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Special Report: America’s Obesity Epidemic and The Brain Drain…

Cutting-Edge Research Suggests That You Can Add Getting Dumber To the Long List of Problems Associated With Being Over-Weight…

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

RE: Program Yourself For Weight Loss

From: Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D.,

Dear Friend,

Just then you thought it was safe to eat again, out comes this depressing report of research done in Great Britain. They studied 6,000 people for a decade.

The bottom line? People who were obese “showed a much faster decline on their cognitive test scores compared to others in the study”.

The participants, who were aged between 35 and 55, took tests on memory and other cognitive skills three times over a 10-year period. In other words, they weren’t THAT old…

Now, I almost hate to show you this map:


It should be light blue or even medium blue. But orange and rust? That’s bad news.

And before you think that having a third of the country obese is normal… Let’s look at twenty years ago:


Twenty years ago, we were much fitter.

So what happened?

Let’s start with children. According to the American Psychological Association, there are “strong associations between increases in advertising for non-nutritious foods and rates of childhood obesity.”

And they go on to say: “Product preference has been shown to occur with as little as a single commercial exposure and to strengthen with repeated exposures.”

In other words, the TV commercials and activities your children watch on TV and YouTube have a huge impact on what they put in their mouths.

And don’t kid yourself. It works almost as well for adults.

Yale conducted research in 2009 on Food Advertising and Eating Behavior. This is what they found:


Fact: Watch TV food ads and you eat more.

How can you skip them? You can’t.

Every day, children view about 15 TV food advertisements (Federal Trade Commission, 2007), and an overwhelming 98% of these ads promote products high in fat, sugar, and/or sodium.

What’s going into your head? What’s going into your mouth?


If you lived in America in the last 20 or 30 years, I am here to tell you, it’s not your fault you’re overweight. In fact, I would be shocked if you weren’t. I am NOT lovin’ it…

Your subconscious mind has been overwhelmed with messages about food. And they all push you towards high calorie, low nutrient foods. Why? Because you eat and eat and eat, and your body doesn’t get the nutrients it needs to survive and so you eat some more.

It’s a recipe for disaster, and disaster is what we have in America today.

According to the U.S. Surgeon General…

Obesity has emerged as the leading public health concern in the United States. It has been well-established that people who are obese face increased risks of death from heart disease, stroke, and certain cancers.

Currently, two-thirds of U.S. adults are overweight or obese. Even more worrisome, 17 percent of women and 11 percent of men are severely obese.

The restaurant commercial comes on. The steak looks juicy, sizzling and irresistible. Your girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse suggests you both go out to dinner.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, birthdays and other events throughout the year all test your resolve to live a healthy life. Who can resist Mom’s home cookin’?

No one can, and so…

You wake up one day overweight with no idea how it happened.

Day in, day out, you are bombarded with subtle and not-so-subtle messages aimed at influencing your subconscious mind to eat more than you need and exercise less than you should.

You lost the battle for your mind.

It’s time to start winning.

“…Sexy, Beautiful and Totally Confident!”

It has been a year since our last session. The pounds have been consistently dropping. I eat differently and don’t even try to.

I exercise three times a week and love it.

Most importantly, my view of life is completely different now. I went from being overweight and suicidal to being thin, sexy, beautiful and totally confident.

My mom is happier than ever and so is my husband. That’s right! I am married. He’s 6’4″, an architect, and wants kids.

I feel like I’m living the life of my dreams. Hypnosis is amazing. You taught me that I could do ANYTHING that I BELIEVE I can do. You are right.

I want the world to know about the power of hypnosis and the power of the human mind!

With much love and respect…”

Jen Glazer
Hilton Head, SC

So how do you start winning?

We have to start doing what works. Sitting around watching TV, playing video games, surfing the Net do nothing to reduce your waist. Fifty years ago, people spent their free time outside: playing and socializing.

