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Learn How to Combat Your Phobia of Snakes with Hypnosis!

  • Take charge of your life with hypnosis and overcome your fear of snakes
  • Program yourself for change as you sleep
  • Steve G. Jones has over 20 years experience in hypnosis
  • Most effective program available

Hypnosis can help people to overcome many types of fears. The fear of snakes, technically known as “ophiciophobia,” can lead to a fear of the outdoors and keep you from getting the most out of life. My Fear of Snakes Hypnosis MP3 is the answer by removing subconscious obstacles to rational thinking regarding snakes.

Fearing snakes may not be such a bad thing, since there few other animal species that can induce a quick and painful death just with one bite. However, if a fear of snakes has you afraid to walk through the woods with your children or mow the lawn, then using hypnosis to overcome your fear is important. You will still have a healthy regard, caution and good judgment when dealing with snakes, but you won’t be restricted or controlled by fear.

Most varieties of snakes are perfectly harmless. There are regions in the world, such as the South Western United States or the Amazon where there are dangerous snakes. The rest are just a bit mysterious and may catch you by surprise, but will definitely not harm you. Hypnosis can replace the irrational and crippling fear of snakes with a more realistic view and therefore enable you to participate in the activities you want without fear.

Over the course of about 3 weeks, hypnosis helps you learn to relax. As you relax, the mind is opened to suggestions that replace fear with common sense. That is the method used by Clinical Hypnotherapist, Steve G. Jones in his  program, “Fear of Snakes Hypnosis MP3.” Following the program will clear out old misconceptions and underlying fears. You may never come to own a pet snake if that’s not your true nature, but you will be able to see snakes and not be paralyzed with fear.

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Steve G. Jones, Ed.D., Clinical Hypnotherapist, charges $1,500 for a custom recording and $25,000 for a one-hour private hypnotherapy session at his office. But you can get all the benefits for this low price. Simply listen to the Fear of Snakes Hypnosis MP3 download every night as you go to bed for three weeks and feel the changes happening in your life. You will feel more empowered, more in touch with your true self, and you will truly know that your goals are within your reach.

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Here is a sample of the Fear of Snakes script used in this mp3:

And you are so very relaxed and at ease as you now imagine yourself in a movie theater in a projection booth and as you look down into the theater you see yourself sitting in the front row of the theater watching a movie and as you look at the screen you see that it is you in the movie, that’s right. You imagine yourself in three places, the projection booth, the front row of the theater and the movie itself. And at any time you can change your point of reference. For example at this time you are looking out from you in the projection booth, but if you choose you can look out at the movie from yourself sitting in the front row or you can be in the movie and see things from your eyes, the eyes of the character in the movie. Right now you are in the projection booth watching yourself watch a movie starring you. And as you watch the movie from the projection booth, you are safe and secure. You are safe and protected. And you see you on the screen walking in the grass and you see what appears a snake in the grass and as you watch you approach the snake, you are calm and relaxed and you see you in the movie at a safe distance from the snake and smiling. And now if you so desire you may move your point of reference to you sitting in the front row of the theater so that you can now see the movie from the front row. And you are relaxed and smiling and at any time you can move back to the projection booth but you are safe and protected no matter where you are. And if you so desire you may now be in the movie, seeing the snake from eyes of the main character. You are relaxed and at ease because you have stopped at a safe distance from the snake. You can now imagine a different scene with a different snake again you are at a safe distance. Day by day you are becoming more and more relaxed around snakes. You are so relaxed and calm. Imagine yourself again watching the movie from the front row and see how happy and calm you are as you approach another snake and see yourself from the projection booth and realize that you are in control of the movie that is your life. You are always in control and calm. And if you so desire, see yourself again from the point of view of you in the movie. See how calm you are and how relaxed. Day by day you are becoming more and more relaxed around snakes and that feels wonderful.

Other information about this Fear of Snakes hypnosis mp3 download:

The fear of snakes is a very common fear. However, many people fear snakes but very rarely ever see one in the wild. Let’s be honest, there is nothing lovable about snakes, but realize that you do not need to live in fear. Hypnotherapy is a great way to overcome your fear of snakes without being near a snake.

The chances of you having an encounter with a deadly snake are very rare. So most of your fear is embedded in your subconscious mind. People who fear snakes not only fear them when they see them in person, but they also react negatively when they see a picture of one.

The Fear of Snakes Hypnosis MP3 recording will help you overcome your fear. This session will teach you to be calm and relaxed when looking at a snake (whether in person, in a picture, or imaginary). You are in control of your fear at all times. Hypnosis trains the subconscious mind to take control of your fear and replace it with feelings of relaxation and calmness.

If you fear snakes, then you can greatly benefit from the Fear of Snakes Hypnosis MP3 by Steve G. Jones. Steve has been practicing hypnotherapy for over 20 years and knows how to help. You can eliminate your fear of snakes once and for all with help from hypnosis!

The Place of Hypnosis in Psychiatry: its applications in treating anxiety disorders and sleep disturbances, Kraft, D., Kraft, T. (2006)
Hypnotherapy is valuable for treating phobias, (circumscribed fear reaction capable of causing severe distress and avoidance behavior,) by way of the patient imagining the feared stimulus in a graded way that starts simple and becomes dynamically complex, ultimately working up to when the feared stimulus is presented outside of therapy (Australian Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis).

The Place of Hypnosis in Psychiatry Part 5: treatment of specific phobias -animal and situational types, Kraft, D. (2013)
Patients’ perceptions of control were altered, their anxiety was reduced, they uncovered and came to terms with repressed memories, made behavioral changes, all as a result of hypnotic techniques that include age regression, “safe place” imagery, positive associations, use of older/wiser self dialogue, and systemic desensitization (Australian Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis).

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Fear of Snakes Hypnosis MP3


Original price was: $79.95.Current price is: $14.97.