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Achieve Your True Aries Potential Achieve Your True Aries Potential

This is an excerpt from the script:
Alright aries, just continue to relax deeper, deeper, and more deeply relaxed. I realize that you are a fire sign andthat you can be aggressive and dominant and those are wonderful qualities. You are ruled by Mars, the planet of war. However, I realize that deep inside you are very gentle and you are very calm, that’s right, gentle and calm. I want you to realize that it’s okay to let people see your gentle and calm side. It’s okay to show what you might consider weakness. People want to know the real you. They want ot know who you are. So from now on, perhaps when you find yourself with a loved on, you can let your guard down and let that person know who you really are and what you’re really like. You are a wonderful, loving person. At the same time, it’s okay to be aggressive when you need to be. It’s okay to be a pioneer. It’s okay to be passionate. It’s okay to give everything you have to a project ot make it work. At the same time, I would like you to realize that it is okay when people disagree with you. They are entitled to their opinions. You realize that not everyone is as quick as you are. Not everyone has the pure logic that you have, the ability to see things for what they are. You have a gift, a gift which allows you to figure out what is really going on, to see the facts as they really are. Some people lack this gift. And from now on I would like you to be a little more lenient with these people. Try to understand them rather than being judgmental. Just try to understand that not everyone is like you. Many people are weaker than you but understanding them and respecting them as equals, equal to you, that insight will take you far in life. I realize that you will fight when the cause is right and that is a wonderful quality, however it is not always necessary to fight. Sometimes you can get your point across by using conversation, by calmly explaining to the other person or other people what you feel. Explaining calmly why you feel you are right. As a fire sign, you have a lot of energy. Sometimes you have an excess of energy. From now on I would like you to channel this excess energy in a very appropriate way. If there are any habits you have which you would like to get rid of, I encourage you and invite you to get rid of those habits and replace them with activities you like to do, perhaps jogging, biking, writing, helping others. Whatever it is that you enjoy doing anyway, perhaps you will consider replacing some of your unwanted habits with those positive activities. Aries, you are a pioneer. You like to be first. You are assertive and independent. You tend to set high goals and that is wonderful. Sometimes you set high goals for the people around you, but remember people have limitations. You have fewer limitations than most people. So I want you to become more lenient on others, understanding their limitations. I realize that when you give of yourself, you give everything and that is wonderful, but I would like you to begin reserving some energy for yourself, that’s right. Keep a part of what you would normally give, for yourself. Fortify yourself, build yourself up. Make sure there is always enough for you Aries. I realize how fiery you can be in a relationship. In the past this has perhaps been perceived as aggressiveness. From now on, perhaps you can balance this with that calmness you have inside, that’s right. You will find that you will attract more people by being less aggressive and more calm in a relationship, that’s right. I understand that you want respect and that is wonderful. Understand that you must both give and receive respect. I understand that you want other people to be assertive. Realize that other people are the way they want to be and you need to become more comfortable with respecting who they are, that’s right. Respect people for who they are already without having to change them. I understand that you need affection. Perhaps more than certain other signs. From now on I would like you to realize that you can give yourself the affection and the attention you deserve by treating yourself right, by respecting yourself. And this allows you to rely less on the affection from others and to be more self sufficient and to be more powerful, that way when you are in a loving relationship you will require less of the other person because you are giving yourself more. Aries you are a winner and you know it. You are a winner. You will succeed. So from now on I want you to realize that. Let go of any negative attitudes you have had in the past. Realize that everything is going to be just fine. Because everyday you are improving more and more and realizing just how powerful you are. So relax now and realize that everything is going to be just fine.

Achieve Your True Taurus Potential Achieve Your True Taurus Potential

This is an excerpt from the script:
And as you continue relaxing deeper, deeper, and more deeply relaxed, I would like you to really get in tune now with who you are. You are Taurus represented by the bull. You are strong and powerful. I would like you to realize that although you are powerful, you can show this power in a variety of ways. Most of them have nothing to do with using force. Simply by being who you are and being very powerful, you exude energy, positive feelings, and power, simply by being powerful, people perceive your power. So over the next few weeks you can let go of the idea of using force. Force is unnecessary for someone as powerful as you. Instead you can channel that energy. Channel that energy in very appropriate ways. For example, you can show people just how powerful you are by being a wonderful person. You know that you are a hard worker Taurus and you know that you work best when you have a routine so you can show your power by sticking to that routine, that powerful routine, that’s right. By being very powerful and sticking to your routine you gain even more power because you make progress and you realize that you are very interested in making progress. You are very interested in being progressive, learning new things, new ways of doing things, and you always focus on the long term. You are building a powerful future Taurus and you realize that there are dues to pay today and you are okay with that because you are a hard worker. You are a detail oriented person. So I want you to get in touch with that part of you. You are happiest when you are working hard and paying attention to details so if you haven’t already done so I want you to pick a career path and a hobby which allow you to show yourself the beauty of sticking to a detail oriented task. You are very interested in accumulating material items and that is fine because you are an earth sign. So I want you to be comfortable with having material wealth. Taurus it is natural for you to have an abundance of physical things in your life. Whether it is a collection of cars, a collection of boats, airplanes, houses, whatever it is, you are comfortable with material abundance. You are calm and relaxed at all times when you think about the idea of being rich. It is natural for you to be rich, Taurus. You are an earth sign, accumulating things of an earthly nature, that process is fine and natural for you. At the same time, you maintain a strong spiritual side. If you have a faith, you stick to that faith. Realize that it is okay to have material wealth and at the same time you can be spiritual, that’s fine. And since you work so hard Taurus, I want you to realize that it is okay to take vacations. Plan your vacations. You enjoy planning things. Plan your vacations in just as much detail as you would plan your everyday life. Play is important and day by day you look for more and more ways to have spontaneous fun, unscheduled fun where you just drop what you are doing and go have fun. You allow yourself to laugh and have a good time on a regular basis. Now Taurus I want you to be careful about what you say about people. You realize that you can be very direct and that you can talk about people in a very honest and direct way. I want you to be careful Taurus about hurting people’s feelings. Whether you are talking to them or about them, you need to pay attention to what you are saying about people, this is very important for your career, your family life, and everything you will do and accomplish. You must control the way you talk about others. If you have constructive criticism for others you deliver it in a very gentle way. Remember your power Taurus, it’s not necessary to show it through force. You can show it just by being powerful and at the same time being considerate of others and their feelings. Along those lines Taurus, day by day you seek ways to control your temper. I understand that sometimes you are the raging bull and that’s okay as long as it doesn’t affect anyone else in a physical way or in a verbal way. You need to make sure that when your temper flares, you channel it in a very appropriate way. Perhaps through exercise or through art, find an outlet for that temper Taurus, find it soon. Channeling your temper is going to be very helpful for you, in your career, in your family life, in your relations with friends, in everything you do, channeling your temper along appropriate avenues is going to be very important so seek that out. Taurus, over all you are an amazing, powerful person. You have the potential to build something really amazing in your lifetime and you know it. You have the ability to build a physical structure, an organization, or become something amazing, or all three. Your contributions to this world are visible to everyone because you are an earth sign. The things that you build are real and can be seen by everyone. They are rock solid. So tap into your passion, Taurus. Find out what your destiny is. Over the next few weeks if it hasn’t been revealed to you, it will be. Your destiny, what you will build, your contribution to this world. And Taurus once you find out what that is, follow it with all that diligence, all of that passion, all of that determination, follow it until the end. Make it happen. Let’s see your greatness Taurus.

