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Stop Smoking

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How many of these smoking-related problems can you relate to?
  • Constant coughing
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Paying too much for cigarettes
  • Stinky hair, breath and clothes
  • Loved ones nagging you to stop smoking
  • If you can relate to even one of these smoking-related problems, you know what it's like to suffer from smoking. And, these are just the basic problems.
  • Did you know that these things can also result from smoking?
  • Loss of limbs due to decreased circulation
  • Heart attack
  • Lung Cancer
  • Emphysema
  • Birth defects in children of pregnant smokers
  • Death

The Hypnosis Quit Smoking Plan

You may feel like you are divided.  Part of you wants to stop smoking but part of you says it just isn’t worth it.  Maybe there’s a list of reasons and excuses, it’s too enjoyable, it’s too hard to stop, and you don’t care.  Maybe you really want to stop, but every time you try, you can’t stay stopped.  Whatever the reason, why not make it as easy as you possibly can, with hypnosis?

Like any drug, the first week of withdrawal is the hardest.  Nicotine withdrawal is a hard thing to live with and Steve G. Jones self-hynosis CDs and MP3s can be with you during the process, giving you support every day, encouraging you that you can do it.

You are probably going to feel frustrated and irritated.  You are going to want something to do with your hands, having a stress ball to squeeze may help.

Try to gather support from friends and family.  Reach out and call them as often as you can, especially during the first month.  Listening to the self-hypnosis CD or MP3, consistently, at least once a day for the first 21 days is highly recommended.

One reason people smoke is to get stress relief.  Try the Stress Relief CD and the Meditation CD and see how much your life improves.  The truth is, in our stressful world, the only time most people stop and take a deep breath is when they are inhaling deeply on a cigarette.

Do you want to stop smoking?  Are you ready to stop smoking now?  Oh, maybe not now.  Monday?  After Christmas, New Year’s, Easter?  The truth is sometimes we are truly ready.  Sometimes we wish we could stop but we’re not ready yet.  Even if you are not ready, consider buying and listening to the CD or MP3 now as a way to begin to let your subconscious become willing to get ready.  Our brains are complex and often have conflicting desires and emotions.  Hypnosis brings those conflicts into synch.

We suggest that you make a list of all the reasons you want to stop smoking.  Make a list that is personal to you.  You may want to stop and look that list every hour, before the craving hits, because it is very likely that smoking cravings will hit you.   Add new reasons every time you think of one.  Use your list of reasons as an additional tool to your hypnotherapy CDs.

Your list might be centered on how smoking can be damaging to your health, your looks, and your wallet.

Heart diseases and cancer are the number one and two killers in the U.S.  Smoking taxes the heart muscles incredibly.  Smokers have three times the likelihood of having a heart attack as non-smokers. The risk of a heart attack drops by 50% one year after quitting.   Lung cancer is almost exclusive to smokers (over 90% of lung cancer patients are smokers).  All kinds of cancer are now directly linked to smoking including stomach cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, kidney, and pancreas, larynx, and cancer of the mouth.  In addition to cancer, emphysema, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD)

The 2004 Surgeon General’s report linked smoking to over fifty diseases and conditions as varied and wide ranging.  They spanned the gamut from mildly annoying to deadly.  Besides the more well known, back pain, neck pain, penis erectile dysfunction and low sperm count, immune system malfunctions, and hearing loss, were among some of the surprises.

The good news is that every day you stop smoking and stay stopped, the body begins to rebuild.  Quitting cold turkey is hard.  For some people that’s the best way.  They need to pick a date and stick to it.  Is it worth it to you to live longer and to stay healthier?  How about just to make it through a day without coughing or clearing your throat?

Figure out how much a month of smoking costs you.  A lot more than the price of a CD or MP3 to change your life.  Then figure out what a year of smoking costs you monetarily.

In the 1940s and 50s, tobacco companies used to tout the virtues of smoking.  It was cool the big companies bragged.  They even tried to tell you it was healthy for you.  We know better now, but science is uncovering more every day.    How much of a toll is it taking that we don’t know about yet.

Maybe other things will motivate you to give up smoking.  Because giving up smoking takes commitment and hypnosis will help but you have to know what your prime reasons are.  Ask yourself how much older does my skin look because of your smoking?  Does this inconvenience anyone I love?  Will food and drink taste better if I stopped?  Will my breath, hair and clothes smell better, will anyone notice that?  What about the time it takes that you could be doing something else?

