Use Hypnosis to Program Yourself for Motivation


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Revealed Today: The Proven Secret to Unleash the Motivated Superstar Within You… Yes, YOU!

Every day you are undermining your success and ability to
achieve your goals unless you do this one thing…

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

RE: Program Yourself For Motivation

From: Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D.

Dear Friend,

Are you motivated? The truth is most people aren’t. And it is actually unrealistic to think that you even should be.

Human beings are hard-wired to work until there is food on the table and the rent is paid. Once the belly in full and we feel safe, we lay around.

Don’t believe me? Check out the local beach on a hot summer’s day…


But you are here because you want more.

The secret to motivation is understanding how fragile it is. It is constantly under siege from negative thoughts, fears and outside influences.

If you gain control of your mind, you can be rich, free, healthy and happy. The key to success is to have your subconscious mind work FOR you, not against you.

There are two steps to becoming Super-Motivated.

First, stop filling your mind with negative thoughts and attitudes. Reduce your stress levels. So if you feel your life is in a rut (definition: a grave with both ends knocked out), stop digging!

Second, fill your mind with uplifting, positive thoughts and attitudes.

Easily said. Difficult to do.

You are used to watching TV, reading the newspapers, listening to your friends complain.

You are not used to filling your mind with empowering thoughts and images.

Everyone likes to think they are in control of their life.

But having practiced hypnotherapy since the 1980s, writing 14 books on Hypnotherapy. and am an active member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, I can tell you that’s not true.

And if you don’t believe me, look at the gossip magazines at your local grocery store. They are full on stories of famous people who act like children. Charlie Sheen was the highest paid actor/comedian on TV and blew it completely.

They even hire other people to keep them out of trouble and they still sabotage themselves. Why are they so obviously out of control?

Your subconscious mind is 95% in control your habits, beliefs, and how you react to the world around you. You have to have it on your side.

And most people don’t.

Hollywood actors, writers, directors, and producers come to me to help them achieve their very best in film and on stage.

They understand that it takes work to become world-class at their craft and it takes work to keep their subconscious mind on their side.

Everyday we are bombarded with stressful, negative messages which sap our motivation. The problem is we are so used to it, we don’t even realize it is happening. The only way out is to be proactive, reduce that stress and replace the negative with positive.

Otherwise, you lose the battle for your mind.

It’s time to get on the winning side, like Andrea…

Steve Helped me Overcome My Fears!

“Working with Steve was a fabulous experience. He helped me overcome my fears and move on more successfully in life and in my career.

” Dr. Steve G. Jones is certainly the most brilliant mind in hypnotherapy!”

Andrea George
Miss California 1999

So how do you start winning?

Face it, your mind is under siege.

Since you were an innocent child, you were taught powerful beliefs and attitudes which limited your success and blocked any motivation to achieve your goals.

Everyone was.

Our parents taught us what their parents taught them. Bad news unless your parents were wealthy or famous…

Sondra Ray

“…Extremely Beneficial!”

“Dr. Steve G. Jones has given me several sessions of hypnosis which have been extremely beneficial to me because I was unable to get to the root of the problem through any other method.

“He is a wonderful hypnotherapist and I highly recommend him!”

Sondra Ray, Author of 15 books
Founder of the Loving Relationship Training and
the Divine Mother Movement

Anyone — literally anyone — can become wealthy no matter what their skills, education or background.

Don’t believe it?

Ever hear that you need a college education to succeed in life? That’s a limiting belief. And it is not true.

Now do I recommend dropping out of college? No. I have a Master’s degree and put a high value on my education.

But I will take a highly motivated college dropout over an un-motivated college grad every day of the week.

But how do you throw out the negative thoughts, beliefs and feelings and replace them with empowering ones that spur your motivation to new heights?

The answer lies in Hypnosis…

Hypnosis opens the door to unlimited success by helping you relax, focus and become more motivated to go after the opportunities that bring about real success however you define it.

Hypnosis works by cultivating information and traits already present in you so that you can achieve your full potential. It is a method of clearing the clutter from thoughts and actions that can be crippling to your efforts to move forward in your life.

What does this mean to you?