Achieve Your True Gemini Potential Achieve Your True Gemini Potential

This is an excerpt from the script:
And now Gemini as you continue relaxing deeper, deeper, and more deeply relaxed, I want you to know that I understand that you are the most talked about sign of the zodiac. People relate anecdotes about you, true and otherwise. You have a marvelous sense of humor and the ability to laugh at your own self from time to time. You are of course the twin and it is true that more twins are born under Gemini than any other sign. You frequently talk with your hands because Gemini relates to the arms and the hands. Many people in business are Gemini’s, Donald Trump for example. I realize that you are curious about almost everything. So Gemini, I encourage you to explore everything that you want to explore, yet at the same time realize that when it comes to matters such as financial matters, you must focus. You can use your many talents in a very focused way. Think of Donald Trump for a moment and the many business ventures he has, yet they are all business ventures working together, complementing each other. From now on Gemini, I would like you to focus on making everything work together in your life. I realize that you are very intelligent, you are charming, you are fascinating. You leave a lasting impression. I understand that you are very involved with people on an intellectual rather than emotional way. I want to encourage you, Gemini from time to time to explore emotional connections. I understand that you are probably interested in language, teaching, reporting, perhaps photography. You have so many interests, perhaps you interests are others than the ones I have mentioned, or perhaps the ones I have mentioned and then some. It is important for you to allow yourself to explore your interests yet when it comes to important matters such as relationships or money, it is important for you to focus. You are associated with mercury and this represents your intellectual curiosity and your desire to report, to make your presence known. You are restless and charming. And now Gemini as you continue relaxing deeper and deeper and more deeply relaxed, I would like you to imagine yourself one year from today and imagine that you have found a way to fulfill yourself through exploring all of your various interests and by making them work together. This may mean that you have started some sort of organization or some sort of career path or an artistic endeavor, whatever it maybe, just see yourself one year from now.

Achieve Your True Cancer Potential Achieve Your True Cancer Potential

This is an excerpt from the script:
And now cancer as you continue relaxing deeper, deeper, and more deeply relaxed, you realize just how powerful you are. Your sign is associated with the moon and everyone knows that the moon is associated with romance. Your sign also associates with family, protection, and loved ones, making sure that your loved ones are able to take solid steps toward their goals. You realize that you are a wonderful, warm person with an inner rock that radiates outward. When you love, you love in a very loyal way which creates an awe of being permanent. You are very direct. You enjoy telling people where they stand. You help people feel secure, as well. And you can help them earn money and teach them plenty about themselves. You are very intuitive, one of the most intuitive signs of the zodiac. Many believe that you have psychic powers. Cancer, I want you to develop your psychic powers if you feel that you have an inclination to do so. Developing psychic powers for you would be very easy. You realize that you are sensitive and emotional. Cancer, I want you to realize that being sensitive is wonderful but you must also realize that not everyone who says things which you take offense to actually means to hurt you. Some people simply say things because that is their way. So cancer, I want you to become more comfortable with accepting people for who they are and what they say and let go of being overly sensitive. You have the ability to foresee cycles and trends, so if you are involved in any kind of marketplace, you will be able to use your powers to see what is going to happen next and you can use this to become wealthy if you choose, or help others in their path to become wealthy. You realize that you are a very intriguing and interesting sign. You are dynamic and you are important. I want you to realize Cancer that you can be possessive. You can, on the negative side, tend to be a little more possessive than is necessary. So perhaps over the next few weeks you can work on being less possessive. On the positive side you acquire and utilize many skills and you also acquire wealth. You have a great sense of security. Use this sense of security, Cancer, to build a very powerful financial foundation for yourself and your family. Sometimes Cancer, you tend to be moody. Perhaps you can even out these moods by being more honest with those around you, by sharing with them what you really feel and by handling things in the moment before they get out of hand. You are a very responsible person. You are aware of the past, present, and future. You are aware of the implications of your actions. This allows you to be very caring when dealing with others. Sometimes cancer you can tend to lose yourself in others. Be careful to maintain your individuality even in a relationship it is important for you to be a strong, solid individual, this way you can give to the relationship and share and still maintain your individual identity. Sometimes, Cancer, in an argument it’s okay to “lose” the argument and show an appreciation for the intellectual exchange. Be aware of this when you are arguing and realize its okay to have a friendly exchange without getting emotionally attached to the argument. Cancer you are a warm and generous person. Realize that you want things on your own terms, but realize that it’s okay to have give and take. It’s okay to let the other person have their way sometimes. You are a wonderful, powerful, protective person willing to give almost anything for the ones you love, this is a wonderful quality about you, but be sure to maintain your individuality. I want you to relax now and realize you are a wonderful person. If you need to make any changes in the way you are doing things, you will be able to make those changes easily, almost effortlessly and you will become the person you want to become.