How will it feel to have had hypnotherapy help you no longer craving or be distracted by wanting cigarettes when you are not smoking or not able to smoke?  What will it be like on long train rides, airplanes, or busses?  What will it be like not to have to get up and go out of a restaurant to smoke?  Will that matter to you?

Once you educate yourself on reasons to stop smoking, you’ve talked to your intellectual rational brain.  But that’s not the part that’s craving the cigarette.  So hypnosis will give you positive replacement suggestions to add the desire to stop smoking deep into your mind when you are open to having new patterns become a new way of life.

ORDER NOW and begin your NEW LIFE TODAY!!!

Take back the control and begin your lifetime of FREEDOM!

When you listen to this Stop Smoking hypnosis CD or Stop Smoking hypnosis MP3 your mind will very quickly get used to the idea that you don’t smoke, and as the title says, you will free yourself from the smoking habit and remain a non smoker forever. This Stop Smoking hypnotherapy CD or Stop Smoking hypnotherapy MP3 also includes positive suggestions to prevent you starting any other negative patterns in place of the smoking habit you leave in the past. In fact when you stop smoking you will feel ever more determined to keep fit and remain healthy.

As a smoking cessation aid, hypnosis has one very important benefit that other quit smoking tools aren’t able to offer. Because it uses the power of positive suggestion to help you stop smoking, it actually has the ability to help you develop and strengthen your will and determination to succeed.

Quitting smoking should not be difficult or unpleasant. Granted nicotine is a difficult substance to go without when giving up smoking, but after a few days it is out of your system and most smokers agree that quitting smoking for a few days is difficult but very achievable.

So that’s it! A tricky few days and then a lifetime of freedom. So why hasn’t it been that easy previously? Simple – you didn’t deal with the psychological addiction of smoking. In fact, you probably put cigarettes up on some kind of a pedestal.

If you think that stopping smoking is depriving you of something, then it is just a matter of time until you start again.Using my Hypnotherapy Stop Smoking Cd or MP3 is ideal for this. Using hypnosis, you can deal with all of the emotional and psychological aspects of giving up smoking.

MYTH #1: I will gain weight.

Actually, many people who have used My Stop Smoking hypnosis CD or Stop Smoking Hypnosis MP3 to become non-smokers end up reducing their weight! In my experience, the people afraid of gaining weight are those who gain the weight. You see, here is the predicament that most smokers often find themselves in who have tried to quit “cold turkey” (i.e., without any help or preparation): it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. They hear repeatedly from others who have tried the cold turkey method that quitting smoking causes weight gain. So when they stop smoking their fear of weight gain causes them to continue skipping meals like a smoker or they substitute junkfood for cigarettes.

The hitch is this: skipping meals or eating fatty junk foods with too many refined carbohydrates in purchases made from white sugar or white flour causes weight gain! So, without adequate preparation, if you expect to gain weight then you probably will. But it is not a cosmic law; you do have a choice. Drinking water, eating healthier food, and exercising moderately are better subsitutes for smoking, and the best ways to boost your metabolism, keeping your weight in check.

MYTH #2: I can’t stop because I’m addicted.

This is simply untrue. You can stop if you really want to stop. The word “can’t” is the problem here-I know, I was a smoker for 7 years. The “Addiction Mindset” defeats the will, not the substance itself. What is the addictive substance in gambling or shopping? I have helped 2 pack a day smokers of 40 years walk out of my office feeling like they have never smoked before in their lives.

In fact, in 1997, secret tobacco industry documents revealed that the amount of nicotine found in most brands was not addictive enough, people were still able to stop smoking. So research was conducted at a lab in Oakland, CA on how to genetically alter the tobacco plant to produce even more nicotine! That did not work, so now additives are used to make nicotine become more rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream instead.

MYTH #3: The smoking habit is more difficult to quit than heroin.

Do not fool yourself. It is not because nicotine is more addictive than heroin! Cigarettes are cheap, legal, readily available, glamorized in movies, not debilitating, and easy to use. Heroin is illegal, expensive, not very glamorous, very debilitating, and you have to stick a needle in your arm to use it. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand why some junkies find it is easier to stop using heroin than cigarettes. The fact is, when the price of heroin goes down, the rate of heroin addiction goes up. So now that the price of cigarettes is rising, more and more smokers are quitting!

