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Your Subconscious Mind Holds the Key to Managing Diabetes

  • Manage diabetes effectively and naturally with hypnotherapy
  • Steve G. Jones has over 20 years experience in hypnosis
  • Most effective program available

Steve G. Jones, Ed.D., Clinical Hypnotherapist, charges $1,500 for a custom recording and $25,000 for a one-hour private hypnotherapy session at his office. But you can get all the benefits for this low price. Simply listen to the Manage Diabetes Hypnosis MP3 every night as you go to bed for three weeks and feel the changes happening in your life. You will feel more empowered, more in touch with your true self, and you will truly know that your goals are within your reach.

“Finest quality”

“I am practicing Hypnotherapist/Psychotherapist and Health & Well being Coach. I have purchased many of your products and recommend them to many of clients. I have found them to be of the finest quality in both content and standard of production. ”
-David Wade

This is the same hypnotic technique he uses with busy professionals, Hollywood actors, and people like you who are ready for a positive change NOW!

It’s easier than you think.

Steve G. Jones achieves AMAZING and LASTING results!!! Hypnosis is the easiest way to affect change in your life because the positive messages go straight to your subconscious mind effortlessly so you can accomplish your goals and reach for the stars!! All you have to do is listen to the Manage Diabetes Hypnosis MP3 session at night as you go to sleep!!! You’ll hear soft music, the gentle sounds of the beach, and the soothing sound of Steve G. Jones’ voice all working together to bring about positive changes in your life easily and naturally. Dr. Steve G. Jones has been helping people improve their lives with hypnosis for over 20 years…now it’s time for him to help YOU… don’t wait, do it NOW !!! you’ll be glad you did. See you at the top!

There are two things that are very important in our lives and those two things are happiness and health. To an extent we have some control over our happiness. However, sometimes we don’t feel like we have control over our health.

It’s important to treat your body right by eating the right foods and exercising. It’s also important to get a good night sleep every night. Sleep is when our bodies repair themselves and recharge for the next day. Going to the doctors for yearly physicals is also important.

If you are not leading a very healthy lifestyle, I encourage you to make some changes. By making some small lifestyle changes, you will feel better, look better, manage your diabetes and you could add years to your life!

“Positive impact”

“My appreciation for your work and the positive impact it’s made on my life is far more than I’m able to describe here. However, I’ve been inspired to live out my dreams and have actually taken real steps towards its realization in the past few months.  Your Fan, Student & Friend.”
-Leo Konfino

Here is a sample of the Manage Diabetes script used in this mp3:

And as you continue relaxing deeper, deeper, and more deeply relaxed, you realize just how powerful you are. Powerful to have the control in your life that you do. You realize that you are in charge of the many parts of your body, keeping them functioning properly. You realize that you are interested in living the healthiest life you can. You work with your healthcare providers to reduce the occurrence of any complications. You do this by controlling your level of blood glucose. Relaxing and controlling your blood pressure, and receiving preventative care in a timely manner by being very in tune with your healthcare provider and their plan for you. So let’s focus now on relaxing you so that you can control your blood pressure. I want you now to take a deep breath through your nose and hold it, open your mouth slightly and exhale slowly. And as you do, let go of any stress or tension. And again a deep breath in through your nose and hold it, open your mouth slightly and exhale very slowly, good. Feel yourself relaxing. It feels as if you can actually control your blood pressure and you can, you can reduce it now simply by thinking about reducing it, reducing it to a normal level, a normal healthy level. I want you now to make a fist with your right and this is your relaxation hand from now on. Anytime you feel stress in your life you simply make a fist in your right and you think the word relax and that relaxes you just like you are relaxed now. You can open that fist and continue relaxing and just like you would if you used this technique in your normal everyday life. Remember, anytime you feel stress all you have to do is make a fist with your right hand and think the word relax and that will remind you of how relaxed you are right now and will immediately lower your blood pressure and relax you. So relax now even more deeply. You realize that you are very interested in educating yourself about control of cholesterol and blood lipids. You realize that this will reduce cardiovascular complications by up to 50% so you are very interested in controlling your cholesterol and blood lipids, for example LDL, HDL, and triglycerides. You are very in tune with your healthcare professional. You pay attention to your body. Anything out of the ordinary, you immediately report to your healthcare professional. You are also in tune with particular parts of your body, your eyes, your feet, that’s right. Anything you notice out of the ordinary in these areas you immediately report to your healthcare professional and this allows you to maintain normal functioning eyes and feet. You are so relaxed. Every part of your body is relaxed now and you realize what a wonderful and calm and relaxed person you are. You realize that you are more interested than ever before in taking outstanding care of yourself so that you can extend your life as long as possible and have a wonderful, highly productive, exciting life. So relax even more deeply now. Relax even more deeply because you realize that everything is going to be fine because you are taking the time in your daily life to educate yourself about the proper care of your body. So that you can properly control diabetes, that’s right. So relax and realize that everything is fine because you are more motivated now than ever before to do everything possible to take care of your body and to stay in tune with your body and to report anything out of the ordinary to your healthcare professional and to work with your healthcare professional to maintain your health on a very high level. So relax, relax, and realize that everything is going to be just fine because you are committed, committed to yourself, committed to taking care of yourself, eating right, exercising and doing what your healthcare professional tells you to do. So relax and realize that everything is going to be just fine.

Other information about this Manage Diabetes hypnosis mp3 download:

If you have ever had your life or health compromised in a serious way, such as having diabetes, you know how important your health is. No matter how bad your health is, you can manage your diabetes with the help of hypnotherapy. You are unlimited in your ability to heal your body. Self-hypnosis gives you this ability in order for you to control and manage diabetes.

Your mind is in control of your body, muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints, bones, arteries, veins, organs, hormones, and every cell in your body. If a healthy body is what you are seeking, then you don’t have to look anywhere else. The Manage Diabetes Hypnosis MP3 download will help you achieve control and manage diabetes!

The Manage Diabetes Hypnosis MP3 audio will help you relax, reducing your stress and activating healing powers within your body to heal and defend itself against diabetes. You can take control of your health using hypnotherapy!

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Manage Diabetes Hypnosis MP3


Original price was: $79.95.Current price is: $14.97.