Achieve Your True Leo Potential Achieve Your True Leo Potential

This is an excerpt from the script:
Leo you were born under the fifth sign of the zodiac the sun is your significator. You belong to the fire element and you are a fixed sign. Almost everyone praises you because you sustain and entertain us. You are creative. You are the natural show person, however you can at times be stubborn and arrogant. Leo is the sign of love and romance and speculation and creativity and attractiveness. You are also the sign of magnetism and fire and you shoot from the hip. You are impulsive and you attract attention. On the positive side you are the show person, the producer, the individual capable of entertaining and explaining. You make numerous people and subjects popular. On the negative side you sometimes try to substitute showmanship for real knowledge. Work on this Leo. Develop your real knowledge, otherwise you can become superficial trying to cover up with explanations and bright sayings and colors and frills. Leo, work on your true knowledge to avoid this. Work on developing a deep understanding on the topics you speak. I understand that love is paramount for you. In fact you are in love with love. Sometimes you tend to experiment and defeat your own purpose and float from one person to the next. Leo, if this is a challenge for you, I invite you to change this part of you and focus on one person if you choose to. Using the intensity of the sun, your significator, you have tremendous potential to have to have a wonderful relationship with a person, if you choose to focus, if that is what you want. Some say you tend to have numerous affairs. You are in search of fulfillment. Leo, if this is a challenge for you, I invite you change now, if you want to focus on one person because your basic nature is romantic. It can be a challenge to decipher between allusion and reality where love is concerned, but work on this. Work on seeing the facts. Work on seeing what is actually going on. You attract colorful people to you. You attract colorful situations and conditions. However, you must regulate your energies. Avoid burning the candle at both ends, instead focus on what you do best. Narrow your focus, your intense laser beam, narrow that and focus on what you do best, that’s right. And see yourself living a long healthy life. Evening out your energies and focusing on what you do best. Leo you are attracted to luxuries; you want the good life. However, you need to focus on saving money, build up your financial reserves and then go after the most expensive things once you are in a financial position to do so. This means having patience and relaxing. I understand that you have a strong tendency to be extravagant. This is fine, we expect this of you, but make sure your extravagance is in align with your bank account, that’s right. By taking a little extra time by building up your finances, you will find Leo that you can be as extravagant as you want to be. So relax, relax even more deeply now. You realize that you have excellent stamina. You realize that you can bounce back from anything, that is wonderful. Work on even increasing your stamina more by giving yourself proper rest, especially at night. I understand that you love luxury, but make sure that you maintain your diligence in what you do. in other words, avoid laziness. Focus on evening out your energies over your entire lifetime and staying purchaseive. Also, you avoid self indulgence. Certainly you treat yourself right because Leo you are royalty. However you avoid over doing this. You understand the limits of indulgence, that’s right. This helps your health, both physically and emotionally. You want others to be aware of you and sometimes this comes out as a demand. I want you to develop yourself more Leo in that way, you don’t have to demand it anymore, it will just happen. People will be aware of you when you develop yourself. Your sign is associated with the back and the heart. You put your heart into things, into anything you work on, that’s wonderful. So find something that engages your heart, Leo. Find a true passion that you can focus on in life, that engages your heart, something that you love to do, that’s right, something that you love to do. I understand that you are very idealistic and that’s fine. I want you to avoid the idea of perfectionism. Understand that you do your best and you are okay with that. You do your best and you are okay with that. This allows you to move forward, let go of judging yourself. Just move forward doing your best always and being okay with that effort, that’s right. Relax, relax, relax, that’s right. Relax even more deeply. You realize how creative you are and I want you day by day to develop that creativity. Start from scratch and build something amazing Leo. Something the whole world can see. I want to see that creativity, that’s right. You aren’t interested in tradition. You can make your own tradition, Leo. You are a true hero, that’s right. I also want you to work on relaxing in every situation. I understand that sometimes your passions burn with intensity. Work on relaxing. Work on lowering your blood pressure through relaxing. Perhaps taking up hobbies or sports. Have some kind of outlet. This will allow you to be great because you will let go of that excess energy in a positive way. I understand that you want to be known and recognized and you will be by focusing on something you love to do. You will have all the fame you want, that’s right. People will see you as an idol if you just develop your self, that’s right. You have a natural abundance of talent. Work on this. Learn your job. Whatever it is that you do, your job, your passion, whatever it is you do, learn it thoroughly. Learn it completely. Learning all the details will make you strong and powerful, that’s right. Learn to be more patient and to concentrate and focus. Imagine yourself doing something now. Imagine yourself patient and focused, that’s right. And this focus will increase in intensity day by day. You will become more focused at doing whatever it is you do on a day to day basis. You will have the power of focus and concentration and patience. All of these grouped together. You are very wonderful when it comes to view a project as a whole and I understand that you want others to keep up with you and I understand that you require praise, that is wonderful. I want you to focus on praising yourself and on doing the best you can do regardless of what is going on around you, keeping your eye on the prize. Developing your huge projects, but realizing that the praise will come. There is no need to keep one eye on the audience, watching for praise. Let go of that idea. Instead, keep both eyes on the goal and the praise will come. I understand that physical contact is very important to you. Realize that this is okay. I want you to be comfortable with who you are, that’s right. Others will bask in your own glow, Leo, they will, but let them do it in their own way, in their own time, that’s right. I want you to avoid laziness, let it go. Focus on using your energies to pursue your passions. This will help you avoid laziness. It will keep you focused and moving forward. Let change be easy for you, let it be easy for you, that’s right. Letting go of negative tendencies, focusing on the positive ones, you will be able to influence the world. I want you to learn to save money. I want you to learn to save money. If you don’t already a have savings account, I want you to start one immediately. Also, keep your mood upbeat. Always happy, I understand that occasionally sadness comes in, when it does, deal with it and let it go. You choose to deal with sadness in a very appropriate way and then you let it go and you get on with the business of being happy, that’s right. Leo, I applaud you because you are represented by the sun, you are the leader of the zodiac. I want to give you the encouragement you desire to move forward. We are all looking forward to your great works Leo. Keep moving forward. Keep both eyes on the goal and you will be just fine.

Achieve Your True Virgo Potential Achieve Your True Virgo Potential

This is an excerpt from the script:
And now virgo as you continue relaxing deeper, deeper and more deeply relaxed, you realize just how powerful you are. Your sign relates to cleanliness, having everything in order, that's right. You are interested in being physically fit and having your entire life fit and organized. You are also very interested in having other people in your life living up to your wonderful, high expectations. Realize, Virgo, that people are who they are and you must become more comfortable with accepting people as who they are. You realize that many powerful people are born under the sign of Virgo. Virgo is a wonderful sign. You are the person people go to when they want advice or when they want something done. Be careful, however, Virgo that you make sure you follow your own good advice and that you take vacations and relax yourself. Relax your body and your mind. Take time to recharge. Have times in your life when you can just let go of all your concerns. Have times in your life when you can just let go of all concerns, just walk away from everything for a little while and relax and unwind. Virgo you are very interested in quality. That is a wonderful aspect of your sign. I encourage you to continue seeking quality in your life. Quality in your friends, quality in your close personal relationships, quality in the things you buy, quality in where you live, quality in how you live your life. I also understand that you have a strong interest in people being real. Often times you seek out places where you can observe people just being themselves. You are the observer Virgo. Many writer's are born under your sign. Realize Virgo, that when you are observing, you are separating yourself from the action. In the future, Virgo, I would like you to work on being more a part of what is going on rather than being the observer. Jump into the mix. Jump into what is going on. Try more and more, day by day, to observe while being part of what is going on. Virgo you are stimulating, resourceful, perceptive, and you are a natural detective. If people try to hide something from you, you will easily find it. You enjoy interacting with people who are honest with you. Realize, Virgo that when you interact with people, you must take into consideration their emotional side. So when you deliver information to people which you believe will help them, work on delivering it in a calm way that takes into consideration their emotions. In other words, Virgo, work on being considerate of other people's feelings. Virgo you are very interested in accuracy. You would be an excellent proof reader. You have no interest in laziness. However, as I have said before, you need to work on letting go sometimes, just taking time to let go of everything. This will help you recharge your batteries and make you even more powerful when you come back to your everyday life. Virgo, you are perceptive, analytical and you are able to size up people. Your concern with neatness and perfection as I have said. You desire to be of service and improve the conditions around you. You want to move ahead and perfect things. Virgo, this is when you are most happy, when you are moving ahead and when you are making positve, powerful changes in your life or in the lives of others, moving towards perfection. Realize Virgo, perfection never happens. Perfection is a concept which can move us forward, however, true perfection never happens, it is simply a motivational tool. So while you are moving toward your concept of perfection, realize that you must relax. This is just a concept which motivates you and moves you forward. The goal of perfection is one of which is not obtained. So realize that you can let go of frustration about imperfection because imperfection has power. Imperfection gives you motivation to move toward the idealistic goal of perfection. In this world, Virgo, nothing is ever perfect. So use perfection as a concept the way it was designed to be used to move you forward, yet keep that understanding in the back of your mind that the concept of perfection is just for motivational purposes. Virgo, you may have gathered by now that you need to learn to relax. Relaxation can be your biggest ally. It is perhaps something you have avoided in the past. So relax. Take time to yourself. Take frequent vacations. Recharge your batteries. Realize life is a journey. Realize the concept of perfection is a journey, a wonderful inspirational journey. Virgo, if you are to have a lasting relationship, it is important to you to understand that you must the other person be who they are. Let go of nagging. Let go of trying to perfect the other person. Accept the other person for who they are. Inspire them with your powerful example, yet accept them in every moment, right now, for who they are. So relax and realize that everything is going to be just fine.