MYTH #4: I don’t want to have to go through withdrawal.

As the body comes back to normal, often new non-smokers mistake both the natural fluctuations in their blood sugar levels and unfamiliar cravings for “withdrawal symptoms”. Low blood sugar can cause irritability, nervousness, nausea, headaches, stomachaches, dizziness and cravings. They experience these symptoms because for quite some time they have substituted nicotine (an appetite suppressant and stimulant) for the normal craving for food! Ask a diabetic what it is like to have low blood sugar; for them the symptoms are quite severe. (80 years ago adult onset diabetics were locked up in mental institutions.)

So the people who stop smoking suddenly, unprepared for the blood sugar issue, will relapse when their blood sugar dives because they rationalize that they are “addicted”. The fact is, it only takes 3 days (72 hours) for the body to remove the nicotine. Managing your blood sugar with 3 sensible meals a day and healthy snacks in between makes the process a whole lot smoother than you ever thought possible.

The TRUTH is, you already know all you need to know about the dangers of smoking.

It all depends on what you value in your life and what your priorities are. To become a non-smoker, getting your subconscious mind involved is the key! It contains your emotions and habit center, your intellect does not. Why do you think cigarette advertising is now so restricted? Advertising works on the subconscious mind! You need to get the message to your subconscious mind in a way that it can help you, not sabotage your efforts.

With the help of this stop smoking hypnosis MP3 or stop smoking hypnosis CD you can successfully become a non-smoker, focus on eating right, start exercising again, improving your overall health, begin managing your blood sugar like every other non-smoker does, and thus actually end up releasing weight as many of my clients do

This Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy CD and Stop Smoking hypnotherapy MP3 has enjoyed a high success rate with smoking cessation and stopping smoking is one of the most common reasons why people consult hypnotherapists. When quitting smoking, it best not to dwell on negative aspects such as ill health, but instead to aim for positive outcomes such as good health, fitness, freedom and energy.

I know many of you out there are smokers. And I know that you have heard it all before about how bad it is for you and how you need to quit. Most smokers want to quit, they just aren’t sure how and they don’t know how to cope with the withdrawal from nicotine.

Research has been shown to help smokers quit their habit, using hypnotherapy as an aide. Everything about hypnotherapy is relaxing and encouraging. Relaxation and encouragement is what smokers need to quit smoking! Studies have shown that hypnotherapy is a great tool in helping smokers to quit. Hypnotherapy helps people quit FOR GOOD, not just for a few weeks or months.

If you smoke, I encourage you to look into hypnosis to help you quit smoking. How great would it be to be a non-smoker? Imagine not having to excuse yourself to go on a cigarette break. Imagine no longer having cravings for nicotine. Think about how better you will smell. And most importantly, think about how your body will become healthier as a result of quitting.

Steve is among the best in the world.

Dr. Joe Vitale

Being someone who is extremely familiar with the power of hypnosis, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Clinical Hypnotherapist Steve G. Jones is among the best in the world.


Dr. Joe Vitale
Star of "The Secret"
#1 Best Selling Author of "The Attractor Factor"

CD or MP3 to Power Your Mind to Stop Smoking
Buy GOLD Edition - the original Stop Smoking! Self Help Hypnosis CD and downloadable MP3 Professionally Recorded by Steve G. Jones
Buy GOLD Edition - the original Stop Smoking! Self Help Hypnosis CD and downloadable MP3 Professionally Recorded by Steve G. Jones
Buy PLATINUM Edition - the re-recorded state-of-the-art Stop Smoking! Self Help Hypnosis CD and downloadable MP3 Professionally Recorded by Steve G. Jones

1. MP3 files are large in file size; therefore broadband is highly recommended.
2. 100% 60 day money back guarantee is applicable to this product

Here is a sample of the script used in this recording:

