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Do You Make These Two Common Mistakes With Your Weight Loss Plan?

1. Thinking Weight Loss Begins With Dieting, Pills, Potions 0r Lotions?

2. Using a discipline (diet) which is hard to stick to?

Hypnosis is a promising form of support for weight loss. It has a large following of people who have jumped on the bandwagon after experiencing or observing results. It has strong scientific support. You’ll find it to be both attainable and maintainable, making it a sustainable way to combat weight gain and all the associated effects and problems (or, as I like to call them” “challenges”) that come along with it. The Weight Loss Hypnosis MP3 can help!

From the Desk of Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D., Clinical Hypnotherapist:

Dear Friend and future weight loss success story,

I’ve spoken to people that make the same mistakes time and time again in their efforts to lose weight – now you can fix those mistakes and reach your goal of having a slim, trim, healthy body all over again.

Let’s begin with something you need to know about yourself…

We all make mistakes, every single one of us.

Eating in ineffective ways, too much snacking, and overeating are unintentional mistakes that we all make when we’re stressed, bored, lonely or unhappy.

None of us are immune from those mistakes. Unfortunately, some of us have to pay a heavier price than others.

On go the pounds, up goes the weight and down goes our self-esteem. The self-destruct cycle begins!

But hold on a minute… overeating, bad food choices, stress and other factors put you in a position of being overweight. You felt so bad you tried dieting but that failed you.

You “tried” again and you “failed”, you made adjustments with the latest fad, but it wasn’t all that  it was cracked up to be and you “failed” again!

I like to look at what most people call mistakes and failures as learning and growing opportunities. But, they only become opportunities if we choose to see them that way. So, let’s take a look at these two common “mistakes” (AKA opportunities for change) in more depth:

MISTAKE # 1 Thinking Weight Loss Begins With Dieting, Pills, Potions Or Lotions. (WITH THIS MISTAKE IN THINKING, YOU WERE SET UP TO FAIL RIGHT FROM THE START)

It’s depressing, but do not beat yourself up over this because there is a solution. I deal with clients every single day that have weight issues, clients that don’t realize there are much deeper reasons to being overweight. I’ve also dealt with thousands of clients that no longer have those weight issues. They succeeded, they’re balanced, happy and fulfilled once more. And the good news is you can do exactly the same thing. Take Brenda for example, she contacted me when she became the focus of “fat” jokes at work.

Perhaps you can identify with her. “At first it started as joking which I overheard about how ‘healthy’ I looked,” she said. “But, then it got a little too personal and one day one of my co-workers asked, “Are you pregnant? Brenda felt miserable and inadequate. But there was a lot more to it, there were things locked up in her mind that were forcing her to overeat and put up with the abuse at work!

When Brenda understood her real issues, and when she took advantage of clinical hypnotherapy to give her a solid support system, she no longer had the desire for candy, sodas, donuts, or pasta and off came the weight! Brenda is a changed woman. Hypnotherapy benefited her more than with just  weight loss. She’s slim, vibrant, and confident and went on to a better job where she commands respect (and gets paid more due to her new confidence).

Scott was in a similar position. His job as a salesman for a fortune 500 corporation put him under such intense pressure that he ate to keep his nerves at bay. Diet after diet failed him. He became paranoid about his appearance as it was crucial to look good for his work. I asked Scott to share his hypnotic experience with you.

Listen to what he has to say…

“It was not until I listened to Steve G Jones weight loss hypnosis mp3 that I was able to overcome being fat. Everybody asked how I did it and I told them all the same thing, dieting sucked for me. It just didn’t work. But the first time I put on the Hypnotherapy mp3, I made a connection. I felt that Steve was sincere and had my best interests at heart and wanted me to succeed. That did it for me. His calming words made me continue. I just knew from day one of listening to that mp3 that I was going to get thin again for good. I don’t know how to explain it any other way. I hate to admit this, but I cried like a baby after listening to the hypnosis mp3 after my first session. It had opened my eyes. It was like Steve understood ME and wanted ME to win without there being anything in it for him. Well, guys, I’m here today to tell you, that mp3 made me stop eating junk foods. It also gave me back a sense of self-worth. I started to exercise as well and I have my six-pack again. I love this guy. He gave me back my life!”