It means with little effort and minimal investment you could be living a stress-free life of abundance and freedom – before you know it!

Are you ready to

Achieve Your Dreams and Goals
Automatically take massive action towards any desire
Turn on unbounded enthusiasm for your most important projects




How do you start your morning?

Most people turn on the news or TV, make themselves a coffee and rush out the door, usually late.

Is that conducive to being motivated?


Start your day right with a short session of positive empowering Affirmations.

These Affirmations have been designed by me to get your day off on the right foot. when your day begins powerfully, you have a ton of great energy propelling you forward towards achieving your goals.

This morning session is extremely effective. Listen every morning for 21 days and you will be astounded at the effortless difference it makes in your life and that of your family.


Most people find that by the afternoon, they are running low on energy and motivation.

You may recognize the 2pm to 3pm ‘nap time’ at work, when everyone seems to be dragging.

This is a crucial time as your mind is even more susceptible to outside influences.

Plus, you don’t feed your body once a day, either. You eat in the morning, then lunch, then dinner. This program motivates your subconscious mind and you have to reinforce it regularly throughout the day.

Whether you’re a seasoned meditator, or someone that has never tried to meditate before, this program will give you the push you need to take your life to another level!


Every night before you sleep, this session prepares your subconscious mind to rewire itself as you sleep peacefully and blissfully.

Your subconscious mind takes in all the positive empowering messages and while you dream, processes them all to integrate them into your life.

All the negative messages you were exposed to during the day are replaced by motivating messages.

This is crucial to changing the negative programming we have all been exposed to for decades.

And it is seriously amazing, how quickly your subconscious can turn it around.

This Platinum session has all my best stuff:

Best Audio Quality – Makes the inductions and deepenings more effective, as well as the Stereo Imaging, and Binaural Beats. You will find yourself quickly relaxing and tuning into your wealth consciousness.

NLP – I use Future Pacing and Analog Marking to add more impact to this session, which lasts a very quick hour. Usually you will wake up in the morning, refreshed and ready to achieve your financial goals.

And now read what one of my favorite rockers has to say…

“Went to a Whole New Level…”

““Steve helped me to relax and focus. Thanks to him I had the motivation to accelerate my career into a whole new level.”

Bjorn Englen
Bassist for Soul Sign and Quiet Riot


With over 2 hours worth of audio hypnotic sessions, Program Yourself For Motivation is designed to help you finally achieve the success that you have dreamed of.

The success you DESERVE!

By the end of twenty-one days, your mind will be aligned with your desires, and you’ll have every tool you need to achieve success in all key areas of life – wealth, health, loving relationships and happiness! Simply put, Program Yourself For Motivation will transform your life.

AND… while you might expect this to be over a hundred dollars after all, The retail price for the Affirmation Session is $19.95. The Subliminal recording sells for $19.95 and my Platinum audio sessions go for $79.95 each.

That’s a real world package worth $119.85 (it is more than worth it as you’ll discover for yourself).

When you take action today, you’re getting the morning, afternoon and evening sessions available by instant download — so no waiting!

And I’m not asking $119.85 for you to get started today… no, if you take action right now, you can get this powerful wealth programming series for…



You’ll be saving $89.88 when you take action today.

Life Doesn’t Come With Second Chances…

It Comes With Time Limited Opportunities
Grab Then or Miss Out!

Listen, I wouldn’t offer this guarantee or this program, if I didn’t know it will help turbo-charge your efforts to gain the success you want in all areas of your life.

I know what it feels like to constantly be disappointed in yourself, when you know you are capable of so much more. I want you be able to put that in the past and be one of my success stories.

You don’t have to — but you have the chance to finally build that life of your dreams, from the comfort of your own home.

Living your dream life is a very real possibility once you start rewiring yourself with my powerful motivation program.

And everything you need to know to get started is right here..

Go for it!

Live in Unlimited Possibility!

Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D.

P.S. Remember, you can download the Program Yourself For Motivation sessions today and ALL the risk is on me! Try it for 60 days and see for yourself just how powerful these sessions really are. If for any reason you are not satisfied, simple email me for a prompt and courteous refund.

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Use Hypnosis to Program Yourself for Motivation


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