Achieve Your True Libra Potential Achieve Your True Libra Potential

This is an excerpt from the script:
I want you now to really get in touch with who you are in a zodiacal sense. You are Libra, the symbol of the scales. The scales are balanced for justice and you therefore are constantly interested in the other persons view. Your planetary significator is Venus. You were born under the seventh zodiacal sign which is associated with marriage, partnerships, legal affairs, public relations, publicity and the way the world works, the way the public views and accepts situations. These are the things associated with your sign. So listen carefully. You understand that you are adored by many and disliked by others. This is fine and natural. You need to be okay with that. Because you are ruled by Venus you are interested in luxury and love. You are interested in beauty and the beast, fulfillment and frustration. Because you see both sides of the coin. You hold in your hand both scales. Therefore you can be in the public eye and a favorite person one minute and completely out the next minute. In other words Libra, the scales can swing, the cycle can change. There is nothing half way about your activities. For you, I suggest that you work on maintaining balance, maintaining balance, maintaining your equilibrium. And if you want to get to the next level in a very positive way then you need to learn to accentuate the positive. Certainly there is a natural tendency about you, to lean both ways, to cycle back and forth. From now on however Libra, I want you to focus on the positive aspects of life, that positive part of you, the positive side of the scale, the positive side of everything, that’s right. You maintain a balance by understanding the negative however you focus on the positive and you move in a positive direction in whatever you are pursuing. Now Libra I understand that in the past making decisions was a challenge. From now on Libra making decisions will be easy for you. This has been your greatest challenge and once you conquer it, it will be your greatest power, the power of making decisions. I want you in the next few weeks to work on making decisions rapidly. Use those powerful scales, your ability to discern between right and wrong, good from bad, purchaseive from non purchaseive, helpful from non helpful. Use those scales, but use them more quickly to make a rapid decision. Work on this Libra. Make a series of rapid decisions in the next few weeks. Speeding up the process of using your ability to discern what’s really going on. To really get to the heart of what you want. Taking in all the information you have. By doing this you will free yourself up and decisions will become easier and easier, faster and faster for you. You will be able to make larger decisions in the months that follow. Eventually, a very short time from now, you will be able to make large decisions rapidly and be able to take action immediately. Libra, you are physically captivating. You are beautiful. I want you to really get in tune with this, with physical beauty. The next time you look into a mirror, really notice how beautiful you are, to stand in front of that mirror and notice your beauty. And if you haven’t already done so, I want you to focus the next few weeks on making your surroundings beautiful. Bring into your surroundings, beauty. You have a wonderful eye for beauty. You also have an eye for proper lighting, proper color. You understand what looks good. Use that power. Create your surroundings in such a way that they are beautiful. This will give you more flow in your life, make things easier and pleasant. When you wake up in the morning, you’ll be happy to be where you are. When you go to bed at night you will be happy to be in that room you are in which is so beautiful and relaxing. By making your surroundings beautiful, which you know how to do, you will add flow, powerful flow to your life, that’s right. Now Libra, I want you to work on letting go of self pity, that’s right, let go of it. Let go of self pity. Let go of that part of you that judges yourself. Let it go now. Let that go. You need to be more kind to yourself. Be kind to yourself Libra, that’s right. Kind to yourself. Treat yourself with love and respect. You are ruled by Venus, the planet of love. You need to first love yourself and then others can love you. People look up to you. You are an inspiration to others. Perhaps at times they belittle you and criticize you but you understand deep down inside that this is because they want to be like you. You set the standard Libra. You are a wonderful, inspirational example to others so I want you to focus on being okay with yourself, being okay with who you are. The way you look and act and think are fine. They make you the unique person you are. You are creative, sensitive, persistent, romantic, sentimental, fair-minded, patient, diplomatic. All of these things make you who you are so be okay with that no matter what others think. You understand that you act with the best intentions. You want to help people and that’s fine. If you are misunderstood, let that go. Continue to do what you know is right. You love the truth. So focus on the truth about yourself that you are exactly the way you are supposed to be, be okay with that. And as you begin to believe in yourself more and more, I want you also to focus on moving your ideas forward. You have wonderful powerful ideas, lets see them. The world wants to see them. Push your own concepts with a bigger force. See one of those concepts now and see yourself pushing it forward, building it, bringing it forth in the world, loving it, nurturing it. Your ideas are great and wonderful Libra, lets see them. The world eagerly awaits your ideas and concepts. So make rapid decisions and develop those ideas. Make them real Libra. I understand that being ruled by Venus, being a romantic person you are very interested in finding love and maintaining that love and that is wonderful. I want you to focus on bringing into your life and or maintaining your life, a person who is worthy of your love, worthy of your love. You have so much to offer. You are such a wonderful, romantic, sentimental person so when you offer your love, you offer everything. Make sure that your partner is worthy of that love. Because you deserve love also, that’s right. So relax now Libra and realize that everything is going to be just fine. Everything is going to be just fine.