The important thing here is not that the same technology that is on my hypnosis download for weight loss helped them (even though it did), but that hypnosis DOES WORK. So there is hope for YOU. Brenda and Scott thought they would be fat forever. That was clearly not the case.

The Weight Loss Hypnosis MP3on works by using precise, success-oriented therapy designed to target your subconscious mind. It helped Brenda and Scott target the true source of their issues and helped them change their ineffective habits into powerful body-sculpting habits. What’s more, they did not need years of therapy, or years of trying to diet, they worked effortlessly with hypnotherapy to alter their negative behavior.

Hypnotherapy works.

“Steve G. Jones has helped me more in three weeks than I was helped with three YEARS of therapy. Thank you thank you THANK YOU !!!”

Katie Thomas
Santa Monica, CA

I speak from the voice of experience when I say there’s a better and easier way to lose weight. I’ve helped thousands of people change their lives for the better with hypnotherapy. It is an immediate tool for changing beliefs and behaviors. The Weight Loss Hypnosis MP3 download can help produce immediate weight loss with a minimum of fuss and ease of use. It’s a unique, truly outstanding tool which will help change the way you look and feel!

Those results are achievable because hypnotherapy is a proven unquestionable reinforcement and support system. Now, I’m certainly not saying you need my weight loss hypnosis MP3 to do this. There are plenty of hypnotherapist out there to choose from. I simply want to enlighten you about hypnosis to show you that you can change. Now, if you want to order my weight loss mp3, I will, as your personal hypnotherapist, work with you, throughout the recording, to reinforce those beliefs, the beliefs that will enable you to succeed with weight loss.

You simply use the weight loss mp3 download once a day at night for 21 consecutive nights. Nothing could be easier. Thereafter, you use it as a form of maintenance when the need arises. Results will start to take place from the very first time you listen to your mp3 as hypnotherapy immediately gets to work by taking the burden off your shoulders, settling you down and allowing your thoughts to become attuned into believing you can succeed with losing weight.

You see, weight loss can only be accomplished by getting to the root of the problem. Hypnotherapy builds a solid foundation. A foundation of determination and self worth. Many of my successful clients were once LIKE YOU. They were no different.

There are no obstacles, except the ones YOU create in your mind. Remove those obstacles, and you will easily live the life of YOUR dreams.And here’s some really good news: I have taken the powerful messages from Jen’s sessions and combined them into one hypnosis recording! More about that later..


The single reason why diets failed you is because they involved a discipline that was hard to stick to. It involved a discipline that needed self-motivation and was attempted within the parameters of a stressful life or a backlog of emotional difficulties. You were doing it without the correct backup from the word go.

Your job is demanding, your home life can be tough, the kids need constant attention, and outside demands take away your quality time, the time that should be spent on you. You forgot to take the weight loss pills and forced yourself to eat that cardboard diet food; your self-esteem and hopes of ever being slim were dashed again and again when you did not get the results. I speak from the voice of experience when I say there’s a better way with weight loss.

I speak from experience when I say I know you can do it an easier way. I’ve helped thousands of people change their lives for the better with the Weight Loss Hypnosis MP3. Problems including weight issues are a thing of the past for them.

“Working with Steve was a fabulous experience. He helped me overcome my fears and move on more successfully in life and in my career. Steve G. Jones is certainly the most brilliant mind in hypnotherapy!”

-Andrea George
Miss California 1999

I Look at hypnotherapy as a tool, an immediate tool for changing your beliefs and behavior. Hypnotherapy can help you produce immediate weight loss with a minimum of fuss and ease of use. It’s a unique, truly outstanding tool, which will help change the way you look, think and feel about yourself.

Hypnotherapy is going to help you due to its unquestionable reinforcement and support system. It’s a support system that you will immediately connect to because each time you listen to it, it reinforces the belief that you can succeed. It’s a support system that will make you feel alive and more positive about yourself in a short period of time. It’s a support system that will work with you and not against you.

Let me give a simple illustration. Have you ever been to a chiropractor? Well, off you go to your appointment and there he is waiting to get at those bones and loosen you up. You lie on the bed, relax and he gets to work stretching you and loosening up those old bones which are cracking away as he straightens you all out. Well, hypnotherapy is a little bit little that. Hypnotherapy helps to realign your thoughts, frees you from mental blockages and allows the positive aspect in you to open up and to believe in yourself.

