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Power Your Mind with this love magnet hypnosis mp3 download

  • Feeling lonely, awkward, scared, or unsure?
  • From Steve G. Jones’ original Power Your Mind hypnotherapy collection: the most effective tools available

You may think at first that hypnosis makes you a love magnet because it is the other person who is being hypnotized into having feelings for you! That is not the case, and after all, who would want to “make” someone love them through changing their thinking? Through the Love Magnet Hypnosis MP3, you will have the ability to receive positive thoughts when you are most adaptable to receiving them – while relaxed.

The change about how lovable you are comes from within your self and is unleashed through hypnosis. There is old saying that, if you want to catch a butterfly, just sit still and it will land on you. When it comes to attracting another person, sitting still isn’t necessary, but chasing them down isn’t either.

Through hypnosis you can make changes within yourself that will draw people to you naturally, without the chase. The first steps in a hypnotherapy session involves becoming relaxed and removing the negative conversations you have with yourself. If your daily internal dialog is telling you that no one will ever love you, then the subconscious gestures and verbal and non-verbal messages you send will reflect that.

The key then is to change that internal dialog to a positive one that lets you truly feel worthy of the love you are seeking.

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Steve G. Jones has developed a self-administered hypnotherapy program called the Love Magnet Hypnosis MP3 download; and in it he will bring you to a state of relaxation preparatory to receiving the messages of self worth. These positive affirmations will then translate into actions that attract other people.

Everyone is worthy of being loved; some just don’t realize it.

will give you the jump-start you need.
All you need to do is change your OUTLOOK…and that’s where hypnosis comes in.
If you THINK like a person who deserves love,
you will BE SEEN that way
…and hypnosis will help you think confidently
about YOURSELF !!!
It’s easier than you think. You’ll see a new you and you’ll feel great about it!!!

“Effective and very useful”

“I have been lucky enough to be able to listen to Steve Jones’ recordings for about 7 or 8 years. I have always believed in hypnosis and have found these recordings to be effective and very useful. I just listen and notice the change.”
-Serena Stuart, Rochester, WA

Steve G. Jones, Ed.D., Clinical Hypnotherapist, charges $1,500 for a custom recording and $25,000 for a one-hour private hypnotherapy session at his office.
but you can get all the benefits for this low price. Simply listen to the Love Magnet Hypnosis MP3 audio every night as you go to bed for three weeks and feel the changes happening in your life. You will feel more empowered, more in touch with your true self, and you will truly know that the love you want is within your reach.

This is the same hypnotic technique he uses with busy professionals, Hollywood actors, and people like you who are ready for a positive change NOW!

Steve G. Jones achieves AMAZING and LASTING results!!! Hypnosis is the easiest way to affect change in your life because the positive messages go straight to your subconscious mind effortlessly so you can accomplish your goals and reach for the stars!!

All you have to do is listen to the mp3 at night as you go to sleep!!! You’ll hear soft music, the gentle sounds of the beach, and the soothing sound of Steve G. Jones’ voice – all working together to help you avoid bad relationship patterns, toxic relationships and loneliness – and attract the love you deserve, easily and naturally.

“Trusted source”

“Thank you for your great products. I’m excited to share this program, and your other wonderful books, certifications, and programs with my readers. You’re a trusted source for internet learning and my go-to resource when seeking self improvement for myself and my audience.”
-Stefanie O’Donnell, New York

Steve G. Jones has been helping people improve their lives with hypnosis for over 20 years…now it’s time for him to help YOU… don’t wait, do it NOW !!! you’ll be glad you did. See you at the top!

What is love magnetism? I get that question all the time. Love magnetism is like the law of attraction for love. Whatever you are focusing your attention and energy on (as far as love goes) is what you will attract. Take a look at what kind of people you are attracting and take a look at what you are putting out there, they are probably one in the same.

If you want to attract a different type of man or woman than what you have been attracting in the past, then you must change what you are putting out there, it’s that simple! When you achieve love magnetism, you will attract the right kind of person for you.

We are all in search of love. However, some of us have found it and some of have not. Love is a wonderful and powerful thing and I encourage everyone to seek what makes them happy.