They ate together. They also ate a lot of food out of the backyard garden. I am not suggesting you start your own garden (but feel free to), but I am suggesting you eat your vegetables…

Everywhere we turn, society and advertisers are flooding our minds with subtle and not so subtle messageswhich inspire us to eat poorly and sit around getting flabby.

And we live in a stress-filled society. I’ll be saying more about stress in a minute, because that is a major cause of obesity…

We have to stop the negative messages going into our minds now, and start flooding our minds with messages which bring us vibrant health.

That means waist-reducing messages about what you put in your mouth – food and drink – and what you do in your spare time – exercise. And wouldn’t it be nice to do it all effortlessly?

Just like Peggy here…

“…Lost 22 Pounds in 2 months!”

“Steve, I just have to tell you how much I have enjoyed the weight loss program I purchased from you…

After making the decision that I HAD to lose weight due to health reasons, I also decided it was time to listen to your CD.

I have now lost 22 pounds in two months!

I know I would not be nearly as successful without your help (albeit via CD) and I just wanted to give you my sincerest and most heartfelt thanks for playing such an important role in changing my health and my life!

God Bless and take care…”

Peggy Maliborski
Hamilton, NJ

That may sound impossible, but…

Seriously, it isn’t!

Anyone — literally anyone — can lose weight no matter what their skills, education or background.

The secret is what you put into your mind.

I use hypnosis to put into your mind powerful incentives for your subconscious mind to do what your conscious mind wants – lose weight. You may be surprised to discover that for most people, the subconscious mind thinks you want to gain weight!

I have been practicing hypnotherapy since the 1980s. I wrote 14 books on Hypnotherapy. and am a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists. Hollywood actors, writers, directors, and producers come to me to help them achieve their very best in film and on stage.

Hypnosis is actually easier for individuals just like you and me — once you begin, you’ll be blown away at the speed you can move, and how easy it is to achieve your goals and become fitter when your subconscious is working full time on your behalf and not the advertisers!

Hypnosis opens the door to vibrant health by helping you relax, focus and become more motivated to bring about real change easily.

Hypnosis works by cultivating information and traits already present in you so that you can achieve your full potential. It is a method of clearing the clutter from all the influences you are exposed to daily, that can be crippling to your efforts to eat better or exercise more with confidence.

What does this mean to you?

It means with little effort and minimal investment in time, you could be living a healthy life of fun and excitement – before you know it!

Are you ready to:

Reduce Your Waistline
Increase Your Energy Levels
Raise Your Self Esteem

Introducing: Program Yourself for Weight Loss by Using Hypnosis Audios



How do you start your morning?

Most people turn on the news or TV, make themselves a coffee and rush out the door, usually late.

Is that conducive to health and losing weight?


Start your day right with a short session of positive empowering Affirmations.

These Affirmations have been designed by me to get your day off on the right foot. when your day begins powerfully, you have a ton of great energy propelling you forward towards the weight you want.

They are extremely effective. Listen every morning for 21 days and you will be astounded at the effortless difference they made in your life and your waist.


Most people find that by the afternoon, they are running low on energy and motivation.

You may recognize the 2pm to 3pm ‘nap time’ at work, when everyone seems to be dragging.

And it is when most people turn to fat-inducing, sugary sweets to jolt them into action.


This is a crucial time as your mind is even more susceptible to outside influences, especially that delicious chocolate bar or muffin.

Plus, you don’t feed your body once a day, either. You eat in the morning, then lunch, then dinner. This program feeds your mind and you have to feed it regularly throughout the day.

Whether you’re a seasoned meditator, or someone that has never tried to meditate before, this program will give you the help you need to finally lose those unwanted pounds!


Every night before you sleep, this session prepares your subconscious mind to rewire itself as you sleep peacefully and blissfully.

Your subconscious mind takes in all the positive empowering messages and while you dream, processes them all to integrate them into your life.