Clinical hypnotherapy helps to change your thinking into believing that you are worth as much as the next man or woman, I don’t doubt that for one second and I don’t doubt that you can succeed and achieve greater things like thousands of my clients have gone on to prove. Nothing gives me more personal satisfaction than to see others succeed.

When using my bestselling weight loss mp3, I will, as your personal Hypnotherapist, work with you to reinforce those beliefs, the beliefs that will enable you to lose weight. It’s a simple process that can be fitted into any lifestyle. Once you purchase my weight loss mp3 you begin to take control of your life and your weight issue. You simply use the weight loss mp3 once a day at night for 21 consecutive days. Thereafter, you use it as a form of maintenance when the need arises.

Results may start to take place from the very first time you listen to your hypnosis weight loss hypnotherapy download, since it immediately gets to work by taking the burden off your shoulders, settling you down and allowing your thoughts to become attuned to a new you and a new body. The mp3 will get to work by getting to the root of the problem, because hypnotherapy builds a solid foundation, a foundation of determination and self worth.

Weight loss does not begin with pills, potions, lotions, food or exercise. It begins with the mind, a mind that has probably been stretched to its limit so it’s unable to sustain the issues of diet, exercise or weight loss.

Mark found out. He said:

“I was skeptical about your weight loss mp3, hey I’m a macho guy from Brooklyn and it dented my ego to seek help. But I was stressed to the max and diets failed me. I gave your mp3 a spin and it did the trick. Not only did it relax me with going to sleep, I felt that I had a friend waiting to support me at night. It was easy to fit in the weight loss mp3 at night for 21 days and even easier to drop the carbs and walk. It was almost magical. I can’t thank you enough for giving me a better way, I succeeded at last. YOU DA MAN STEVE!”

Hypnotherapy is undoubtedly the finest tool to help your mind calm down, gain confidence, and go into success mode. My 30+ years as a clinical Hypnotherapist has enabled me to help people from virtually every background and situation. As a result I’ve crafted the ultimate Weight Loss Hypnosis MP3 so that when you listen to it, it immediately gets to work.

Rushed and anxious thoughts are set aside, positive beliefs are reinforced into your subconscious and your ability to lose weight will take on a new meaning. Allow hypnotherapy to help you overcome your challenges. I know you can do it! You CAN lose weight with hypnosis. Thank you for taking the time to listen to me. I understand your weight loss struggle. I just want to help by making the entire process simple, easy, affordable, and risk-free.

I look forward to hearing about your success in the near future. When you do lose those pounds and re-gain your feelings of self-worth, I hope that you will send a letter to me so that I can post it here for others to see. I wish you success and happiness!

And, if you’re still reading, you must want to know more.

So, let’s take a deeper look:

There are a slew of problems that happen as a result of high levels of weight gain and fat buildup, due to a long term imbalance between food intake and energy used. These include diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, scarring of the arteries, sleep apnea, bone degeneration, arthritis, depression, kidney disease, and many more, both directly and indirectly caused by over-consumption.

There are plenty of emotional deficits to obesity as well, often just due to the simple fact that the hormonal changes also involve the hormones that influence mood. Stigma exists against those who are overweight as well, propagated by clothing manufacturers, advertising and marketing firms, the fashion industry and the shallow 2D world of online dating.

Children who are overweight are bullied and mocked in school, and this carries over to a lesser extent in elementary and middle school. In high school and college this is still too often the case, particularly because there are increased pressures to be a certain weight for both men and women or else there are risks of being ostracized, neglected and found unattractive and undesirable. In the workplace, individuals who are overweight are sometimes viewed as less successful or less suitable for hire or promotion.

None of this prejudice should be the case, since a large cross section and proportion of children and adults in the 21st century are overweight, driving the phrase “obesity epidemic” to be used more and more frequently. Excessive quantities of cheaply made food now available for very low prices is an important factor as well. It is often an unhealthy cycle, where someone feels ashamed for and so they engage in addictive eating, only to then be embarrassed by their physical appearance even more, and so on, with the downward spiral continuing further.