We are each aware of a strong need for intimacy, romance, loving relationships, affection, and care, and it is quite clear that we are all biologically predisposed to be that way, because it benefits us in a multitude of ways. The dependent style relationships that we evolved have become very deeply embedded in our social organization, resulting in high sociality for humans. Some things that we can recognize to come along with it as well are the presence of grouped kin in our species, which we know as the default family structure and these groups coming together to form densely populated civilizations. This style of social organization and attachments to each other is crucial to our survival (Boyd et al. 2011). In fact, our social cooperation and collaboration as an adaptation co-evolved with something called evolutionary preparedness, which means the degree to which humans are able to remain unharmed in dangerous situations and survive such events or be protected from threats at a higher rate (Lindström et al. 2016). This does not mean that every individual we meet automatically connects to us or accepts us, and in fact often the opposite happens.

Social pain runs deep and most of us know how it can be very painful to feel unloved or unwanted, unsexy or undesirable. Scans of the brain show that these painful feelings are experienced with the same level of intensity as physically generated pain (Kross et al. 2010). Many researchers have found that rejection and social pain in brain scans are actually represented in the very same areas that register and integrate physically generated pain. In addition. They have also seen evidence in brains scans that experiences of being accepted by others and social bonding actually caused the brain to show reward processes and an increased motivation for socialization, as well as an increase in mood (Hsu et al. 2013).

In Northern Ireland, an enlightening study was done on the entire adult population between the ages of sixteen to fifty nine, totaling nine hundred twenty seven thousand and one hundred thirty four individuals. The researchers did survival analysis to determine whether not having partners and/or dependents could predict higher rates of death, including accidental death, preventable death and suicide. In other words, they were seeing if being single or childless meant higher risk of mortality. They took into account things like socioeconomic status to avoid confounding variables that might be influencing the numbers in the background, and that way, the findings would be more persuasive and conclusions based on more solid results. What they found was that having dependents (children) was associated with lower rates of death for both men and women, and that for men, having no partner meant increased risk, resulting in more deceased males. Clearly, having loving relationships and loved ones is something that is tied to the core so deeply that it gives one more meaning to live and having someone to live for actually increases one’s lifespan (Uggla and Mace 2015).

Hypnotherapy relies on the organically-occurring socio-psychological processes that are common to all of us naturally and which have occurred independently of secondary involvement like the hypnotherapeutic techniques are in this case. These processes are what fuel the interpersonal development and gradual psychological maturation that each of us experiences. In many ways, the hypnotherapy process actually functions a lot like a caregiver and child relationship such that many specific features that characterize that relationship are also present in the hypnotherapist-patient arrangement. To elaborate, the involvement is asymmetric and interpersonal, and is fundamentally a socio-psychological process for the purpose of development. Like with the analogical situation of an adult that is raising a child, the therapist’s role is an authoritative one that directs the transforming of thoughts, meanings, values, perceptions and expectations, among other things affected during the process. The tremendous differences seen in all these highly-variable cognitive and emotional internal experiences before and after hypnosis is very eye-opening and can be considered evidence of the biological foundation that hypnotherapy rests on. It is plain to see that the hypnotist fills a role already in existence, and can use that hidden power to heal and help you (Vanderberg 2005). Hypnosis has been studied in the light of neuroscience as well, and similar conclusions have been made. Using natural neural network pathways that are involved in all aspects of social behavior. These parts of the brain are involved in understanding body language, the ability to connect with others, the capacity to read body language, knowing how to gauge a social situation process of empathy (Wickramasekara 2015).

People sometimes need to undergo surgery for medical reasons. In a study specifically of cancer survivors who had surgery to remove benign or malignant tumors, there was a high percentage of people who had been operated on in a way that altered or removed their most intimate body parts. The strong feelings these survivors have about their missing or changed sexual organs directly obstructs healthy intimacy and romantic relationships. Hypnotic interventions might not be the first thing one would think of but there have been studies and evidence that shows it gives a new life for individuals in these circumstances. Hypnotherapy helps them rediscover their sexuality and improves their ability to participate in romantic and intimate relationships (Stephan 2013).

