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  • Address Allergies using Hypnotherapy
  • Program yourself for change as you sleep
  • Steve G. Jones has over 20 years experience in hypnosis
  • Most effective program available
This NEW powerful self hypnosis CD and MP3 will
give you the help you need to
finally overcome allergies!!!

It’s easier than you think. You’ll see a new you and you’ll feel great about it!!!

Steve G. Jones, Ed.D., Clinical Hypnotherapist, charges $1,500 for a custom recording and $25,000 for a one-hour private hypnotherapy session at his office. but you can get all the benefits for this low price. Simply listen to the CD every night as you go to bed for three weeks and feel the changes happening in your life. You will feel more empowered, more in touch with your true self, and you will truly know that your goals are within your reach.

This is the same hypnotic technique he uses with busy professionals, Hollywood actors, and people like you who are ready for a positive change NOW!

Steve G. Jones achieves AMAZING and LASTING results!!! Hypnosis is the easiest way to affect change in your life because the positive messages go straight to your subconscious mind effortlessly so you can accomplish your goals and reach for the stars!! All you have to do is listen to the CD at night as you go to sleep!!! You’ll hear soft music, the gentle sounds of the beach, and the soothing sound of Steve G. Jones’ voice all working together to bring about positive changes in your life easily and naturally. Steve G. Jones has been helping people improve their lives with hypnosis for over 17 years…now it’s time for him to help YOU… don’t wait, do it NOW !!! you’ll be glad you did. See you at the top!

Did you realize that allergies affect nearly 20% of Americans? That’s 60 million people! Whether it is an allergy to food, prescription medication, or pollen, allergies are no fun. Common symptoms of allergies include sneezing, itchy eyes, running nose, skin rash, breathing difficulty, and even vomiting.

This time of year can be particularly bad for people who suffer from airborne particles such as grass pollen, tree pollen, weed pollen, and mold. Seasonal allergies can vary depending on where you live and what time during the season it is. It’s important that you do something about it if you suffer from allergies. If left untreated, allergies can lead to hay fever and other sinus problems such as sinusitis.

If you are looking for a natural approach to relieving your allergies, perhaps you will give hypnosis a try. You don’t need to live another day with your sneezing, running nose, and itchy eyes.


Jeraldine Saunders

No wonder Steve is the leader in hypnotherapy. How lucky are those who have had the benefit of his genius!


— Jeraldine Saunders, Creator of "The Love Boat" Series

CD or MP3 to Power Your Mind to Find Allergy Relief
Buy GOLD Edition - the original Allergy Relief Hypnosis CD and downloadable MP3 Professionally Recorded by Steve G. Jones
Buy GOLD Edition - the original Allergy Relief Hypnosis CD and downloadable MP3 Professionally Recorded by Steve G. Jones
Buy PLATINUM Edition - the re-recorded state-of-the-art Allergy Relief Hypnosis CD and downloadable MP3 Professionally Recorded by Steve G. Jones

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2. 100% 60 day money back guarantee is applicable to this product

Here is a sample of the script used in this recording:

And as you continue relaxing deeper, deeper, and more deeply relaxed, I would like you to imagine your body as a container, a glass container. Imagine it to be a bottle. Imagine it standing upright so that the opening is at the top. And I would like you to imagine now filling that container that is your body with a very relaxing, clear liquid. So as it pours in through the top of your head, it begins filling your body from the feet up. The very relaxing, clear liquid and imagine as it reaches your knees now continues moving upward that this relaxing clear liquid is absorbing all the negativity in your body. It now reaches your thighs, continuing moving upward. All of the negativity in your body is being absorbed by this liquid as it now reaches your abdominal area and continues moving upward. This liquid is taking away your body’s desire to have allergic reactions because it is cleansing and healing and soothing your body. It is now at the level of your chest, filling your body. You are still able to breathe normally, easily, and naturally because you are just imagining this happening. You are safe and relaxed. It is now at the level of your neck, continuing to move up now, that’s right. It’s now at the top of your head. You are relaxed as now the bottom of the bottle opens and the liquid pours out because it has absorbed all the negativity in your body. All of your body’s reasons for having allergic reactions have been absorbed by this liquid. It has turned a slightly dingy color, that’s right. And now takes with it all the negativity, all of the reasons your body formerly had for reacting, that’s right. So you can imagine that the allergies you formerly had are being drained out through the bottom of the bottle, that’s right. And every time you listen to this recording and do this technique, your body will become healthier and healthier. Your body will let go of its desire to have allergic reactions because very soon indeed nothing will cause an allergic reaction for you because your body is becoming more powerful so imagine the bottle which is your body filling up again, filling up again with a green liquid from the bottom up. So the hole at the bottom is now closed and the bottle which is your body is filling up with a green liquid, a soothing, relaxing liquid. And this allow you to have the power you need to let go of allergies. This fluid is very helpful to your body and is absorbed by your body. These are the nutrients your body needs to withstand allergic reactions to let go of the need for allergic reactions, to be strong against anything which was formerly an allergen. See yourself being nourished by the liquid as the liquid fills your body. Every cell empowering your body. The cells become more alive now, more powerful, more resistant to allergens and the liquid has completely filled the bottle which is your body. Now, as the drain opens at the bottom, a little bit drains out but most of it remains because your body wants and needs these nutrients. This is simply a symbolic representation of your body becoming more powerful. A symbolic representation of your body healing itself, strengthening its own cells, reminding them how resistant they are allergens, allowing you to let go of allergic reactions forever. You are so very relaxed now as you see yourself going through your daily life free of allergic reactions. Very soon indeed, very soon indeed as you continue listening to this recording, you will be free of allergic reactions because your cells would have strengthened themselves. So relax and realize that everything is going to be just fine.