This trend of overeating and under-exercising is not a phenomenon that we cannot understand. The design of our bodies and bodily systems are a result of very gradual slow and steady evolutionary adaptation. This means that the factors and characteristics that help us survive and reproduce will remain and will be what guides our behavior.

Over time, we have been driven as a species to be more successful at seeking, competing for, acquiring and ingesting calories. Instincts and drives like hunger, thirst, arousal, fight or flight, sexual interest and curiosity are things we don’t even think about but are an integral part of our survival and reproduction as a species.

The intense craving for lipids and carbohydrates, or fats and sugars, is an archaic once since it is an artifact from a time it was not so easy and cheap to get or make. They taste so good because they give us the necessary fuel to survive, and survival means we can reproduce, which is what evolution is able to push forward. What was true then is not true now, and even though it used to be that the more we get of it, the more likely we are to survive, now it is actually so easy to get that we are getting too much and it is now a detriment instead of a benefit to our survival.

“Lost 15 pounds”

“Hello, I just wanted you to know that I have lost 15 pounds since I started listening to your weight loss hypnosis CD. Thank you so much for uncovering my inner-strength so that I could be successful at losing weight. I listened each night for 20 evenings…this evening will be my 21st.”
-Adrienne L Bailey, Missoula, MT

The same is true for laziness since at one time, a long time ago, conservation of calories was of primary importance. Wasting fuel could prove to be really dangerous if an individual wasn’t guaranteed to have extra calories at the next occasion of eating, since food was regularly available. Hypnosis is something many people turn to In order to have greater motivation and increased self control, and ultimately lose weight. Dieting and gym memberships can be extremely difficult and often end up being ineffective, since biologically we are predisposed to not want to work hard without a caloric reward or to stop eating when available calories are present.

However, with hypnosis, a person is given suggestions for imaginative experiences or for encouragement and alterations in perceptions, sensations, thoughts, behaviors and emotion. This is an extremely subtle but powerful tool that can both help a person overcome the desire to overeat and instill a desire to be more active. It is not magical however, and requires the individual to want to adjust what it is that is being adjusted. In fact, hypnosis for weight loss is not a new methodology.

Motivation over time to attain a healthier weight decreases and unhealthy eating and sloth-like habits increase. However, hypnosis is not limited to short term progress and will help a stubborn case of weight gain as well for which it seems like there is no escape.

One woman had literally no response to other treatments when trying to control overeating in a battle spanning decades. Yet in a hypnotherapy treatment that was specialized for her, including ego-state therapy and hypnotic affect bridge, she experienced great improvements (Degun-Mather 2003).

“Lost 22 pounds in two months!”

“Steve, I just have to tell you how much I have enjoyed the weight loss CD I purchased from you… After making the decision that I HAD to lose weight due to health reasons, I also decided it was time to listen to your CD. I have now lost 22 pounds in two months! I know I would not be nearly as successful without your help (albeit via CD) and I just wanted to give you my sincerest and most heartfelt thanks for playing such an important role in changing my health and my life! God Bless and take care…”
-Peggy Maliborski, Hamilton, NJ

Thank for your interest in losing weight through hypnosis,

Dr. Steve

For further reading on how hypnosis helps with weight loss, I suggest the link below. The review it will take you to presents a brief history of early clinical studies using hypnosis for weight reduction and describes a hypnotherapeutic approach within which a combination of instructional/pedagogic and exploratory therapeutic sessions can work together synergistically to maximize the potential for sustained weight loss. In other words, they found hypnosis for weight loss woks best if you combine it with instructions and deeper therapy, in which the client is invited to explore their own feeling and urges concerning food and exercise. (Source).

Full source: Unconscious Agendas in the Etiology of Refractory Obesity and the Role of Hypnosis in Their Identification and Resolution: A New Paradigm for Weight-Management Programs or a Paradigm Revisited?, Entwistlea, P., Webba, R., Abayomia, J., Johnson, B., Sparkesa, A., Daviesa, I. (2014)

I have incorporated these concepts into this hypnosis audio, but I also encourage you to seek additional instructions from a dietician, medical doctor and psychologist or psychiatrist. This will help you created a more thorough and balanced plan to get you to your desired weight.

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