it may feel that you do not have any control over your fear of bridges, but by listening to this hypnotherapy recording, you can overcome your fear!

We suggest you listen to this Fear of Driving on Bridges Hypnosis MP3 recording at night before you go to bed for 21 nights in a row. You should never listen to this recording in the car. Within 3 weeks, changes will begin to occur in your subconscious mind. We also suggest that you listen to this recording on a weekly or monthly basis as a maintenance program. You can overcome your fear of driving on bridges, and hypnotherapy will help you get there.

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Fear of Driving on Bridges Hypnosis MP3