The surgery that the cancer survivors have is a traumatic nerve-wracking experience that required such extreme action. It is an experience that brings along with it loads of anxiety and then often leaves in its place pain that now the patient needs to find a way to manage. However, this is not the time for these people to seek other types of treatment. As a matter of fact, hypnosis also addresses these problems, helping with their worries, self-esteem, body image and even their physical pain after surgery (Stephan 2005, Patterson and Jensen 2003, Jensen and Patterson 2006). The many ways hypnosis rectifies the damage done both directly and indirectly by the surgeries required for the cancerous tissue demonstrates just how much of an effective treatment option this is. The fact that it helps such vulnerable people who have endured such overwhelming issues that many people cannot relate to should encourage anyone else with less drastic intimacy problems or romantic difficulties to seek help in order to heal through hypnosis therapy.

There are some individuals who find that they have been a part of a relationship pattern that keeps repeating, finding himself or herself in relationships that are not healthy but try as this person might, it seems impossible to break the cycle. This can be because of events that were traumatic but yet still became embedded in part of the person’s identity, leaving in their wake an unhealthy self-defeating “re-enactment” of being hurt. These are usually at the hand of early life attachments, often the figures seen as the primary caregivers (Kalsched 1996). What ends up occurring is that the need for connection and to rectify the emotional hurt that was felt contradicts the need for self-sabotage actions to prevent further hurt, and this opposition causes continuous inner conflict. Progress made in relationships keeps on being halted and attempts at improvement are unsuccessful. This hope-robbing pattern can feel like unendurable suffering for someone that craves love but has been hurt by being close. However, when trance-states are used, these archetypal fragments of the individual can be separated from the rest of the self as the hypnotic dissociative state will dissociate that which is not serving the person (Hartman and Zimberoff 2012). Relationships can be improved or attained, and maintained, as this inner conflict dies down. Hypnotherapy offers a chance to start fresh with loving connections to others, ones that will not result in unhealthy patterns or cause a re-enactment of the pains from earlier times in life.

It can feel even more extreme for some people who actually develop a fear of intimacy and have a phobia of getting too close, and avoid it intensely, and their fear reaction causes severe distress. Once again, hypnotherapy can help. Hypnotherapy has been used to treat phobias, specifically by way of imagining the feared stimulus and then in a graded way, the process of desensitization starts simply and develops to complex, in order for the person to be able to deal with the fear-inducing stimulus when it is presented outside of treatment (Kraft and Kraft 2006). In this manner, anxiety is reduced and behaviors are altered as patients’ perspectives change. Some phobias are broadly labeled to be of the social nature while others can be highly specific, for example a fear of penetration, a fear of being in a wedding, or a fear of being with peers in school. Many techniques are able to be used effectively in treatment, and these include age regression, mastering self-esteem, use of metaphors, imagining a safe space, making positive associations, a systematic desensitization, and a dialogue with an older wiser self (Kraft 2013).

My love magnetism hypnosis mp3 download can help those in a relationship as well, despite the fact that it means more considerations need to be made, since there are not only now two individuals involved, but the relationship as a whole brings along further concerns to bear in mind during treatment. At the point which a couple reaches out for therapeutic help, it is usually when the problems have escalated to highly complex and become deep-rooted to the point that they infect the rest of the relationship. Hypnotherapy cuts right through the layers to the root of the issues in the course of treatment, and in their trance state, they can process and take in much more than when they are not. Hypnotic techniques are therefore rapid and potent solutions for the challenges the couple is experiencing when it comes to their relationship with one another, or with parenting if they have children (Ferguson 2012). Hypnosis is the obvious best of the modalities available that can integrate positivity and healthy change into the dysfunctional thought patterns and skewed belief systems that make up troubled relationships which are lacking love.

Experiences of love and all types of relationships are heavily influenced by early attachments or partnerships that ended. Dealing with the anguish and sadness that comes along with broken relationships such as in divorce can help parents be more of a positive influence for their children and hypnosis techniques in the therapy setting has been shown to do exactly that (Taylor 2008). Clients can also correct their own experiences of being parented in hypnotherapy, where the treatment provides the feelings of being nurtured and feeling safe and getting the attention that every child needs, resulting in increased trust and improved intimacy (Hartman and Zimberoff 2004).