Willingness is a state of mind and you are willing to be a non smoker because that is what you want. You will succeed. You are willing to do whatever it takes to produce the results you want. You choose to be a non smoker. Just be willing, be willing. Be willing to do whatever it takes to be a non smoker. Your thoughts create your behavior. When you have a behavior you want to change, you change the thought pattern and the behavior changes automatically. All of your behavior results directly from your thoughts. Therefore, think of yourself as a non smoker. Hear yourself saying I am a non smoker. When someone offers you a cigarette, hear yourself saying, no thanks, I don’t smoke. For your body, smoking is poison. You want to live a long and healthy life. You owe your body respect and protection. You have made a commitment to protect and respect your body and when you do that, you then have the power with in you to smoke your last cigarette. You will maintain your non smoking easily and effortlessly. Just relax, let it happen, hear yourself repeating slowly in your subconscious mind, I am a non smoker now and forever more. I am going to make this work. I expect this to work. I now allow myself to be a non smoker. I deserve to be a non smoker. You will maintain your non smoking permanently. You will be relaxed when others are smoking around you. Cigarettes are poison. Cigarettes are filled with over 4,000 substances and then when someone offers you a cigarette, hear yourself say no thank you, I quit. You are now and forever more a non smoker. In the morning, before you can even open your eyes tell yourself, I am strongly motivated to be a non smoker, one day at a time easily and effortlessly. See yourself going through your day and night without a cigarette. That’s right, see yourself getting up in the morning without a cigarette. See yourself having coffee or reading the paper, doing what you do in the morning without a cigarette. See yourself on a phone, without a cigarette. See yourself driving, playing your favorite music, relaxed and comfortable, without a cigarette. See yourself after a meal, without a cigarette. Relaxed and comfortable, no interest, no desire. See yourself doing the things that you do throughout the day, whatever they may be, without a cigarette, uninterested, no desire. See yourself out with others, and someone lights up, tell yourself, cigarettes are not a sign of friendship. Cigarettes are poison. You are now and forever more a non smoker. And long ago there is a food that you decided not to eat. Imagine that food now. You made a decision that you would not eat that food and nothing and no one could make you pick up a fork and eat that disgusting and nauseating food. Just as now you have made your choice to be a non smoker and nothing and no one can make you take that first puff. Every time you take a look at a pack of cigarettes you will think of that food and nothing and no one can make you take the first puff. You are now and forever more a non smoker. And as you relax I would like to recall a time in your life, a time in your life when you felt completely confident and proud of yourself. See that moment clearly. Notice the colors in the room. Hear the sounds associated with that event. Notice any odors associated with that event. Feel the atmosphere, your clothes, and the temperature and now make all of those sounds, sights, and smells even more vivid and now allow the feeling of pride associated with this event to build in intensity. And when you feel the pride associated with this event at the maximum level of intensity, make a fist with your former smoking hand and as you hold the fist tightly, take three slow deep breaths, in and out. Feel even more intensely the pride that you felt during the event. That’s right, you are there now at that event. Feel that adrenaline rush and as you breathe in and out now. Feel the sense of pride begin to get stronger. Now unclench your fist and relax even more deeply. You are now and forever more a non smoker. I am going to give you a post hypnotic suggestion. A post hypnotic suggestion works long after the hypnosis session is over. For your benefit you will use the suggestion as long as you need it. When you no longer need it, it will just fade away. If you ever feel an urge or a craving for a cigarette, you will make a fist with your former smoking hand, that’s right, a tight fist. This is now your power hand. This is a signal to your subconscious mind which says I am powerful. I am a non smoker. Now take three deep breaths in and out. And as you exhale each time, exhale all of that craving out into the atmosphere where it just dissipates and fades away. Remember if you feel a craving, make a fist and take three deep breaths. Tell yourself that a craving for a cigarette lasts for just a few seconds and after you have done this, you can relax that hand. All you need to cope with is a few seconds, so distract yourself. Think of the food you want to eat, this is not deprivation, this is reward. Tell yourself, I am not giving up pleasure, I am giving up poison. Tell yourself, the first puff is the problem. If I never take the first puff, I have no problem. You are now and forever more a non smoker. Imagine yourself one year from now. You are out with friends. You feel great. You look great. It has been a wonderful year. People around you are smoking. As you watch them puff away, you think about how lucky you are to be rid of that dirty, killing habit. Hear someone offer you a cigarette. Hear yourself say no thank you, I stopped smoking. You are now and forever more a non smoker and every night before going to sleep, tell yourself, I am a permanent non smoker. I expect to be a non smoker. I will allow myself to be a non smoker. I deserve to be a non smoker. Relax, let the results take care of themselves. You are a non smoker. You have given up smoking for many reasons. Think of those reasons now. Clean, clear, healthy, pink lungs. More energy, more stamina. Clean smelling mouth. Clean smelling breath. To be a better influence. To reinforce your confidence, to live a longer and healthy life and all the other good, positive, powerful reasons you have. You are now and forever more a non smoker. No matter what is going on in your life you are now and forever more a non smoker. No matter how aggravated you may be, nothing and no one can make you take the first puff. No matter how upset and sad you can be at times, nothing and no one can make you take the first puff. No matter how heart broken or aggravated you may be from time to time, nothing and no one can make you take the first puff. Believe it. Trust yourself. Trust your subconscious mind. A habit that is not fed is soon gone. You are now and forever more a non smoker. Now all thoughts, all cravings, all urges connected to smoking are gone from your mind and your body. Let it happen. Let it happen easily and effortlessly. You have given up smoking for yourself. You are now and forever more a non smoker. Congratulations.