Achieve Your True Scorpio Potential Achieve Your True Scorpio Potential

This is an excerpt from the script:
As you continue relaxing deeper, deeper, and more deeply relaxed, I want you to realize just how powerful you are scorpio. You know that you see everything as it is. You see deep down inside the souls of people and you understand what they are about. You also understand that you are represented by two symbols, the eagle and the scorpion. So lets focus on helping you to evolve to your true potential to be the eagle, to soar high as the noble eagle. Certainly you realize that within you is the tendency to be the scorpion when you are angry. But from now on I want you to focus on letting go of anger. You realize that it no longer serves you. It leads to stress which is unpurchaseive so you deal with situations as they arise. If anyone upsets you, you deal with that in the moment so that you can let go of anger and take another step toward your evolution into the eagle. There you can live free. You are a very caring, loving, giving person. And I realize that you are very passionate and intense. I want you to focus on using these qualities in a good way, in a purchaseive way. You realize that your intense energy, in the past, has erupted in inappropriate situations. From now on you will channel your energy perhaps through meditation or regular exercise, but you will channel that energy so that you can use it to benefit yourself and others in a very good, positive, powerful, purchaseive way. I understand that you are drawn to the occult. I encourage you to develop this interest even further because those things that are of an occult nature are fascinating to you. And only by studying them can you really tune into what you are truly interested in so follow your pursuits whether academically or in a hands on manner, but you realize that you are always respectful of others and any powers that you develop you only use for the good of yourself and others. I understand your interests in fair play. Day by day you are becoming more and more interested in being fair, being honest. I understand the secretive side of Scorpio, the desire to hide things at times. But from now on, where it matters with loved ones and people you care about, you will be quite open. Of course you don’t reveal everything, if you did you wouldn’t be Scorpio. Yet you reveal what people need to know in an open manner so that your relationships can flow more smoothly. I understand, Scorpio, that as a water sign you can be vulnerable at times and you need to make careful decisions when choosing close friend or a lover or a lifelong companion. Realize, that as a water sign there will always be a part of you that is potentially vulnerable, that’s okay as long as you realize it and take steps to protect it. You must protect yourself in any relationship so you firmly ground yourself in yourself so you always take time, everyday, to develop yourself, to develop some important aspect of your personality. Perhaps it’s creative endeavors that you are interested in, perhaps intellectual endeavors, perhaps building your career, but whatever it is Scorpio you take time everyday to develop that so as an individual you are very powerful. So when you are in a relationship you always maintain your strong individual sense of self and this acts as your protection. Scorpio I understand that you are a natural healer. You want to help others and if you have any inclination to go into a field where you will help people, I encourage you to pursue that career because there you will find great satisfaction, giving back to the world. Take a deep breath Scorpio. Breathe in relaxation. Let go of stress, let it go. Another deep breath now, breathe in even more relaxation and as you exhale this time, let go of those little things in the back of your mind that you hold against people. Let them go right now. Breathe in again deeply, hold it, hold in that relaxation and then exhale again slowly letting go of the rest of it, those little things that you harbor against people, let them go now. Scorpio there is no need to keep a list in your mind of who’s done you wrong, let that list go with each and every breath from now on. I understand that you feel things deeply and passionately. I understand that you can hold a grudge for a long time, but I also understand that you are interested in evolving into the eagle and in order to do so you are going to have to get over those grudges Scorpio. You are going to have to let them go. You are going to have to forgive, that’s right. You are going to have to soar above where the scorpion crawls and stay up there and the way you do that is by freeing yourself of the burdens that are holding you earthbound. Those burdens primarily, in your case, are those grudges you’ve been holding against people. Let them go now with each and every breath. It’s in the past Scorpio. Imagine yourself spreading your big beautiful wings now. You are one of a kind, a beautiful eagle. See how forceful, energetic, dynamic and powerful you are, living in your truth, letting go of those grudges, being honest with yourself and others, holding back part of yourself as your secretive self, and that’s okay. But 90% of you, or more, is just pure honesty and beauty radiating from the heart, telling it how it is, being real with yourself and others. Feel your wings become more colorful now as you evolve right now listening to this recording. Go ahead and begin to flap your wings, Scorpio. It’s going to take a little getting used to, but in a very short period of time you will be soaring high, high above all of your former problems realizing the truth that once you let go of the things you held onto, the grudges you held, once you let go of that anger, you will be able to fly and stay up there for the rest of your life. Fly high Scorpio, fly high. I believe in you. You can’t be ignored now flying high as a beautiful eagle. You’re unforgettable, magnetic. You can swoop down whenever you want with power and grace, that’s right. As you fly high you stay on course with your goals. You set your sights far over the horizon. Whatever it is you want in life, you set your sights on it and you fly directly to it. You reach that goal, you set your sights on another goal and you fly directly to that, reaching each and every one of your goals quickly and easily as the beautiful eagle you are. So relax now and realize that everything is going to be just fine.

Achieve Your True Sagittarius Potential Achieve Your True Sagittarius Potential

This is an excerpt from the script:
As you continue relaxing deeper, deeper and more deeply relaxed Sagittarius, you realize just how powerful you are. You are the archer and you have amazing aim. Your arrow shoots straight at the truth. You are very interested in the truth rather than it being an abstract or symbolic concept. The truth, to you, is very important in a large part of your life. You are very interested in philosophy, spiritual values, travel, seeking out what lies beyond what you can see. So I encourage you, Sagittarius, to work on these things, to develop your philosophical interests, to search more deeply. When you look into your spiritual values, to travel more often to far away interesting, exciting places which you have not been to and to find out what goes on beyond what’s obvious. You can be very carefree and jovial at times and this is good because it allows you to relax. However, realize that when you are in a social situation, there are certain times when certain behavior is more beneficial to you. So from now on, Sagittarius, when you are in a social situation, pay attention to what you are saying and how people are reacting to what you are saying. I think you will find that by doing this simple technique of observing people’s reactions to you in conversation, you will advance yourself in life more quickly and you will be more acceptable to more people. I understand this is not your goal, to be acceptable to all people, but realize the power of being accepted in certain social situations and work on these things. [long pause] I realize that sometimes you start many projects at the same time. It is important for you to organize your life, to realize that you need to focus on completing every project that you start. So from now on, Sagittarius, when you begin a project plan it all the way to the end and stick with it all the way to the end. And when you have finished that project, you can move on to the next project. Sometimes you can work on several projects at once, but make sure not to over burden yourself. Make sure to bite off only what you can chew. I realize that you have great interests, as I’ve said, in travel. If you have not already done so, I encourage you to research this, to look into your travel possibilities to find out where you can go. Go to places you haven’t been to yet and enjoy this process. Sagittarius, sometimes the words you use seem too direct for others. I want you to pay attention to how you talk with people in every situation. Realize that communication is a big part of your life and paying particular attention to how you communicate can help you in all aspects of your life. When you talk with someone, be sure to empathize with them, to understand who they are and the fact that they have emotions and they deserve respect. Sagittarius, I realize that in matters in love you tend to be oftentimes, diverse. I want you to realize that there is power in focus, in focusing. If you are in a relationship, realize what you have. Realize the power of focusing on that one relationship. Realize that quality over quantity can be very helpful to you. I understand that you have a strong interest in learning. Sagittarius, if there any part of you that has any interest in any higher learning, college education; I encourage you to pursue that. Because in pursuing that higher education, you will find that you are able to fulfill that part of you which wants to learn more about the world around you. It will also give you something to do with all that extra energy that you have. From now on, I would like you to practice patience. Realize that good things come to those who wait. And certain things are going to require that you wait for a long time. Certain projects are going to require a long time to finish, this is normal and natural. There is no need to hurry everything. You need to learn to be patient. You need to learn that things happen when it is time for them to happen. Sagittarius, I also understand that you are a natural teacher, able to explain things in a way that makes sense to others. I encourage you if you are not already involved in teaching to pursue this part of your personality, to find some group you can teach. Perhaps you are a teacher. Perhaps you want to be a teacher. But whether you teach formally or not, you can always find ways to teach people, to help them learn and understand concepts. I want you to relax, Sagittarius, and realize that everything is going to be just fine. Your ruling planet is Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of luck.