All the ‘eat poorly’ messages you were exposed to during the day are replaced by health and fitness inspiring messages.

This is crucial to changing the negative programming, we have all been exposed to for decades.

And it is seriously amazing, how quickly your subconscious mind can turn it around.

This Platinum session has all my best stuff:

Best Audio Quality – Makes the inductions and deepenings more effective, as well as the Stereo Imaging, and Binaural Beats. You will find yourself quickly relaxing and tuning into your health consciousness.

NLP – I use Future Pacing and Analog Marking to add more impact to this session, which lasts a very quick hour. Usually you will wake up in the morning, refreshed and ready to achieve your fitness goals.

And now read what one of my Canadian customers recently wrote…

“After a few weeks, I am already losing pounds…”

“I’ve only been listening to the weight loss recording for just over a week now but I’m already finding a change in how I perceive junk food…it just isn’t a priority anymore.

“Another potentially related side effect is that I’m finding myself feeling really happy and full of energy, and most importantly, awake, in the mornings… and this is from someone who is not a morning person and is generally not the happiest person in the mornings 🙂

“I have already lost a few pounds and I am certainly very optimistic as I can feel myself changing from the inside out.

“You have a fantastic voice, by the way :)”

Toronto, Canada

With over 2 hours worth of audio hypnotic sessions, Program Yourself For Weight Loss is engineered to help you finally achieve the success that you have dreamed of.

The waist size you DESERVE!

There’s no fluff or filler — this is the real deal — once you’ve experienced the transformations available with this program you’ll find yourself melting your excess weight off in no time…

AND… while you might expect this to be over a hundred dollars after all, The retail price for the Affirmation Session is $19.95. The Subliminal recording sells for $19.95 and my Platinum audio sessions go for $79.95 each.

That’s a real world package worth $119.85 (it is more than worth it as you’ll discover for yourself).

When you take action today, you’re getting the morning, afternoon and evening sessions available by instant download — so no waiting!

And I’m not asking $119.85 for you to get started today… no, if you take action right now, you can get this powerful weight loss programming series for…

$119.85… $97… $77… $67$59.95… $29.97

You’ll be saving over $59.90 when you take action today.

Do You Know Why The Majority of Diets Fail?

It’s stress.

When you diet, your body’s stress level increases.

Over time, high stress levels lead to chronically elevated hormonal levels that can cause increased appetite and weight gain.

Tracy Bale, a neuroscientist at the University of Pennsylvania, published her findings in The Journal of Neuroscience. Dieters remained more sensitive to stress than non-dieters and were more likely to eat large amounts of high-fat junk food when under pressure.

In other words, your brain is working against you.


This is why my Program Yourself for Weight Loss is so effective. We start by de-stressing you.

Here’s the process: You reduce the amount of food you eat. Your body is stressed. You add stress from your daily routines. You relieve the stress by eating “Comfort Food”.

You get higher levels of appetite-stimulating hormones after exposure to the high-fat binge food. And the viscious circle keeps spiralling around. Because you stay sensitive to stress even when you go back to your regular diet!

Is that the way you want to live your life?

You don’t have to — now you have the chance to finally rid yourself of unwanted fat, from the comfort of your own home.

Happiness, energy, and vibrant health are very real possibilities once you understand how to program yourself for weight loss. We will get your brain working for you, not against you.

And everything you need to know to get started is right here..

It’s like having your own Hypnotist as you take back control of your life!

Live in Unlimited Possibility!

Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D.

P.S. Remember, you can download the Program Yourself For Weight Loss sessions today and ALL the risk is on me! Try it for 60 days and see for yourself just how powerful these sessions really are. If for any reason you are not satisfied, simple email me for a prompt and courteous refund.

P.P.S. There is a very real chance if you decide to think about this and come back later… that the price of Program Yourself For Weight Loss could be at its regular $119 price. Don’t take that chance. Grab your program today, completely risk free.

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