Other information on Stop Smoking Self-Hypnosis CD/MP3:

It is predicted that by 2010 there will be 1.45 billion people in the world who smoke. This is a sad statistic. We all know the dangers of smoking and the negative impact it has on your health. We want to congratulate you on researching your options for quitting. You have taken a big step on the road to becoming a non-smoker.

The important thing is that you quit smoking. You CAN quit! Hypnotherapy has been proven to be effective in helping people quit for good. Research studies have been performed and people who use self-hypnosis to help them quit, are more likely to permanently quit than those who do not use self-hypnosis.

Hypnosis is natural, but so powerful. Under hypnosis, your subconscious mind will listen, understand, and follow the suggestions that it hears. This hypnosis recording is filled with powerful suggestions that will help you to stop smoking.

As of right now, we are assuming that you feel as though smoking is controlling your life. You are right, it is. But realize that it does not have to be that way. Hypnotherapy can put you back in control of your life and more importantly hypnosis can help you say no to smoking.

With this program, you will set a quit date 21 days from the date that you start the hypnosis treatment. Every night for 21 nights, you will listen to this program and your subconscious mind will absorb all of the powerful and positive suggestions on the recording.

After listening to the Stop Smoking self-hypnosis session, you will no longer smoke. You will be repulsed by the idea of smoking and you will want nothing do with it.

Realize that with hypnosis, you can quit smoking for good. You can and will become a non-smoker with this program!

Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation: A Randomized Trial, Carmody, Timothy P., Duncan; Carol; Simon, Joel A.; Solkowitz, Sharon; Huggins, Joy Huggins; Lee, Sharon & Delucchi, Kevin. (2008)
Research demonstrates that hypnosis (especially combined with nicotine patches) compares quite favorably with standard behavioral counseling in generating long-term quit rates. (Nicotine & Tobacco Research, 10 (5): 811-818)

Take back the control and begin your lifetime of FREEDOM!

CD or MP3 to Power Your Mind to Stop Smoking
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Buy GOLD Edition - the original Stop Smoking! Self Help Hypnosis CD and downloadable MP3 Professionally Recorded by Steve G. Jones
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Compare the features of the GOLD and PLATINUM recordings at a quick glance >>
Buy GOLD Edition - the original Stop Smoking! Self Help Hypnosis CD and downloadable MP3 Professionally Recorded by Steve G. Jones
Buy PLATINUM Edition - the re-recorded state-of-the-art Stop Smoking! Self Help Hypnosis CD and downloadable MP3 Professionally Recorded by Steve G. Jones
ONLY $29.95
ONLY $79.95

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Tom Mankiewicz

If you want to make a positive change in your life, Steve G. Jones can make the difference. He did with me.

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“It’s remarkable just how many celebrities use hypnosis—how many CEOs and heads of production companies,” says Dr. Steve G. Jones, a hypnotherapist based in Savannah, Georgia, who charges $25,000 for two hour sessions with top executives, actors, directors and producers. “…It’s sort of a secret weapon for a lot of very successful, very wealthy people.”

— Forbes

Steve G Jones' programs are accessible and informative

Dr. Kyrin Dunstin

Steve G Jones’ programs are accessible and informative and have inspired me to take the next step in my life. The value in his products is far greater than any cost and will last me a lifetime. He is really truly interested and invested in people living better lives and it shows.

Dr. Kyrin Dunstin, MD, FACOG

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