Achieve Your True Capricorn Potential Achieve Your True Capricorn Potential

This is an excerpt from the script:
And as you continue relaxing deeper, deeper and more deeply relaxed, you realize just how powerful you are Capricorn. You appear to be reserved and cool, but you are actually eager and passionate. And I want you to understand that it is okay to show these aspects of your personality. It ‘s okay to appear eager and passionate. It’s okay to be in touch with your true feelings and share them with the world. You are very pragmatic. You are perhaps the most practical, even of the earth signs and that’s fine, because as an earth sign you have a need to be grounded, to have a firm base from which to operate and that is fine. That is part of who you are and realize that once that firm base is established, can have fun. Many Capricorns, as the age chronologically actually seem to get younger inside, in their minds, having more and more fun as they become more and more established and that’s fine, but realize that even if you are young, relatively speaking, it’s okay to have more fun right now. It’s okay to be spontaneous. You are intense. You are loyal and you are capable of handling pressure. You are capable of meeting deadlines. You are capable of managing a business and a career. And at the same time you are capable of being handy enough at home to be termed a domestic engineer. And these thing are okay because no matter what you do it is okay to take care of things at home. Let go of the ideas you may have heard in the past. Let go of the ideas of being grounded as being boring, let go of that. Instead, embrace the idea of taking care of your home and finances and career and on top of that add some fun. Add some spontaneity. I think you’ll find that when you make time for fun, your career and your finances sky rocket because when you’re relaxed and having fun, that’s when your brilliant ideas will come to you. That’s when your ideas for the next level will come to you, when you are relaxed, letting go and having fun. Capricorn, I understand that you have an intense love of knowledge and that’s why on this recording I am taking extra time to educate you about yourself because you of all the signs have a deep appreciation for solid, factual knowledge. I understand that you understand the meaning of adversity because you overcome odds. You are what we might call the comeback kid, that’s right. You can be knocked down, you are always up before the count of ten and that’s a wonderful thing about you Capricorn, your determination. And I really want you to tap into that consistently because I know that in the past you have been perhaps prone to laziness, that’s right. Maybe keeping an appearance of being busy, but really being lazy and that’s okay, that’s the past. I want you to see a future in which rather than leaning toward laziness, you make time for fun or you have spontaneous fun or you have spontaneous fun. So when you appear to be doing something, how about really doing it Capricorn. Who cares what the world thinks. Let’s focus from now on, on what’s really going on. You are either working or playing and when you are playing, its okay. I understand that you are a wonderful ally, and a formidable foe. I understand that when people take you for granted, it can be upsetting. I want you to let go for your concern of what other people think of you. I understand that in the past you have been very concerned about how you appear socially. Let’s focus instead Capricorn on really getting down to business, on really focusing on what you need to do. The truth is that the more you try to control how the world sees you, the more you lose focus on what you are really supposed to be doing. So how about, rather than playing the politician, if you just do your job to the best of your ability and focus on that grand plan in the distance. And concerning that grand plan, Capricorn, how about if we speed that up a little bit, that’s right. I understand that you are represented by the goat, and you like the slow scenic walk, but how about considering walking directly up the hill and walking directly down the hill and then walking up a mountain, that’s right. It’s okay to accelerate your success. Certain things, such as education, take awhile, but certain things don’t have to take awhile Capricorn. Certain things get delayed because you have chosen to delay them. From now on, how about accelerating things a bit. The truth is the sooner you get to the top of that hill, the sooner you can realize that there are many mountains you want to get to the top of also. So have fun on your way up, taking stops occasionally to just play. But how about walking directly up from now on, any hill or any mountain that you set your sights on. Speaking of achievement, Capricorn, I want you to realize that there have been more boxers, more professional boxers who have been champions born under your sign than any other, that’s right. It’s true that you are a champion. You eventually meet your goal. Realize that right now you are a champion and it is only a matter of time before the world realizes it and you know this to be true. You know that that great, amazing idea in your mind is going to show the world that is goingto cause them to stand in awe. You know it, I know it, and soon the world will know it. You are a champion. Start treating yourself like a champion. Realize that very soon the world will realize that you are a winner. Capricorn you are associated with Saturn. Saturn is respected and feared. Quite often you are respected and feared because of your knowledge, because of your drive, because of the fact that you are clearly on your way to the top. This is your natural position, moving toward the top or being on the top, so always set your sights on the top. Saturn represents power, responsibility, and eventual recognition. Realize that eventual can be sped up, can happen, build that firm foundation and just go for it. I understand Capricorn that you talk a lot. You talk about what you are going to do. You talk about your plans for the future. You talk about what you are going to do when other things clear up. How about if we’re honest right now Capricorn and how about if we realize that you have been delaying your greatness. You have been delaying showing the great person you are to the rest of the world. Greatness is wonderful thing Capricorn but you must share it with the world in order it to reach it’s fruition. So as we’re honest right here, right now, let’s have less talk, and more action in the future. Lets have less talk about goals and lets get busy actually working toward those goals at an accelerated pace. Remember you will stop whenever you want to to have fun and that’s okay. Capricorn I realize that you have a strong need for love. Some people see you as cold, but I see deeper than that and you hopefully see yourself deeper than that. Your love for warmth, your love for a beautiful, relaxing home is all you need to draw to you the appropriate person or to keep that appropriate person in your life. So create your home to be the beautiful place you imagine it will be. Finish those projects around the home Capricorn. I know there are those projects you have started and not yet completed. That is in the past. Now is the time to complete those projects and look into new even more exciting projects, focusing on your home life and the warmth of the home will help you draw love toward you or keep that love with you. I understand that sometimes you do things for shock value, that’s right. Which is somewhat out of the ordinary for you, yet for some reason you enjoy this. That is fine. If you have ever questioned that part of yourself, I want you now to accept it, that sometimes you do things for shock value and that’s okay, as long as those thins are contributing somehow to the knowledge of others. Your sign deals with leadership and profession and occupation and career. You’re tough and you know it. You take on burdens and that’s good, but realize that it’s okay to say no. sometimes too many commitments can slow you down and what we want to develop from now on is speed and agility so let go of those commitments which no longer serve you. Realize that it is okay to say no in the future. I realize that you are earthly and practical, yet your eyes look out to the future and toward utopia. You are extremely practical in the here and now. You make up your mind, you set your sights and it is almost impossible to stop you and this is a wonderful quality about you Capricorn. That ambition, that inward strength, that aspiration, that idea of attainment, yet it is coupled with responsibility. Embrace all of those things as your power Capricorn. Because they represent real meaning to you. I want you to caution you to not overindulge in eating or drinking. Realize that no matter how many obstacles are in your way, you can overcome these obstacles. So let go of the idea of eating and drinking excessively. You eat appropriate foods and eat appropriate amounts from now on. And if drinking has been a challenge in the past, control it in the future. It’s simple Capricorn, just make up your mind to do these things. You are patient and you are persistent. You are also sensuous. I understand that you can do with out food and sleep better than you can do without love and that’s fine. Be who you are. Embrace that sensuous side of yourself, your love for love. And that’s okay to show that side of yourself. Let go of the idea of that appearing weak when you show love. When you let go for a little while. You know that you are going somewhere. You know that time is on your side. And that you will meet your goals but once again, Capricorn, realize that time is relative and if you have a twenty year plan, why not make it ten year plan? Or a five year plan. Why not speed things up a bit. Because the truth is we are all waiting to see the full unfolding of your wonderful plan so lets see it Capricorn, lets see it soon.