This Love Magnet Hypnosis MP3 download has also been used to help sexual partners when it comes to all the stages of sexual response. Partners experience improved functioning in desire, arousal, foreplay, orgasm and processing, meaning hypnosis is not just good for treating only one component, but rather it is useful for making the entire sequence of events run smoothly. For individuals with intimacy problems, it can be difficult to envision something that will actually help the specific issue he or she is trying to cope with. However, it is quite the therapeutic tool that can be applied to all aspects of sexuality, including sexual identity, orientation, preference, role and functioning (Araoz et al. 2001).

Sometimes the issue is not something that prevents expression of sex, love or intimacy but rather a compulsion or addiction, that prevents someone from having a healthy partnership or commitment which they would love to be able to have a chance at having. There was a review article of a number of studies and research done during the span of thirteen years, from 1991 to 2014 on sexual addiction and sexual behavior that is atypical with a pretty persuasive conclusion. The scholar discovered that unconscious beliefs, attitudes and thoughts that are toxic can be channeled into consciousness by way of hypnosis, where they are able to be changed (Bayona Sastre 2015). One example was a six to eight week group treatment of sex addicts that included hypnotherapy and was successful in treating the patients who participated (Millet 2005).

Hypnosis has the power to change the internal dialogue from negative and unhealthy reflections to positive and self-affirming and develop an attitude that says you are decisively lovable. Hypnotherapy can stop the string of toxic relationships for those of you who cannot seem to date anyone healthy and secure enough to in turn make you feel secure. It can help those who have found relationships and challenges with love to be affecting  parenting and vice versa, when you know that your past experiences and caregivers in early life affect your current relationships. For anyone who feels he or she has a sexual addiction or compulsive sexual behavior, or the other way around, have any problem that is an obstacle to any of the stages of intimacy and sexuality. People who have been hurt by love and fear being hurt again are able to heal with hypnotherapy as well. There are few, if any, options out there that are capable of such effects or can boast such broad-spectrum applicability, and you deserve all the benefits to your love life that this love magnetism hypnosis mp3 download can give you.

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Here is a sample of the Love Magnet script used in this mp3:

And as you relax drifting and floating peacefully and completely, feel and see yourself becoming more confident, choosing to be and feel attractive, desirable, irresistible. You find yourself connecting with everyone you meet easily and effortlessly. Because you are self confident, self assured, secure, you are irresistible. Now imagine the perfect mate. See the qualities you would admire in the perfect mate. See the hair, see the eyes, the body, hear the laugh, hear the voice, understand their philosophy, their interests. See your perfect mate now and feel how good it feels to be with your perfect mate. Know that you are open to accepting your perfect mate, accepting them into your life. You deserve love. You deserve happiness. You deserve to give and receive love and now you know that you are open to receive your perfect mate into your life and now you know that you are open to receive your perfect mate into your life and now you know that you are open to receive your perfect mate into your life.

Other information about this love magnet hypnosis mp3 download:

Are you tired of being lonely? Do you want love in your life? Of course you do! We all do. Feeling loved and loving another person is the best feeling! Love is a powerful force and you can use hypnotherapy to attract love into your life. This powerful hypnosis session will prepare you to be confident, desirable, and irresistible.

Whether you have been lucky in love in your past or not, hypnotherapy will train your subconscious mind to attract others to you. You are constantly putting out vibrations to the world around you with your thoughts, feelings, and behavior. This hypnotherapy recording will help you put out the right vibrations so that you attract love into your life.

With this Love Magnet Hypnosis MP3 session you will be told to picture your ideal mate. The purpose of this is to help you attract your ideal mate. Hypnotherapy will allow you to be a love magnet by making you irresistible. You are capable of finding love in your life. We suggest you listen to this hypnosis session every night before going to bed for 21 nights in a row. You will begin to notice changes and you will become a love magnet!

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