Other information on Allergies Hypnosis CD/MP3:

Many people have allergies that they are not even aware of and often go undiagnosed by the doctor. If you want to relieve your allergies the natural way, then hypnotherapy is a great option for you. There have been studies that show hypnotherapy to be successful in relieving symptoms related to allergies. Researchers conclude that hypnotherapy in conjunction with treatment is more effective than most traditional treatments alone.

Hypnosis targets your immune system and enables you to control the symptoms you feel from your allergies. Whether your symptoms involve sneezing or a skin rash, hypnotherapy can help by giving you relief. Hypnotherapy is powerful because it targets your subconscious mind. In relation to the Allergies Self-Hypnosis recording, direct positive suggestions trigger your subconscious mind to automatically give you relief from your allergies.

For example, if you are having a particularly difficult day with your allergies, let's say you would rate it as an 8 on a scale from 1 to 10, one being no allergic reaction and ten being a severe allergic reaction. Hypnosis will train your mind to feel as though you were at a two or three. Hypnosis is that powerful!

When allergies hit, they are usually here to stay. Seasonal allergies can last for many weeks. You do not need to suffer anymore! This powerful hypnosis session will give you the natural relief you've been wanting.

Do you ever suffer from a skin rash? Rashes on the skin often are a result of an allergy. You can drastically shorten the duration of the rash by listening to the Allergies self-hypnosis recording. The symptoms of the rash, including appearance and side effects such as itching, will be reduced with hypnosis!

We suggest you listen to this hypnosis program for 21 nights a row to help reduce your allergy symptoms. Some people report results in as soon as one session! Get the relief you need with hypnotherapy!

If you have an allergy that is potentially life threatening, I suggest you seek the advice of a medical doctor.

Subjective Assessment of Allergy Relief Following Group Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis: A Preliminary Study, Madrid, Antonio; Rostel, George; Pennington, Dale; Murphy, David. (1995)
76% of the subjects reported they felt an improvement in their symptoms and 86% of those who were medicated decreased their medicines. (American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, 38 (2), 80-86)

The association of hypno-anesthesia and conventional anesthesia in a patient with multiple allergies at risk of anaphylactic shock, Antonelli, C.; Luchetti, M. & De Trana, L. (2014)
A patient with an allergy to anesthesia had a history of going into severe anaphylactic shock when given anesthesia had an uneventful surgery when hypnosis was used to induce anesthesia instead. (International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, 62 (4): 483-91)

Reduction in Skin Reactions to Histamine After a Hypnotic Procedure, Laidlaw, Tannis M.; Booth, Roger J. & Large, Robert G.(1996)
Compared with the control session, 84% of the hypnotized group experienced a significant decrease in the size of their weals (raised red itchy skin) as well as overall peacefulness and lower blood pressure. (Psychosomatic Medicine, 58 (3): 242-248)

Effect of Self-Hypnosis on Hay Fever Symptoms – A Randomised Controlled Intervention Study, Langewitz W.; Izakovic J.; Wyler J.; Schindler C.; Kiss A. & Bircher A.J (2005)
Significant improvements from hypnosis in nasal flow and pollinosis by year 1 with even more significant improvements by year 2. (Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics, 74 (3): 165-72)

Don't suffer any longer -
address allergies successfully with Hypnotherapy!!!

CD or MP3 to Power Your Mind to Find Allergy Relief
Compare the features of the GOLD and PLATINUM recordings at a quick glance >>
Buy GOLD Edition - the original Allergy Relief Hypnosis CD and downloadable MP3 Professionally Recorded by Steve G. Jones
ONLY $29.95
ONLY $79.95


Compare the features of the GOLD and PLATINUM recordings at a quick glance >>
Buy GOLD Edition - the original Allergy Relief Hypnosis CD and downloadable MP3 Professionally Recorded by Steve G. Jones
Buy PLATINUM Edition - the re-recorded state-of-the-art Allergy Relief Hypnosis CD and downloadable MP3 Professionally Recorded by Steve G. Jones
ONLY $29.95
ONLY $79.95

Steve G Jones' programs are accessible and informative

Dr. Kyrin Dunstin

Steve G Jones’ programs are accessible and informative and have inspired me to take the next step in my life. The value in his products is far greater than any cost and will last me a lifetime. He is really truly interested and invested in people living better lives and it shows.

Dr. Kyrin Dunstin, MD, FACOG

Dr. Steve G. Jones charges $25,000 for two hour sessions with top executives, actors, directors and producers.


“It’s remarkable just how many celebrities use hypnosis—how many CEOs and heads of production companies,” says Dr. Steve G. Jones, a hypnotherapist based in Savannah, Georgia, who charges $25,000 for two hour sessions with top executives, actors, directors and producers. “…It’s sort of a secret weapon for a lot of very successful, very wealthy people.”

— Forbes

easy to-follow.

John Assaraf

What I really love about this book is that Frank and Steve break down the different areas of life into easy to-follow sections that you can just choose, learn, and apply.

John Assaraf
New York Times bestselling author and star of "The Secret""

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