Achieve Your True Aquarius Potential Achieve Your True Aquarius Potential

This is an excerpt from the script:
And as you continue relaxing deeper, deeper, and more deeply relaxed I would like you to realize just how powerful you are Aquarius. I realize that you must be mentally intrigued before you will make a move on a prospective mate. Mind contact is a necessity for you. This is good because it ties into your intellectual nature and I encourage you to always maintain that high standard in your interactions. Now only in your interactions on a personal level, but on a business level, to maintain your high intellectual standards. I understand that you are very generous being the eleventh sign of the zodiac you are very advanced. You are open and sincere to those you care about. You are a good, wonderful, caring person. You also like to get involved in the interests that your mate has. Now Aquarius, I understand that you are what some have called the lone wolf, which means that you make your own way. You have your own interests so I encourage you that no matter what type of situation you are in, you are always attending to your own interests in addition to those of your mate or your business partner or your friends. It is important that you maintain your individuality. You are a very dynamic individual and it is quite possible to mesh this with a relationship. You search for answers in the truth in any situation. I encourage you to do this always. Always feel free to search for the answers. I understand that although on the outside you are very calm, you are actually a very emotional person and sensitive. It is therefore important for you to make sure to only associate with people who will be empowering to you, who have your best interests in mind. I understand that you fall in love quickly. Aquarius it is very important for you to make sure that you are making appropriate decisions when falling in love. I encourage you to use your amazing intellectual capacity when examining a potential mate or examining a potential business relationship. Moving too quickly has caused problems for you in the past. As you look ahead to the future, you realize that you can avoid many problems by doing your homework, finding out ahead of time if the person or situation is appropriate for you, also asking for advice from close friends and listening to that advice. I understand you have high standards and you insist on being treated with respect and that you also treat others with respect. I encourage you to continue this, to always respect others. Sometimes you may come across a little pushy or heavy handed as we say. It is important for you to always keep the good of everyone in mind. Your sign, above all others is interested in everyone winning. So I encourage you, Aquarius, to always look for ways, solutions in which everyone benefits. This is when you will be happiest, Aquarius, when everyone wins. Also, I understand your strong desire to fight for a cause. Sometimes if you are not fighting for a cause, you are not happy or fulfilled. I encourage you if you haven’t already chosen a cause or several causes, feel free to do so. Follow your heart. Decide who you want to help whether it’s helping humans, helping animals, helping trees, whatever it is, find a cause Aquarius and really go for it. Pour your heart into it because that is where you are the most satisfied, when you are in the moment helping the good of a cause. I understand that you are very honest and direct and you bear your soul to those you care about, but I encourage you to maintain your individuality Aquarius. As I’ve said before, maintain your self, your individuality that which makes you unique and makes you, you. You have a strong aversion to following the crowd and I encourage you to continue avoiding following the crowd. You must pave your own way. You must follow your own heart because that is when you will find the path to being happy with your life, when you listen to that voice inside which tells you certain things such as find a cause, be an individual, and follow your heart. I understand Aquarius that being an individual can have its drawbacks. When in a relationship Aquarius it is important that you allow your mate to feel like an equal. It is not necessary to do everything alone just because you can. When you are in a relationship it is important for you to have give and take and sharing. So I encourage you Aquarius to make your relationship last that you have sharing, give and take. Sometimes allowing the other person to do things which you could do, but you allow them to do those things anyway so that you can be part of a bond, part of a union. It is still possible to maintain your individuality even if you are allowing the other person to do some of what you used to do for yourself. I realize that you require a great deal of love and companionship and that it must be on your terms and I honor this about you. You must continue to make sure that your needs are met and that things are done on your terms. However, sometimes compromise is necessary in a relationship so I encourage you to look for areas where you can compromise as long as you are not compromising your core values. Now Aquarius as you take a moment to look toward your future, I want you to see yourself living in a future which you have designed using your creative mind and your capacity for following your heart and doing what you want to do. I want you to clearly see a future in which you are helping many people and you are able to use your creative capacities for the good of all. See a future in which you are expressing yourself in your own unique way, that’s right. I want you to realize for the future you are envisioning can happen right now in this moment. You can bring that future into the present and begin creating it right now. And so Aquarius over the next few days and weeks as you begin to really tune into who you are and what you are all about. I want you to realize that everything is going to be just fine. So relax and realize everything is going to work out for the benefit of all.

Achieve Your True Pisces Potential Achieve Your True Pisces Potential

This is an excerpt from the script:
And as you continue relaxing deeper, deeper, and more deeply relaxed, you realize just how powerful you are Pisces. You realize that you must show your individuality. You must stand up for yourself. Certainly you are a philanthropist. You want to help mankind, humankind, to give to the world. However, at the same time it is also possible to help yourself, to take care of yourself, to put yourself first. That way once you have helped yourself, you are better prepared to do what you want to do which is help other people. I want you to focus on being self reliant. You realize that you are most happy when you are self reliant, when you are able to take care of yourself. Also, let go of worry. Let go of overanalyzing situations. I understand that your Pisces mind is very analytical, looking at things from every angle. However, there comes a point when you can let go of analysis and just relax, that’s right. So from now on rather than overanalyzing situations, you simply come up with a proper analysis and that’s good enough. So at night, rather than having all those thoughts flowing through your head, you are relaxed, your mind is clear and you are able to sleep peacefully. I also want you to start utilizing your need for serving people, in a creative manner. In other words, I understand that you have a desire and a need to serve others. However, this should be done in a creative manner, this is how you will be most happy by serving people in a creative way because you are a very creative person Pisces. Your planetary significator is Neptune which rules the feet. Take care of your feet. You are reserved and mild mannered, I understand this and that’s okay. It’s okay to be who you are. This has no relevance to how powerful you are, the fact that you might be reserved and mild mannered. You are still a very powerful person. Trust your feelings, you are perhaps the most intuitive of all the zodiacal signs Pisces. Trust your feelings. You get impressions about people and situations. Trust those feelings Pisces. You are very intuitive therefore you must trust your first impressions about people. Whereas other might make a mistake by going with their first impressions, you are so intuitive that your first impressions are usually correct so trust them and go with them. Pisces I understand that you are a dreamer. of all the zodiacal signs, you are probably the most prone to dream. Einstein was a Pisces. I want you to make your dreams concrete Pisces. Take what you dream of and bring it into reality, whether it’s a building, a play you’re writing, a movie you’re writing, a book, a painting, a life that you are redesigning for yourself. Whatever it may be Pisces, take the things that you dream and make them concrete. Follow Einstein’s example, he had wonderful ideas, yet he wrote them down and shared them with others. He made them concrete. You are a very creative person Pisces. You are the power behind the throne. Rather than enjoying ruling directly, you enjoy being behind the scenes and that’s fine. You realize that you can do very well in film, tv, or the healing arts. Perhaps you want to be a doctor, a nurse, a therapist. Whatever it is that you want to do, realize that in the healing arts, you can do it easily. Perhaps you want to be an actor. You can do this easily as well because where TV and film are involved and you are in front of the camera, you do very well. Pisces, I want you to realize that being alone is not the same as being lonely. It is okay to have time alone when you are away from the world just dreaming up your beautiful, grand dreams, alone in silence and that’s okay. And you realize when you come back to the world and join us, you can make that dream concrete, but you must have your time alone without feeling lonely because your time alone is the time during which you gather your strength. Pisces if you are not near the water, I want to encourage you to somehow be near the water, whether it’s taking longer baths or getting a hot tub or building a pool or moving near the ocean, I want you to involve yourself more often and more directly with the water. You are associated with the fish, the double fish in fact. So you may have two distinct ways of thinking about things and that fine, but keep in mind that the fish needs to be in the water at least occasionally in order to feel complete, in order to feel whole again and recharged. So I want you to seek opportunities to be in and near the water. Now Pisces as you continue relaxing deeper, deeper and more deeply relaxed, I want you to imagine yourself as a fish, that’s right. And imagine that you are in the water on one side of a lake. And this side of the lake is a very sad side of the lake. Everything that happens here is somewhat sad. Your desire is to go to the other side of the lake where things are happy, vital, exciting, wonderful and all the other fish over there are living their lives to their fullest potential. Now Pisces, listen carefully, in order to get to the other side of the lake, to reach your true potential, to be the person that you understand you are capable of being, you must overcome the negative tendencies, the forces of failure and defeat within you. And Pisces, these tendencies are now being personified by certain elements in the lake for example very murky waters are in that lake. The water is swirling around so as to throw you off balance somewhat if you are not careful. And there are also fish in the lake and fisherman above the lake, but now Pisces using my voice to guide you, you are going to swim across that lake because that journey is exactly what you have been putting off your entire life. And once you have made that journey, that journey into confidence, self-esteem, being your true Pisces self, once you have made that journey successfully, which you will, you will realize that you can do anything. So now Pisces, begin swimming, that’s right. And notice that though the current works against you sometimes you are able to easily learn its ways and navigate with it, through it, and against it at times in order to get across the lake and though your path isn’t always straight overall you’re moving across the lake. There, up ahead, a fisherman’s hook with bait on it, you avoid that. You know better. You know better Pisces. And there over there is another one, another hook with bait on it just dangling. Look at it and laugh. Pisces, certainly in the past hooks with bait on them have drawn your attention. You have been side tracked by things, we all have. All humans, even those, especially those who are fish like have been drawn by bait, but now you know better. Swim past it, move on, continue moving toward the other shore. You are certain of your course because the closer you get to the other shore, the brighter things become, the more clear your thinking is. You are still creative but you are more in tune with your feelings, your thoughts. Up ahead a few feet in front of you is murky, push through it Pisces, push through the murkiness. You’ve been through this before. You’ve been through rough times, I know this. Go straight through it this time, straight through. Trust the direction in which you know you are headed. When you have entered the murkiness, you are headed toward the other shore. Keep moving in that direction, as you go through the murky cloudiness, that’s right. Now notice it is clearing up. Notice how easy that was when you believed in yourself Pisces. You believed intuitively in your internal navigation system, this is very important so listen carefully. You have an internal navigation system. Rather than depending on others for their advice, what they think of a situation, how they judge things, you use your intuition because Pisces, your intuition is better than anyone else’s because it is Piscean. You are naturally intuitive. Now you continue moving forward. Notice a boat has capsized in the past and it now acts as a barrier reef, potentially blocking you from the other side, it is in front of you. What to do? Here is what I want you to do Pisces. Each time you listen to this recording, choose a new way to get around it, under it, over it, or through it. Perhaps you will jump up out of the water and go over it. Perhaps you will just go around it. Maybe, with your tail, you will fan the sand underneath it, making a tunnel. Maybe you will get right up against it and use your swimming power and move it, believing in yourself you will move it, perhaps. The choice is yours Pisces. But each time you listen to this recording, choose a new way to get to the other side of that wreck. Certainly as a Pisces you’ve seen your share of what we can call shipwrecks. And even in a lake, even a small ship can seem like a huge obstacle. But from now on Pisces, you find a way to get to the other side, no excuses Pisces, you find a way. You make it happen, you persist, swim on now. Look how beautiful it is. You are now arriving on the other side of the lake. The sun is shining, other fish are swimming. Other animals of all sorts are on the shore. This is a happy event Pisces, a wonderful, happy event. Congratulations, you are powerful. Feel how good it feels to be powerful. Realize that if there are other fish or creatures on the other side of the lake which you want to help, you can show them the way or you can lead by example, sending word to them letting them know you made it, letting them know that they can make it in their own way. But because you made it, you can act as a powerful influence to help others. So relax Pisces and realize that you are wonderful and everything is going to be just fine.

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